The society Free Aesthetics

1907-1917, Moscow

Members-учредители: V. Y. Bryusov, V. O. Hirschmann, N. R. Kochetov, N. D. Milioti, L. O. Pasternak, V. V. Perepletchikov, N. N. Sapunov, A. V. Sredine K. S. Stanislavsky, I. I. Troyanovsky.

full members and members-посетители: A. A. Arapov A. A. Akhmatova, A. A. Bakhrushin, A. A. Blok, P. I. Bromirski, D. D. Burliuk, G. L. Hirschmann, E. V. Goldinger, . S. Goncharov, Grabar, V. P. Kittenplay K. N. Igumnov, . P. Krymov, P. V. Kuznetsov, S. A. and N. K. Kusevitsky, M. F. Larionov, O. E. Mandelstam, Mayakovsky, . V. Meshcherin, I. A. Morozov I. S. Ostroukhov, S. A. Polyakov, D. P. Svyatopolk-Мирский, V. A. Serov, A. N. Scriabin, S. Y. Sudeikin, . P. Ulyanov, V. F. Khodasevich, M. I. Tsvetaeva, Sergei Shchukin, K. F. Yuon and others.

a Society that was intended to combine "Ministers of all sorts of art — artists, musicians, poets, theatre and dance artists with a view to reconciling them with each other"; was based on the model of the Libre Esthetique in Brussels. In December 1906, the founders had several meetings at the apartment of G. L. Hirschmann to develop a Charter. The name was suggested by V. Perepletchikov. 10 APR 1907 approved the Charter, according to which the objectives of the Society proclaimed: "to contribute to the success and development of arts and literature and foster communication leaders."

the Society was closed. Financing was carried out mainly at the expense of B. O. flag. In 1910 it numbered 147 full members in 1914 — 165 full members and 31 members-посетителя.

the Meetings were held once a week, initially — in the house of V. O. flag at the Red gate, then — in the premises of Literary-художественного mug on Malaya Dmitrovka street (house Vostryakova). In 1907-1909 V. P. Kittenplay executed the decoration of the courtroom Companies.

the meetings were lectures on the arts, arranged a musical and literary evenings, which were made by S. A. Esenin, Konstantin Balmont, N. A. Klyuev, A. A. Blok, V. Ivanov, M. Kuzmin, M. I. Tsvetaeva and others. Had arranged a "celebration" of the composer Debussy, entrepreneur Sergei Diaghilev, poets P. Faure, E. Verhaeren, V. I. Ivanov, A. Bely, V. Bryusov and other cultural figures.

conducted a series of one-day exhibitions: . Goncharova (1910) M. F. Larionov (1911). Exhibition Goncharova caused a heated response in the press. V. A. Gilyarovsky, secretly penetrated into the evening and the exhibition under the guise of servants, wrote about it in the article "Brothers-эстеты", placed in the newspaper "Voice of Moscow" (1910, March 25): "Yesterday after the meeting, the visitor was able to admire the exhibition, arranged by the aesthetes. Exhibited more than 20 paintings which-то of esteticky Goncharova. During the meeting, they say, was the explanation of these paintings. Solid and decadent manner so indecent, that the secret of the anatomical separation of Genera succumb to these outrageous debauchery. Between the abomination “pictures of the exhibition on March 24,” painting No. 6 — “God” and No. 13 — “Also” surpass all porn secret cards.And the main horror in the fact that among the audience was very young..." the Result was the confiscation of part of the exhibited paintings and judicial proceedings in relation to . Goncharova.

the Societyadhere to what-либо a specific aesthetic program, but encouraged the synthesis of different arts and was a kind of arena for public speaking and debate between representatives of different artistic and literary trends: the symbolists, the acmeists, the imagist, lucito, futurists. In particular, 13 Feb 1914 in Society was held the famous lecture on futurism: F. T. Marinetti, during which Mayakovsky and D. D. Burliuk to oust him.

the Society has had a significant impact on the development of new trends in art of the early twentieth century.

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