Выдача займов под залог картин и скульптур XIX-XXI веков

Первый профессиональный сервис по выдаче займов под залог произведений искусства

Ostroukhov Iliya Semenovich

Ostroukhov Ilya Semenovich

July 20, 1858 (Moscow) - July 8, 1929 (Moscow)

painter, graphic artist, designer, collector, custodian of the museum, art historian, photographer

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Остроухов, Илья Семёнович


Ostroukhov Ilya Semenovich

July 20, 1858 (Moscow) - July 8, 1929 (Moscow)

painter, graphic artist, designer, collector, custodian of the museum, art historian, photographer

from a wealthy merchant family. Initial skills in drawing acquired under the guidance of his uncle, the artist SV Ostroukhova. He studied at the Moscow Academy of Practical Commercial Sciences (1870-1873). He served in the Trade House Botkins. Systematic arts education is not received. Advice of AA Kiseleva (1880), VD Polenova (1880), Ilya Repin (1881-1882), II AND . Shishkin (1892). In 1882 he attended the drawing school of the Society to promote artists and watercolor pm Ilya Repin in St. Petersburg. In 1882-1883 was a volunteer IAH, where he was in the workshop of Pavel Chistyakov. In 1884-1890 was a member polenovskih drawing evenings and ceramic Thursday in Moscow. In 1886, as irregular visited MUZHVZ, dealing with Vladimir Makovsky.

lived in Moscow. He traveled to France (1886), Italy (with V. Serov, M. and A. Mamontov), Germany (1889); from 1890 regularly traveled Europe. He worked primarily as a landscape painter, wrote still lifes, portraits. He turned to the technique of watercolor.

Member Abramtsevo Art Circle (since 1881). Was friendly with Mamontov, K. Korovin, I. Levitan, Valentin Serov, B. D. ; Polenov, brothers, VM and A. M. Vasnetsov, P. Tretyakov and his family. The designer was on the home scene in Abramtzevo - on the play by Alexander Ostrovsky's "The Snow Maiden" (based on sketches by V. Vasnetsov), based on the play Mamontov Khan Namık "(with Valentin Serov). In 1885 he wrote for opera Bizet "Carmen" in the Russian Private Opera Mamontov. Since the end of 1880 - the organizer of musical evenings at home and Abramtzevo VD Polenov. In 1886, along with Valentin Serov, N. S. Tretyakov and MA Mamontov shot in Moscow on Lenivke workshop. Member of the Board (since 1899), Chairman of the Board and Trustee of the City Art Gallery brethren P. and SM Tretyakov (1905-1913). He was familiar with Henri Matisse. In 1911, together with SI Shchukin and Ivan Morozov took Matisse in Moscow.

From 1886 - participant of exhibitions. Member and exhibitor TPHV (1886-1898, with interruptions, member since 1891), the Moscow Society of Lovers of Fine Arts (1886-1907, with interruptions, member since 1886), the Union of Russian Artists (1903-1918, with interruptions). Participated in the All-Russia industrial and agricultural exhibition in Nizhny Novgorod (1896), the exhibitions "World of Art" (1900), "36-year-artists" (1901-1903), paintings by Russian artists in the gallery "Lemercier" (1911), the Moscow Association of Artists (1924), a traveling exhibition of Russian art in the United States (1924-1925). Held a personal exhibition in Moscow (1925).

in 1900 on behalf of the IAH took part in the organization of the Russian Department at the World Exhibition in Paris.

In 1906 he was awarded the rank of Full Member of IAH.

Since the 1890's began to engage in systematic collecting. Had a meeting of ancient and Western art, Russian art and graphics, decorative and applied arts. In 1890 bought a house in Trubnikovsky Lane, where to place the collection and opened to her share. In 1918, based on meeting Ostroukhova opened museum of icon painting and painting, which became in 1924 a branch of the State Tretyakov Gallery. Since 1919 - the keeper, since 1927 - Director of the Museum of icons and painting them. I. Ostroukhov.

As a consultant involved in the restoration of architectural monuments in Moscow (Godunov's Cathedral, Novodevichy Monastery, St. Basil's Cathedral, Archangel Cathedral in the Kremlin), the Trinity Cathedral in the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, the Savior Evfimievskogo monastery in Suzdal. In 1917 participated in the Commission for inspection of damage monuments in Moscow (Kremlin, St. Basil's Cathedral). Member of the expert committee on disclosure and cleaning of old Russian painting at the Department for Museums and Monuments of art and antiquities Narcompros.

by memories of VD Polenov (1928), MAVrubel (end 1920), VA Serov ( end of 1920). Founder and lyricist for the release of the album "Moscow City Art Gallery P. and SM Tretyakov (Moscow, 1904-1909). Under his editorship came out a commemorative edition of the works of Nikolai Gogol (1909). In 1909 he participated in the installation of the monument NVGogol sculptor NA Andreev in Moscow.

addition to art, is actively involved in social activities. Since 1901 - the vowel of the Moscow City Duma. Member of the Commission on the device of a shelter for widows and orphans of Russian artists in Moscow. In 1890-1917 - Trustee Petrovsko-Basmannogo urban primary schools. Member of the Imperial Archaeological Society (since 1887), a member of the Anglo-Russian Literary Society (1894-1917), the Moscow Architectural Society (1905), the All-Russia Union leaders of Fine Arts (1906). One of the organizers of the Moscow literary and artistic circle, the society "Free aesthetics» (1907-1910).

Danilovskoye Buried at the cemetery in Moscow.

Ostroukhov - an outstanding figure of Russian art of the late XIX - early XX century. In his work was close to I. Levitan. His best works ( "Golden Autumn", 1886-1887, "first green", 1887-1888, "Siverko, 1890) - landscapes sentiments on the nature of central Russia. In later years, virtually no work in the open air, using old sketches.

Ostroukhova works are in many museum collections, including the State Tretyakov Gallery, State Russian Museum and others.


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