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Moscow Society of Art Lovers

1860-1918, Moscow

Members-художники: I. K. Aivazovsky, H. M. Aladzhalov, S. N. Amos, A. Arkhipov, V. P. Baturin, J. S. Bashilov, . A. Bogatov, I. P. Bogdanov, M. P. Botkin, F. A. Bronnikov, V. A. Bryzgalov, V. K. Byalynitsky-Бируля, A. M. Vasnetsov, V. P. Vereshchagin, p. P. Vereshchagin, E. N. William, S. A. Vinogradov, S. M. Volnukhin, E. K. Wrangell, . N. GE, M. M. Germashev, K. K. Hertz, A. S. Golubkina, A. G. Goravsky, I. L. Gorokhov, . K. Gradkowski, . J. Fungi, S. I. Fungi, . V. Dosekin, S. Y. Zhukovsky, F. S. Zhuravlev, I. L. Kalmykov, L. Kamenev, . A. Kasatkin, A. A. Kiselev, . A. Klodt von Klodt von, A. M. Korin, P. I. Korovin, K. A. Korovin, S. Korovin, . A. Koshelev, I. N. Archaeology, S. P. Kuvshinnikova, K. V. Lebedev, Levitan, A. V. Makowski, . Makovsky, S. V. Malyutin, V. N. Bags, . V. Meshcherin, S. D. Miloradovich, A. V. Moravians, . V. Nevrev, I. S. Ostroukhov, L. O. Pasternak, V. V. Perepletchikov, V. G. Perov, L. F. Pyschalkin, E. D. Polenova, E. I. Pospolitak, A. F. Protopopov, I. M. Pryanishnikov, V. V. Pukirev, V. N. Bee, . E. Crustaceans, V. M. Rezanov, F. I. Rerberg, A. K. Savrasov, . E. Crickets, V. A. Serov, K. P. Stepanov, J. P. Turygin, A. I. Teals, I. I. Shishkin, P. M. Shmelkov, V. K. Stenberg, A. N. Shurygin, S. M. Sukhostav, V. E. Akhurst, . L. Alert, S. D. Erzya, A. S. janoff, F. I. Yasnovsky and others.

Honorary members and members-любители: N. V. Basnin, A. A. Bakhrushin, D. P. Botkin, F. I. Buslaev, V. M. Vasnetsov, D. V. Grigorovich, V. A. Dolgoruky, N. V. Isakov, I. N. Knebel, V. E. Makovsky, A. I. and S. T. Morozov, G. G. Myasoedov, V. F. Odoevsky, V. D. Polenov, I. E. Repin, the Grand Duke Sergei Aleksandrovich, V. I. Surikov, L. N. Tolstoy, P. M. and S. Tretyakov, A. S. Uvarov, P. I. Kharitonenko, A. I. Khludov and others.

Exhibitions: 1-я periodic (1880/1881, Moscow) — 32-я periodic (1913, Moscow); exhibition of sketches and drawings (1889-1892, Moscow); exhibition of watercolors, pastels and drawings (1895-1902).

Largest in Moscow artistic and charitable organization; founded by art lovers M. E. Krishtafovich, brothers S. I. and P. I. Miller, who from 1858 weekly gathered a circle of artists and collectors. 13 may 1860 approved the Charter, according to which society was intended "to promote and prosperity of the arts... to provide talented and hardworking artists from artistic-учебных institutions; to bring together fans with artists, and to lay the Foundation of the Moscow Public art gallery". With minor editorial changes in the Charter was in effect until 1918. In 1861, the society consisted of 109 members.

From 1867 molh was under the August patronage of the Grand Duchess (from 1881 — Empress) Maria Feodorovna. The first Chairman was S. I. Miller (1860-1862), then this position was held by N. V. Isakov (1862-1863), A. S. Uvarov (1863-1877), D. P. Botkin (1877-1889), S. Tretyakov (1890-1892), K. M. Bykovskii (1892-1901), I. E. Tsvetkov (1901-1905). I. Botkin (1908-1911), S. D. Teleshov (1911-1912), V. D. Golitsyn (1912-1918). The Affairs of the society was guided by a Committee oftwelve members, eight of whom were lovers, four — artists (artists in it at different times included Levitan, . V. Nevrev, V. G. Perov, V. D. Polenov, V. V. Pukirev, P. M. Shmelkov and others). The awards engaged in a specially established Commission.

the Society had what-либо specific program and was attracted to the exhibitions of artists of different directions and associations, including members in the Peredvizhniki group, the Moscow Association of artists, Union of Russian artists.

Main activity molh in the first decade would be an ongoing, periodically updated exhibition of paintings, which, essentially, was Moscow's first public art galleries. Thanks to the efforts of a number of artists and patrons at the exhibition was first displayed for the Moscow public such films as "the appearance of Christ to the people" A. A. Ivanova, "Princess Tarakanova" K. D. Flavitsky "Jokers. Gostiny Dvor in Moscow" I. M. Pryanishnikov, "three" V. G. Perov, "the Unequal marriage" V. V. Pukirev, the last supper" . N. GE. Here were expositions of Russian departments in London (1862) and Paris (1867) World exhibitions, in 1868-1869 took place extensive exhibition of portraits from private collections, 1890 — of works by masters of Western European painting from private collections. In the late 1880-х the popularity of the permanent exhibition mulch significantly decreased in connection with the opening for public access of the Tretyakov gallery; after 1893 it was not renewed.

From 1880 to 1913, the society annually organized periodical exhibitions, which usually opened in time for Christmas. Along with this, in 1889-1892 was held the annual exhibition of sketches and drawings, and 1895-1902 — exhibition of watercolors, pastels and drawings. Was held a number of solo and thematic exhibitions: K. A. Trutovsky (1893, posthumous), K. P. Briullov (1899, 100-летию birthday), Levitan (1911, 10-летию from the date of death), an exhibition of images of Christ and others.

exhibitions molh was first presented such works as "elk island in Sokolniki" (permanent exhibition, 1870, 1-я prize), "Rooks have arrived" (permanent exhibition, 1871) A. K. Savrasov, "Jesters at the court of Empress Anna Ioannovna" V. I. Jacobi (permanent exhibition, 1873), "Girl with peaches" (1-я prize), "Girl in the sunlight", "the Overgrown pond. Domotkanovo" V. A. Serova (— 8-я periodic exhibition, 1888/1889) "Lunch workers" S. A. Vinogradov (3-я prize), "Spring in Italy" Levitan (both -10-я periodic exhibition, 1890/1891), and others. On sketchy exhibitions were shown sketches and sketches for the painting "Morning Strelets'execution" and "Boyarynya Morozova" V. I. Surikov (exhibition of 1889), studies Levitan, executed in Plyos, and in Italy, studies V. A. Serova, made in Domotkanovo (exhibition of 1890). Periodic, sketchy watercolor and exhibitions, usually accompanied by the publishing of directories.

1860-х molh systematically arranged art competitions and was awarded the prize of specially based personalized funds. At different times has been awarded: im. V. P. Botkin (for genre painting and landscape). L. N. Panina (for a portrait). I. E. Repina, and they. V. D. Polenov (for the genre). N. S. Mosolov(etching and watercolor landscape). Conducted charity lotteries, auctions, sales; the proceeds from them went to help the young artists, in particular to pay for foreign trips. In 1872 a society was established "Fund for the welfare of the poor and the elderly artists and their families." In 1910 to commemorate 50-летия molg was established scholarships for students at the school.

In 1870 when Molk opened Drawing classes, which teach V. O. Sherwood, V. G. Perov, I. M. Pryanishnikov; members of society can engage in them free of charge. In 1869 was established the library, which are regularly received almost all the books on art in Russian and European periodicals.

In 1894 molh organized 1-й Congress of Russian artists and art lovers, which gathered more than 700 delegates. The convening of the Congress was dedicated to the donation Moscow art gallery of P. M. and S. M. Tretyakov.

At the turn of the century, with the emergence of numerous associations and groups, molh gradually lost the leading role in the artistic life of Moscow. After the termination of periodic exhibitions of his work were limited to the device of charity events to help poor artists and students of the Moscow school of painting. In early February 1917 the members of the society proposed to raise funds for the construction in Moscow "Palace of art", however,-за revolutionary developments, the plans have not been implemented. In 1918 molh ceased to exist.

Kamenev, Lev Lvovich1831 (1833) -1886
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