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Pseudonyms,autonyms and aliases: Vereshchagin 1835–1909  

Верещагин, Василий Петрович


VERESHCHAGIN Vasily Petrovich

January 1, 1835 (Perm) — October 9, 1909 (St. Petersburg)

Painter, graphic artist

Vasily Vereshchagin was born to a family of the painter P. P. Vereshchagin, and was a brother of the painters P. P. and M. P. Vereshchagins. Firstly he studied drawing and painting under the guidance of his father and grandfather — icon painter I. V. Babin. At the same time he studied under A. U. Orlov; they painted the Transfiguration of Our Saviour Cathedral in Perm.

In 1856 Vereshchagin moved to St. Petersburg and entered the Imperial Academy of Arts (IAKh). He attended the class of historical painting of A. T. Markov. In 1860 the artist was awarded small gold medal for the painting Scenes of Olympic games. Wrestling. In 1861 Vereshchagin was awarded big gold medal, and was conferred the title of class artist and pensioner’s trip abroad for his painting Grand Duchess Sophia of Lithuania snatching the belt from hands of Grand Prince of Moscow Vasily Kosoy at the wedding of Vasily II Tyomny (Blind). From 1860 till 1903 the artist often took part in the exhibitions of the Academy.

In 1862 the artist with his brother M. P. Vereshchagin and K. F. Gun worked together on wall painting of the Pokrovsky Cathedral in Elabuga.  In the same year the artist joined Moscow Society of Art Lovers. In 1863 Vereshchagin travelled to Europe as a pensioner of the IAKh. He visited Berlin, Dresden, Vienna, Munich, and settled in Paris. In 1864 he moved to Rome.

After returning to St. Petersburg, Vereshchagin was granted pensioner’s scholarship of the Imperial Academy of Arts for five years. In 1868 the artist was awarded the prize of Rome Society of Art Lovers for his painting Prisoner meeting his family. A year later Vereshchagin was appointed to the rank of professor for the paintings Saint Grigory damning a died monk for breaking the vow of poverty and Night at Golgotha. In the meantime the artist was appointed the staff professor of the 2nd degree, in 1883 — staff professor of the 1st degree. Till 1894 he taught in the Imperial Academy of Arts.

In 1870 Vereshchagin made a trip to Rome.


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