St. Petersburg Society of Artists

1890-1918 St-Петербург — Petrograd

Members-учредители: N. P. Zagorski, V. G. Kazantsev, A. D. Kivshenko, I. E. Krachkovsky, K. Y. Kryzhitsky, L. F. Lagorio, A. I. Meshchersky, V. I. Fertilizers, A. A. Pisemsky, . S. Samokish, . A. Sergeev.

full members and exhibitors: N. A. Asanovic, P. S. Afanasiev, . N. Achkasov, M. M. Babut, S. V. Bakalovich, G. K. Bamanan, M. A. Balunin, V. P. Baturin, G. Z. Bashinjaghyan, V. V. Belyaev, R. A. Bergholz, M. A. Berkos, . D. Annunciation, P. P. Bolotov, . E. Bagels, . N. Bunin, F. F. Buchholz, F. M. Vakhrushev, I. A. Weltz, P. K. Wenig, , V. P. Vereshchagin, A. B. Villevalde, E. K. Wrangell, D. M. Gawrilaw, I. S. Galkin, J. W. Hanson, P. I. Geller, G. I. Georgiev, A. A. Gill, I. L. Gorokhov, M. M. Hochstein, V. F. Grave, . N. Gritsenko, D. T. Design, M. L. Dillon, A. S. Egornov, S. Egornov, D. A. Godin, G. A. Zaborowski, . Zaborovsky, V. M. Zenchenko, L. T. Zlotnikov, M. I. Ignatiev, V. M. Izmailovich, M. S. Ioffe, G. O. Kalmykov, . Keller-Вилианди, G. A. Cumming, E. N. Klokacheva, P. O. Kovalevsky, M. I. Konoplev, . A. Koshelev, P. O. Kufferle, K. P. Levin, D. P. Levshin, S. E. Lednev-Щукин, E. K. Lipgart, I. I. Lysov, V. mazurovskii, M. L. Maimon, V. G. Malyshev, G. M. Manizer, . S. Matveev, P. R. Medem, V. I. Fertilizers, . N. Nicholas, A. N. Novoskoltsev, A. E. Ovander, E. A. Olkin, A. K. Osorgin, D. M. Palatka, M. I. Palen, I. F. Pashkov, I. A. Pass, I. A. Pelevin, S. K. Piotrovich, P. I. Polyakov, A. M. Prokofiev, Y. M. Peng, A. N. Raschupkin, I. G. Rashevsky, F. P. Riznichenko, M. D. Saltykov, V. A. Samoilov, P. A. Svedomsky, Yu. N. Svirskaya, I. V. Simakov, E. N. Staheev-Кашкадамова, V. N. Stepanov, . D. Stolyarov, M. G. Suharevsky, F. V. Sychkov, I. I. Curd, T. M. Terpilovskaya, I. Trutnev, Teddy, Y. I. Fedders, M. A. Fedorova, V. N. F., I. P. Fedorov-Керченский, O. O. Frevert-Лютцов, R. F. Franz, P. V. Chesnokov, . I. Shatilov, V. D. Shlyakov, V. P. Shriber, V. K. Stemmer, A. R. Eberling, S. I. Junker-Крамская and others.

Honorary members: D. V. Grigorovich, G. P. Kondratenko, K. E. Makowski, G. I. Siemiradzki.

Exhibitions: 1-я (1891, Moscow) — 26-я (1918, Petrograd).

the academic direction. Creation was preceded by "December exhibition," 1889 and 1890, which were attended by the future founders. 21 Nov 1890 approved the Charter, according to which the community set a goal: "a) promote the development and dissemination of art in Russia; b) hardening of the moral and material situation of society and its individual members;) the Desire to empower members of society to acquaint the public with his works in Russia and abroad; d) to protect the interests of individual members of society in artistic and material terms".

January 24, 1891, the solemn opening of the Society, which at that time were United by 55 members. The first Chairman of the Board of management was A. I. Meshchersky (1891-1892), then this posttook A. D. Kivshenko (1892-1894), G. P. Kondratenko (1897-1917, with a break), A. S. Egornov, R. A. Bergholz, K. E. Makowski (1898-1899). Since 1908, the Society was located in the house No. 12 on Zverinskaya street in St. Petersburg.

Main activity of the Society was a device regular exhibitions in St. Petersburg and Moscow (from 1894 regular exhibitions were held in St. Petersburg and Moscow). Along with "another" passed "autumn" exhibition. In 1898 and 1901 held a "people's exhibition" with cheap tickets for members of the lower classes. Besides St. Petersburg and Moscow, the Society arranged exhibitions in Kiev, Riga, Kharkov, Odessa, Ekaterinoslavl, participated in the art Department of the all-Russia industrial and agricultural exhibition in Nizhny Novgorod (1896), held a series of charity exhibitions ("Exhibition of works of art for the benefit of disabled-поляков", 1916, Petrograd). Regular exhibitions were accompanied by the publication of catalogues. St. Petersburg exhibition was held in the halls of the Society for the encouragement of arts, Academy of Sciences, Konnogvardeisky Manege.

the Exhibition was visited. So, in season 1899/1900 regular exhibition companies visited 10 480 people that was inferior in size only to the exhibitions of the Society of Russian watercolors (more than 30 000 visitors), TPHV (20 343 — in St. Petersburg and more than 11 000 in Moscow) and the Spring exhibition of the Imperial Academy of arts (13 240); has sold 66 works for a total amount of 40 000 rubles. This exhibition of the Society was harshly criticized by the ideology of democratic realism, in the early 1900-х — followers new trends. The centerpiece of the exhibitions is devoted to paintings on themes of ancient history, allegorical subjects, social portrait. Contemporaries considered the emergence of Society as "a natural consequence of self-affirmation academism in the fight against peredvizhnichestva".

At the end of 1903 as a result of internal conflict in Society was split and his left a large group of artists led by R. A. Bergholz. Soon came from Companies founded the Association of artists, which was based on a similar ideologically-художественной platform. With the outbreak of the First world war, the Society was renamed the Petrograd society of artists. The latest exhibition (26-я and "Autumn") was held in 1918. Since then the Society has ceased to exist.

Egornov, Alexandr Semenovich1858 -1902 or 1903
Medem, Pavel Romanovich1858 -1st third of XX (?)
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