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Kivshenko Aleksey Danilovich

KIVSHENKO Aleksei Danilovich

March 11, 1851 (silver village ponds Tula Province) - October 2, 1895 (Haydelbelrg, Germany)

Painter, graphic artist

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Кившенко, Алексей Данилович


KIVSHENKO Aleksei Danilovich

March 11, 1851 (silver village ponds Tula Province) - October 2, 1895 (Haydelbelrg, Germany)

Painter, graphic artist

son of a serf, the plant manager horse Earl DN Sheremetev in Tula province. Since the beginning of 1860 (before 1867) attended classes in the Drawing School of the Society for the Promotion of artists, as well as drawing in the evening of St. Petersburg Artel artists (1864-1867).

studied at the Institute of Technology (end of 1860, did not graduate), was a listener Medico-Surgical Academy. He studied at the IAH (1867-1877), first as an auditor, from 1870 - a permanent student in historical and costume class at KF Guna. During the period of study received all existing academic awards; repeatedly awarded small (1871, 1872) and large silver medals (1871, 1872, 1874). In 1876 he was awarded a small gold medal for the program "Samson et Dalila (Samson Capture)" in 1877 - a large gold medal for the program "The Marriage at Cana", received the title of class artist of degree 1 without the right to a pensioner's travel abroad, because the painting was not finished. To qualify pensionerstva performed by choice now "War Council at Fili in 1812" (1880).

In 1880-1883 - pensioner IAH in Germany and France. He worked mainly in Munich, perfected in the workshops of the Max G., Yu Benzura, Y. Brandt, V. Dietz, also went to Dresden, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Paris and Normandy. He returned to Russia ahead of schedule. In 1884, for the painting "to the kennels," Collection of hounds, "" The pursuit of the fox "was awarded the title of academician. In 1893, for the painting "The highest reading literacy Ural army July 31, 1891" and "Nizhegorodskiye dragoons pursuing the Turks on the way to Kars October 3, 1877 received the title of professor.

lived in St. Petersburg. He worked in the field of historical and battle-painting, landscape, genre painter, master of hunting scenes, illustrator. In his works performed successor academic traditions.

In 1872 traveled to Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Vladimir, Moscow Province. In order to implement the order of Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich of paintings from the history of Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878 made several trips to the Caucasus (1884, 1886), Turkey (1886), Bulgaria (1892). In 1891 he visited Uralsk. In the same year in the Russian archaeological expedition was in Syria and Palestine.

engage in academic exhibitions (since 1879). Founding member and chairman of the St. Petersburg Society of Artists (1892-1894), member of the Society of Russian and exhibitor watercolourists (since 1893).

taught at the Central School of Technical Drawing of Baron Alexander Stieglitz (1883-1889), professor-head battle-painting workshop of the Higher School of Art painting, architecture and sculpture at IAH (1894-1895 ).

works are in many museum collections, among them - the State Tretyakov Gallery, State Russian Museum and others.

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