The Society of Art Exhibitions

1874-1884 St-Петербург

full members and exponenti: A. R. von Bock, L. A. Bernshtam, V. A. Bobrov, K. B. wenig, , V. P. Vereshchagin, p. P. Vereshchagin, B. P. Villevalde, . N. GE, R. A. Gedike, I. Ya, A. G. Goravsky, A. K. Gorbunov, D. I. Grimm, P. N. Georgian, L. E. Dmitriev-Кавказский, . D. Dmitriev-Оренбургский, E. E. Tucker, L. F. Godaco, F. S. Zhuravlev, I. P. Keller-Вилианди, A. D. Kivshenko, Yu Yu Clover, M. K. Klodt von Klodt von, P. O. Kovalevsky, A. I. Korzukhin, I. E. Krachkovsky, K. Y. Kryzhitsky, . A. Laveretsky, G. A. Ladyzhenskaya, E. A. Lansere, M. S. Majewski, E. K. Makarov, I. K. Makarov, K. E. Makowski, A. I. Meshchersky, A. I. Morozov, T. A. Neff, V. D. Orlov, . Petrov, A. A. Pisemsky, I. I. Podosenov, M. P. Popov, K. K. Rachau, Repin, F. A. Rubo, V. V. Samoilov, A. A. Svedomsky, P. A. Svedomsky, N. E. Crickets, G. I. Siemiradzki, R. G. Sudkovsky, P. A. Sukhodolsky, V. T. Timofeev, K. A. Trutovsky, E. F. Urlaub, P. P. Chistyakov, M. A. Chizhov, P. M. Shamshin, A. I. Charlemagne, A. N. Schilder, V. P. Schreiber, А.-Г. Edelfelt, V. E. Akhurst, V. I. Jacobi.

Honorary members: I. K. Aivazovsky, F. I. Jordan, A. I. Rezanov K. T. Soldatenkov.

Exhibitions: 1-я (1876, St-Петербург) — 7-я (1883 St-Петербург).

Society academic areas; created on the initiative of the Imperial Academy of arts after the failed talks between the leadership of the Academy of arts and the Board of the society about the merger of academic and traveling exhibitions. The society was intended to compete with the Wanderers, whose exhibitions gained popularity and attracted the best artistic forces.

20 Dec 1874 was adopted by the Council of IAH, and on 21 September 1875 approved by the Ministry of internal Affairs Charter of the company, under which the order was proclaimed "the extension of funds to sales of works of art; maintaining the material in relation to the execution of art works; the connection of works of art in a single exhibition; dissemination of works of Russian art edition prints, lithographs, photographs...". The Charter provides the right to conduct mobile and permanent exhibitions, as well as the right to establish the material Foundation for distribution in accordance with the needs of its members. Full members could become Russian artists with diplomas of the academic degrees (professors, academics, class artists of all degrees, class artists) and presenting their works at the annual exhibition.

At the head of society were the rule of six. At the first meeting of the members of it were elected V. P. Vereshchagin, F. S. Zhuravlev, P. A. Crusaders, L. F. Lagorio, A. I. Meshchersky, V. I. Jacobi; Chairman — L. F. Lagorio. In the future the post of Chairman was occupied by A. I. Meshchersky (1876-1878, 1879-1880), Yu Yu Clover (1878-1879), N. F. Dobrovolsky (1880), L. F. Lagorio (1881-1884).

the Device exhibits the selection and purchase of works was in charge of a special Committee of ten elected members and one representative of the Imperial Academy of arts. The first Committee included A. R. von Bock,V. A. Bobrov, A. G. Goravsky, P. N. Georgian, I. P. Keller-Вилианди, E. A. Lansere, I. I. Podosenov, M. A. Chizhov, P. M. Shamshin, A. I. Charlemagne. A Deputy from the Imperial Academy of arts was meeting-секретарь P. F. Isaev. Royal patronage to the society was accepted by Grand Prince Vladimir Alexandrovich. In addition to the Russian works, exhibitions exhibited works by European painters.

Despite the participation of several well-known artists, and even part of the Wanderers, the overall level of the exhibitions was low, largely of-за the abundance of minor works. Art critic V. M. Garshin wrote in the review of the second exhibition of the society, held in 1877: "well in the end? Three good paintings, a few tolerable —. The rest is utterly sad. Sad fair, poor Society, feeding itself warmed paintings and new works cooking. Jasinski, Krasouski, Samoilov and others..."

However, at exhibitions AWHP was first made available to the public such works as "Luminaries of Christianity (Torches of Nero)" G. I. Semiradsky, "the feast of the transfer of the sacred carpet from Cairo to Mecca" K. E. Makovsky, Boyar p. P. Chistyakov (2-я exhibition, 1877), "the Virgin forest" Yu Yu Clover, "the Bazaar in the province" K. A. Trutovsky (4-я exhibition, 1880), "the monastery hotel" A. I. Korzukhin (6-я exhibition, 1882).

In total, participation in the exhibitions of the society took more than 60 artists. To raise the artistic level of the exhibitions, in 1882, adopted a new Charter providing for more stringent rules of admission to the society. The activities of the Association ceased in 1884 in connection with the resolution on the termination in the academic halls of any public exhibitions. The last meeting of members was held on 23 Nov 1884.

Gintsburg, Iliya1859 -1939
  • 14.12.2017 The Hessian Princess in Russia's history 19 December 2017 in Frankfurt-на-Майне, the Museum of the Icon, will open the exhibition "the Hessian Princess in Russian history" — joint large-scale Russian-германский exhibition project.
  • 14.12.2017 Nonconformists in Lipetsk In Lipetsk the gallery of modern art "Tug", an exhibition of paintings and graphics by artists-шестидесятников — Rabin, Yakovlev, Masterkova, Voroshilov and others
  • 14.12.2017 "Compositions and still lifes" Boris Messerer in the Academy of arts From 19 December to 8 January in the exhibition halls of the Russian Academy of ARTS on Prechistenka the exhibition will be paintings and graphic works of Boris Messerer Asafovich — portraits, landscapes, still lifes, abstract compositions etc. — a total of about 100 works
  • 13.12.2017 "And the light on the scene." Peter Williams and Alexander Konovalov Tonight at the Museum АРТ4 opens exhibition from the collection of art critic and researcher Lubov Agafonova and gallery "vellum"
  • 08.12.2017 Sixties Igor Shelkovsky in the New Tretyakov gallery Exhibition — anniversary. Shelkovskoy this year — 80. And celebrates it in a big way. A Central element of the exhibition in the Tretyakov gallery will become a giant sculpture, in which may be to move the audience
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