Bobrov Viktor Alexeevich

Бобров, Виктор Алексеевич



April 18, 1842 (s Gatobuzhi St. Petersburg Province) - July 2, 1918 (Petrograd)

painter, graphic artist, sculptor.

was born in a merchant family, the brother of the artist AA Bobrov. Initial education in Larin and 2-nd St. Petersburg Gymnasium. In 1860 joined the IAH, studied in the class of historical painting at TA Neff, P. Shamshina, Markov, PV Basin and BP Villevalde. For student work was repeatedly awarded with medals, in particular, in 1861 received a small silver medal in 1862 - a large silver medal for the sketch from life in 1863 - large and small silver medal for the "Self" and drawing from life, in 1864 -- big silver medal for the sketch "old woman's head" ( "Knitter") and now "The interior of the room." From 1862 participated in academic exhibitions. In the period of study at the Academy was a member of the artistic circle of PA Krestonostseva.

In 1867, out of IAH without completing the course with the title of class artist of the 3rd degree, but in the next year in favor of the regular academic portraits exhibition was promoted to the class artist of degree 1. In 1873 a portrait of Professor A. Ya Krasovskii awarded the title of academician.

In 1875, carried away by an etching of Ivan Shishkin, and guided by AI Somov, began to master the technique of copper engraving. In 1870 - 1880's carried out etching a series of portraits of the Russian culture. In 1876, for "excellent knowledge of the art of engraving" awarded by IAH high and low merit medals.

Many worked in watercolor, creating an extremely fine technique "women's heads. From 1882 (for 1902, with interruptions) has participated in exhibitions of the Society of Russian watercolors, in 1887 a member of the Society. In 1883-1885 exhibited his portraits at fairs TPHV. He was engaged in teaching activities and restoration of paintings for private individuals. In 1890-1891 served in expeditions on harvested government securities as a draftsman and engraver. In those same years, made several trips to Europe. In 1893 participated in the World Exhibition in Chicago. In the second half of 1890 turned to sculpture. In 1897 he was awarded the title Officier d `Academie of the French Academy of Education and Fine Arts.

Bobrov - one of the leading artists of the second half of the XIX century, which manifested themselves in various genres and forms of art. Best known as a master of the picturesque purchased and engraved portraits. The artistic heritage of the artist is sufficiently large: only etchings are more than one hundred and thirty.

In painting, the artist combined the realistic tendencies and academic elements. If portraits Bobrova close peredvizhnicheskoy tradition, the images costumed figures and nudity are created in the spirit of salon art of the time.

in printed graphics artist special collector value are lists of "notes" on the fields - small portraits that are different variations to print next to the central image, sometimes giving an engraving of the unique nature of the product.

Bobrov works are in many museum and private collections, including the State Tretyakov Gallery, State Russian Museum, Pushkin Museum im. Pushkin.

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