Artel of P. A. Krestonostsev

1864-1865 St-Петербург

Members: V. A. Bobrov, A. K. Damberg, A. F. Kalmykov, A. A. Kiselev, N. A. Koshelev, P. A. Crusaders (Volgin), V. M. Maksimov, A. N. Shurygin

Creative organization; was founded on the initiative of the graduate of the Academy class artist of 2-й extent P. A. Krestonostseva a group of students of the Academy of arts for mutual benefit. Prototype was St.-Петербургская artel of artists, organized in 1863 I. N. Archaeology.

Artists lived in the apartment P. A. Krestonostseva and had a total budget, which consisted of the proceeds from the sale of paintings and artistic execution of different orders. The largest collective work was the implementation of the icons for the Old-Ладожского Holy-Никольского monastery.

All members of the organization were engaged in independent creative work and participated in academic exhibitions 1864-1865 years. In the summer of 1865, the gang broke up-за financial difficulties. N. A. Koshelev and P. A. Crusaders was taken in Saint-Петербургскую artel of artists, V. M. Maksimov (1872) A. A. Kiselev (in 1876) — in society.


1. D. Y. Severyukhin, Leikind O. L. The Golden age of art associations in Russia and the Soviet Union. Reference. SPb., 1992. P.13.

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