The first art circle for ladies

1882-1918 St-Петербург — Petrograd

Members-учредительницы: E. N. Benoit (Lancer), M. K. Benois, I. K. Brendel, E. K. Wrangell A. P. Vagina, A. V. Vysheslavtsev, M. D. Gagarin, E. K. Gauger, O. D. Golitsyn, S. I. Goncharova, D. E. Yermolov, E. F. Zhokhov A. A. Imereti, V. N. Korsakov, M. K. Kazakova, P. P. Kurian M. A. Markevich, A. N. Mussina-Пушкина, N. I. Nazimova, M. O. Rosen, M. V. Rostovtseva, M. A. Sarychev, And A. F. Stefan, O. A. Stout, E. N. Shebeko.

Honorary members: I. K. Aivazovsky, E. M. Boehm, V. A. Bobrov, the Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich, Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna, N. V. Isakov, Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna, L. F. Lagorio, the Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna, Princess E. M. Oldenburg, A. A. Orlov, I. I. Paskevich, E. A. Sabaneev.

full members and exhibitors: ALB. N. Benoit, Yu. N. Brazol ' , V. P. Vereshchagin, A. V. Voznesenskaya, M. Vuich, V. F. grave, L. E. Dmitriev-Кавказский, K. Y. Kryzhitsky, L. F. Lagorio, A. I. Meshchersky, A. E. Ovander, V. D. Orlov, . N. Pan, J. A. paszkiewicz, , I. Repin, E. P. Samokish-Судковская, O. M. Soloviev, S. S. Solomko, M. K. Tenisheva, I. I. Shishkin, S. I. Junker-Крамская and others.

Exhibitions: 1882-1914 (?), St.-Петербург, Petrograd.

the Charity organization; founded on the initiative of the artist p. P. Kurian and of Princess A. A. Imereti as the meeting of the ladies society, interested in art and community. At the first meeting, held on 26 February 1882, the President of the club was chosen p. P. Kurian in 1894, it was replaced with A. V. Sabaneyev. Originally the club was part of the "Society for the welfare of orphans and families of artists" ("Mossanovski Mondays"), from 1884 existed independently. Valid and honorary members of the club became patrons from among the representatives of high society and artists. In 1895-1896 there were 95 full members, 13 honorary members and two members of-корреспондентов.

In 1884 approved the Charter, the purposes of the Association stated "artistic development", and also assistance for needy artists; circle was entitled: "a) to Arrange weekly meetings, and artistic events during which members of the group and visitors Nadezhda engaged in painting and sculpture. All works performed in the Circle, remain in favor of the Circle. b) to Arrange exhibitions, as mentioned in paragraph a), and donated works to sell them, or even to dispose of other ways in compliance with the rules, and the money to pay in cash a Mug. C) to Invite individuals concerned with art in its different forms as well and other donations of artistic objects or money." In addition to the annual fee of 10 rubles, the members had to donate one piece, created by personal labor.

the Club arranged weekly meetings on Wednesdays. From March 1884 by permission of the Grand Duchess Catherine Mikhailovna they were held in the Mikhailovsky Palace, and after her death, with Oct 1894 — in the premises of the Imperial society for the encouragement of arts. At weekly meetings held sessions drawing from life, concerts and art-музыкальные evening with "livepaintings." Was held honoring the artists, in particular the celebration of the 50-летия art activities I. K. Aivazovsky (1887) L. F. Lagorio (1899).

Annually held exhibitions, usually dedicated to Easter. Originally they were held in the Palace of Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolaevich, later — in the halls of the Passage and the premises of the Society for the encouragement of artists, from 1913 — in the house of Princess Yusupova on Foundry Avenue. Exhibitions are often visited by members of the Imperial family, which set the annual allowance for the needs of the Mug (500 rubles from the Emperor Nicholas II, 300 roubles from Empress Alexandra Feodorovna). Exhibited works by both professional artists and artists-любителей. In total, the exhibitions were attended by up to 100 exhibitors. The Central place in the exhibitions held watercolors and works of decorative-прикладного art. Most exhibitions are accompanied by publishing of directories.

In December 1893, the Club organized a charity exhibition I. K. Aivazovsky, which was attended by about seven thousand [email protected] semicolon in 1908 he held an exhibition of Munich artists.

Five percent of the proceeds from the sale of paintings and art lottery of donated works was received to a charity. In 1899 the capital of the Circle was equal to 11 thousand rubles. Over the years Mug needy artists and their families have raised more than 100 thousand rubles. To commemorate 10-летия Mug in one of the Petersburg high schools was equipped with a special scholarship, which was to learn the artist's son (among others, she received the artist's son-передвижника and future writer M. M. Zoshchenko). In memory of p. P. Kurian, who died in 1899, it was found three scholarships. In 1909 Nicholas II donated a Mug of land in the district of Gatchina with the aim of building a shelter for the elderly artists.

the Members of the group founded St.-Петербургское society for the promotion of women's artistic-ремесленного labor (1892), art Studio (1898), "the School of folk art" (1911). Charitable purposes were released albums of paintings on historical and epic subjects (1901) and the life of the Romanov dynasty (1907).

In 1911-1912, the club members participated in the all-Russian Congress of artists. M. D. Gagarin made a report "On the extension of the charitable activities of the First ladies 'art circle". In 1917, the Club entered the Union of artists. In 1918, his activities stopped.

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