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Boem Elizaveta Merkurievna
Pseudonyms,autonyms and aliases: Endaurova, 1843–1914  

Boem (Endaurova) Elizabeth Merkuryevna

February 12, 1843 (St. Petersburg) - July 25, 1914 (Petrograd)

painter, graphic artist arts and crafts

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Бём, Елизавета Меркурьевна


Boem (Endaurova) Elizabeth Merkuryevna

February 12, 1843 (St. Petersburg) - July 25, 1914 (Petrograd)

painter, graphic artist arts and crafts

came from a distinguished noble family. Educated in his father's estate in the village Scheptsovo Yaroslavl province (1848-1857). In 1857-1864 attended the drawing school Society for the Promotion of Artists, where she studied at Kramskoy, LO Premazzi, P. Chistyakov. She completed a course with a silver medal. In 1870, for drawings of animals has been awarded a bonus medal IAH. After school continued to use the Drawing Boards Kramskogo.

lived in St. Petersburg. In 1867 she married the violinist L. F. Boehm, in the future, Professor Petersburg Conservatory. She worked in book and magazine graphics. Created illustrations for children's books "Silhouettes of children" (St. Petersburg, 1875), "cake" (St. Petersburg, 1880), "From the village of memories" (St. Petersburg, 1882), the tale "The Turnip" (St. Petersburg, 1882) . Illustrated editions of Frost, The Red Nose "by Nikolai Nekrasov (St. Petersburg, 1872)," Silhouettes of Krylov's fables "(St. Petersburg, 1878)," Types of "Notes of a Hunter" I. Turgenev in Silhouette "(St. Petersburg, 1883)," Proverbs in Silhouette "(St. Petersburg, 1884) and others. For many years, designed the book series "Library of free education" II Gorubnova-Posadov. In 1880 (until 1902) worked in children's magazines "toy" and "Baby". She has sung more than three hundred fifty original drawings for art postcards in publishing the Community of St. Eugene and Richard in St. Petersburg, as well as I. Lapshin, in Paris.

Retained drawings for glass products for the Maltsov plant designs products Dyatkovo crystal factory. She studied painting on glass. Has the technique of lithography.

engage in academic fairs, exhibitions Blanc et noir. Awarded silver medals at the All Arts and Industrial Exhibition in Moscow (1882), the All-Russia Handicraft Exhibition in St. Petersburg (1902), World Exhibition in Brussels (1888), St. Louis (1904); gold medal - at the World Exhibition in Milan (1907 ). At the World Exhibition in Chicago (1895) was awarded four medals, including gold for glass, silhouettes, watercolors, print media, at the World Exhibition in Paris (1900) - two medals, including gold for the products glass.

In 2008, Moscow hosted a retrospective exhibition of the artist.

Boehm - the first woman in Russia, to work professionally in graphics and crafts. Her creativity, developing in the direction characteristic of the second half of the XIX century historical styles had a significant influence on the neo-Russian trends in graphics and crafts. For works of Bohm characteristic stylization, skillful use of fonts and ornaments of ancient Russian motifs, the desire for decorative expressiveness of line and color.

works of the artist are in many museum collections, including the State Tretyakov Gallery, State Russian Museum, Pushkin Museum im. Pushkin and others.

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