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Bok Alexandr Romanovich von

SIDE (background Side) Alexander R.

7 (19) June 1829 (near Dorpat) — 17 (29) August 1895 (St-Петербург)

the Sculptor, draftsman

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Бок, Александр Романович фон


SIDE (background Side) Alexander R.

7 (19) June 1829 (near Dorpat) — 17 (29) August 1895 (St-Петербург)

the Sculptor, draftsman

he Studied at the Imperial Academy of arts (1850-1857) in the Studio П. К. Клодта. During the years of study was awarded a small silver (1853), large silver (1854), minor gold medals (1855; for relief "Charity Samaritan"). In 1857 he received a gold medal and the title of class artist for the bas-relief of the Crucifixion. In 1858-1864 — pensioner of the Imperial Academy of arts Italy; visited Germany, Austria, France. In 1864 for made in Italy statues — "Cupid releasing a moth at will" (1862) and "Psyche" (1864), passing the title of academician, was awarded the title of Professor.

Lived in St. Petersburg. Worked in the field of easel, monumental and monumental-декоративной sculpture. The author of the songs: "Bacchante with a Cupid, Bacchante, asking for wine at the Faun" (1860 start-х), "the Court of king Solomon" (high relief, mid 1860-х), "Faun" (1878), "Cupid's trap (had a splinter in my leg)" (1884), "Amphitrite" (early 1880-х); portraits П. К. Клодта (1870), Т. А. Неффа (1876), scientist-естествоиспытателя К. Э. Бэра (early 1880-х). Executed the monuments И. Ф. Паскевичу-Эриванскому in Warsaw (1869), М. И. Глинке in Smolensk (1885). Participated in competitions for the monument А. С. Пушкину (1874, 3-я prize), the fountain "Abduction of Europe" for the Upper garden in Peterhof (1876-1877, 1-я prize). Created the sculpture "Minerva" for the dome of the building of the Imperial Academy of arts (1875-1876, not preserved).

From 1855 — participant of exhibitions (in the halls of the Imperial Academy of arts). Exhibited: Society of exhibitions of works of art (1877), World exhibitions in Paris (1867, 1787), Russian art-промышленной exhibition in Moscow (1882).

the teacher of the sculpture Department and member of the Council of the Imperial Academy of arts (from 1865); among students — Р. Р. Бах, В. А. Беклемишев, И. Я. Гинцбург, Л. В. Шервуд.

Work is represented in many Museum collections, among them — of the State Russian Museum, Science-исследовательский Museum of the Russian Academy of arts, and others.


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