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Laveretsky Nikolay Akimovich

LAVERETSKY Nicholas Akimovich

April 1, 1837 (Moscow) - October 10, 1907 (St. Petersburg)

sculptor, graphic artist.

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Лаверецкий, Николай Акимович


LAVERETSKY Nicholas Akimovich

April 1, 1837 (Moscow) - October 10, 1907 (St. Petersburg)

sculptor, graphic artist.

born in the family of the sculptor AP Laveretskogo (1805-1888), elder brother of the painter IA Laveretskogo (1840-1911). Studied at the Drawing School of the Society for the Promotion of Artists, where his father taught. In 1851 entered IAH, was engaged in a sculpture class, first under the leadership of Ivan Vitali and P. Klodt, later - N. Pimenov. He received all of the existing academic awards: in 1853 - a small silver medal for the bust from life in 1857 - two large silver medals for sculpting from life and relief of Achilles dragging Hector's body "(exhibited at the exhibition of the same academic year) in 1859 - a small gold medal for the bas-relief "Kvintsiyu Cincinnati Roman messengers bring news of his election as dictator." In 1860, presented to the competition for a gold medal for the relief given by the IAH program "Return Regula from Rome to Carthage." Together with Fyodor Kamensky was awarded the desired reward, released from the Academy with the artist's certificate of degree 1 and the right of a pensioner's trip abroad for six years.

in 1860-1863 participated in the work on high reliefs for the monument "Millennium of Russia" project M. Mikeshin in Novgorod. In September 1863 as a pensioner IAH sent to Italy. Visiting Berlin, Dresden, Munich, Verona, Padua, Venice, Bologna, Milan, Genoa, Pisa, Florence and Orvetto, settled in Rome. During the Roman period created a lot of plaster sketches: "Agony in the Garden", "Mother, save the children during the destruction of Pompeii," "Girl Before bathing, catching butterflies in the reeds," The Miser and death "" Head chucharki and others. He has also worked in marble. In 1868, for sending them to St. Petersburg sculptural group "A boy and a girl with a bird" was awarded the title of academician.

In 1869 he returned to Russia, but soon went back to Rome to finish his work. In September 1870 he returned to St. Petersburg, presented at the next exhibition in the halls of IAH in a report on the pensioner's trip fourteen works, for which was approved at the rank of professor. In addition, the marble sculpture "The Boy with the Neapolitan monkey" has received a cash prize from the Academy. In 1873 awarded the "Medal for the Arts" at the World Exhibition in Vienna.

From 1871 he taught in the classroom full-scale sculpture and IAH first as Associate Professor (without content), since 1883 - Full Professor of 2 nd degree. After the introduction of a new charter of the Academy in 1894, retired.

known as the author of genre scenes and portrait painter. In 1883 completed a portrait of Fyodor Dostoevsky, later used for the gravestones of the writer. He worked in the field of monumental sculpture. In 1860 created the first draft of the monument to Pushkin to Tsarskoe Selo. In 1883 participated in the competition for the design of the monument Glinka in Smolensk. In 1883 completed a monument to Catherine II in Simferopol (opened in 1890), in 1884 - the navigator PK Pakhtusov in Kronstadt (opened in 1886).

Laveretsky - one of the greatest sculptors of the Russian academic second half of XIX century. It features the works of the academic - the idealization, the decision of garments in the spirit of antique draperies, balanced compositions, calm measured pace, the desire for classical clarity and harmony - are combined with a truthful depiction of the movement - a sign of the art of modern times. Creative manner peculiar elaboration of the master form with soft and delicate transitions of light and shadow modeling.

bronze casting with a form of sculpture produced in bronze casting workshops Chopin and K. F. Werfel.

Laveretskogo works are in many museum collections in Russia, including the State Tretyakov Gallery, State Russian Museum, the Scientific Research Museum of Russia Academy of Arts and other.

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