The Society of Russian Acquaforte Engravers

1871-1874, St-Петербург

Members-учредители: E. A. Baumer, A. P. Bogolyubov, P. A. Bryullov, V. P. Vereshchagin, N. N. GE, L. M. Zhemchuzhnikov, M. A. Zichy, F. I. Jordan, M. P. Klodt, I. N. Archaeology, . A. Laveretsky, G. G. Myasoedov, A. S. Netsvetaev, I. A. Pelevin, I. P. Pozhalostin, K. A. Savitsky, . The Silvanovich, A. I. Somov, A. A. Steel-фон-Голстейн, A. I. Charlemagne, I. I. Shishkin.

was founded on the initiative of the engraver L. M. Zhemchuzhnikov, art historian and artist-любителя A. I. Somov. The name comes from the Italian formula, that is, etching.

the Charter was approved on 3 Feb 1872; objectives stated "an exercise in engraving on metals strong vodka and dissemination in Russia knowledge in this art and love to him." The society was intended to unite the engravers and artists who have studied the technique of etching. This kind of enterprises masters of printmaking has existed in several European countries. Known Dusseldorf, the Paris society of aquafortistes; similar goals had Society drawing art (Der Gesellschaft für vervielfältigende Kunst) in Vienna.

Under the guidance A. I. Somov the Society of Russian aquafortistes worked engraving workshop in which were prepared the album "the First experiments of Russian aquafortistes" (1871), "the memory of Peter the Great" (1872), "Album of Russian aquafortistes" (1873-1874) as well as two albums with reproductions of paintings, exhibited at the annual exhibitions of the society for 1873 and 1874 years.

in Addition, the Society produced as a lithographic print lectures Somova at the etchings, read to its members. In 1885, the lectures were republished under the title "a Brief guide to engraving on copper strong vodka."

the Society has had a significant impact on the development of etching technique in Russia.

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