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Chizhov Matvey Afanasievich

Chizhov Matthew Afanasievich

November 10, 1838 (d Pudov Moscow Province) - May 27, 1916 (Petrograd)


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Чижов, Матвей Афанасьевич


Chizhov Matthew Afanasievich

November 10, 1838 (d Pudov Moscow Province) - May 27, 1916 (Petrograd)


was born in a peasant family, stonemason, who had at the German Cemetery in Moscow, a small shop tombstones. Original art education was under the leadership of his father, with eleven years helped him in his work.

graduated from the German school of St. Michael. In 1856-1857 worked in the Second School of Technical Drawing (Stroganov School) in VS Brovskogo. In 1857-1859 he pursued his studies in MUZhViZ in NA Ramazanova. In 1858 he was awarded a small silver medal for the high relief "Champions" in 1859 was awarded a large silver medal for the high relief "tortures of the Savior." In 1859, on drawings and sketches Ramazanova completed high relief of "Christ's Descent into Hell" for the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow. In those same years, created a high relief "Assumption of the Mother of God" for the Church of the Assumption in Gazetny Lane, as well as figures of two angels to the Church of the Holy Trinity on Pokrovka in Moscow.

In 1860 he moved to St. Petersburg, where he enrolled at IAH in the class N. Pimenov. In 1860-1862 under the leadership of M. Mikeshin worked on the monument "Millennium of Russia" in Novgorod, whose bas-reliefs executed "Heroes", "the Enlightenment", "Public people».

systematically began to engage in IAH only in 1863 in the class of PK Klodt. In 1865, received a small gold medal for sculpture "Kyivlyanyn with bridle, run through the mill Pechenegs". In 1864-1866 performed on the project Mikeshina central figure for the monument to Catherine II in St. Petersburg. In 1867 a program of "Resurrection of the Son of Nain widow" (relief) has been awarded a large gold medal, and also released from the Academy with the rank of the artist 1-th degree and the right of a pensioner's trip abroad. Participated in academic exhibitions.

in 1868-1874 as a pensioner IAH lived in Rome, traveled to Germany and Austria. In the early 1870's created a series of statuettes and groups on literary topics (in wax, terracotta and wood), appealed to the writings of Pushkin and William Shakespeare. In 1873, created in Italy for sculptural group "The game of hide and seek" and "First Love" was elected as an academician. In the same year, works Chizhov were awarded a gold medal at the World Exhibition in Vienna. In 1874 received a medal for eksperessiyu "(sic) for the song" Farmer in trouble "in 1875 - the same award for work" Rezvushka ».

In 1872-1874 he participated in exhibitions TPHV. In 1878 he exhibited his sculptures at the World Exhibition in Paris, where he also won a gold medal.

In 1878-1916 worked as a restorer and curator of sculpture of the Hermitage. From 1879 (in 1909) taught at the Central School of Technical Drawing of Baron Alexander Stieglitz. In 1890 took part in competitions at the monument to Alexander Pushkin at Tsarskoe Selo in 1892 - Admiral P. Nakhimov in Sebastopol, Catherine II in Odesa in 1893 - Catherine II in Nakhichevan. In 1896 the project of the sculptor and his son, M. Chizhov, was a monument to Nicholas II in Kiev. Created a series of portraits.

Chizhov - one of the most significant Russian sculptors of the second half of the XIX century and have excellent training and a solid base of handicrafts. He has successfully worked in a chamber (easel), and monumental sculpture. The peculiarity of the master's is the eclectic artistic language, combining features of the academic with realistic tendencies. The themes of the songs often became unpretentious scenes of peasant life. However, in the choice of subjects and their decision Chizhov avoided critical eye inherent painters Peredvizhnik. The works of sculptor inherent narrative and some idealization of images.

Chizhov most famous works (such as "Rezvushka", "Playing hide and seek", "Mother, daughter learning to read and write," Farmer in trouble, "" First Love "and others) are widely used in bronze casting, bronze casting performed in various workshops, including workshops Chopin, K. Robekki and others. There were also late casting with some forms of masters dating back to 1950 mi.

Chizhov works are in many museum and private collections, including the State Tretyakov Gallery, State Russian Museum, the Scientific Research Museum of Russia Academy of Arts, the All-Russia Pushkin Museum in St. Petersburg and others.

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