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Gintsburg Iliya
Pseudonyms,autonyms and aliases: Ginzburg, Eliash 1859–1939  

Ginsburg (Ginzburg) Ilia (Elias) Ya

May 15, 1859 (Grodno) - January 3, 1939 (Leningrad)

sculptor, graphic artist

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Гинцбург, Илья Яковлевич


Ginsburg (Ginzburg) Ilia (Elias) Ya

May 15, 1859 (Grodno) - January 3, 1939 (Leningrad)

sculptor, graphic artist

born in the family of the writer, the author of works on Jewish theology. He spent his childhood in Vilna, where self-started carving on a whetstone. From 1870 he worked in the studio MM Antokolsky in St. Petersburg. In the drawings FG Solntseva completed designs on the throne of the statue "King John V. Terrible. In autumn 1871, together with Antokolsky went to Italy.

Upon his return to St. Petersburg in the summer of 1872 he studied at a private boarding Englishman Girs, then - in the Second Secondary School. In 1878 he joined the IAH, was engaged in a sculpture class at the AR von Bock, NA Laveretskogo, II Podozerova. At the same time attended the School of Drawing Society for the Promotion of Artists.

the spring of 1880 received a one-year sick leave and went to France. Winter 1880-1881 was engaged in the Paris workshop Antokolsky few weeks - in a private art school F. Kolarossi. In the spring of 1881 he returned to St. Petersburg and resumed classes at IAH. During the period of study took all existing academic awards: in 1883 - a small silver medal in 1884 - a large silver medal in 1885 - a small gold medal for the program "A porter, carrying on the shoulder of the dead animal," in 1886 - a large gold medal for the program "Lamentations of the prophet Jeremiah in the ruins of Jerusalem" (relief). In the same year, released from the Academy with the rank of class artist 1-st degree.

lived in St. Petersburg (Petrograd - Leningrad). Many travel. In 1884 he visited France and Germany, in 1887 - Rome and Florence, in 1889, 1902, 1908 - Paris, in 1909 visited the island of Capri in Gorky. In 1892 traveled to Western Europe in 1897 - in Italy (Verona, Padua, Pisa, Siena, Venice, Trieste).

worked in the field of monumental sculpture and easel, creating portraits and genre scenes. Performed a series of portrait busts of contemporaries - the major Russian artists, writers, scientists, artists, musicians and public figures. Created monuments NVGogol in Sorochintsy (1911), IKAivazovsky in Feodosia (1915); participated in competitions for monuments Glinka (1903), AN Ostrovsky (1916). Author headstones VV Stasova at the Alexander Nevsky Monastery (1908), M. Antokolsky in Transfiguration Cemetery (1909), DN Mamin-Sibiryaka the Volkov Cemetery (1915) in St. Petersburg and others.

From 1882 - participant of exhibitions (2 nd Exhibition Society exhibitions of works of art). Exhibited his work at academic fairs (1884-1918, with interruptions), TPHV (1895-1896), Saint-Petersburg Society of Artists (1898), the Association of South Russian Artists (1912). In 1889 he received the medal of the third level, in 1900 - the first gold medal at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1904 - a gold medal at the World Exhibition in St. Louis (1900). Also participated in international art exhibitions in Munich (1893, 1895, 1901, 1909, 1913), Berlin (1896), Venice (1897, 1914), Liège (1905), World's Columbian Exposition (1893) and Rome (1911).

In 1911 he was awarded the title of Academician. Since 1912 was an active member of the Society of Architects-Artists.

After the October Revolution took part in the plan of monumental propaganda; fulfilled monuments GV Plekhanov (1921-1925) and Mendeleev (1932) for Leningrad as well as the sculptural group "February 1917", "May triumph", "In the days of October" (1926).

In 1918-1925 he taught at the Petrograd government free art educational workshops - Higher Art, in 1921-1923 - Dean of the Faculty Higher Art of Sculpture, professor.

Held solo exhibitions in St. Petersburg - Leningrad (1918, 1934). Participated in exhibitions of the Society of Artists. AIKuindzhi (1929, 1930), the exhibition "Artists of the RSFSR XV years" in Leningrad and Moscow, and others.

author of numerous literary works, memoirs of encounters with artists, writers and public figures (sculptor Ilya Ginzburg: Memoirs, articles, letters /Sost. EN Maslov. Leningrad, 1964 ).


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