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Svedomsky Pavel Alexandrovich


7 (19) June 1849 (St-Петербург) — 27 августа (9 сентября) 1904 (Switzerland)

Painter, draftsman

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Сведомский, Павел Александрович



7 (19) June 1849 (St-Петербург) — 27 августа (9 сентября) 1904 (Switzerland)

Painter, draftsman

From a noble family; younger brother of the artist А. А. Сведомского. He spent his childhood in the family estate in the village of Mikhailovsk plant of the Perm province. He received his artistic education at the art Academies in düsseldorf and Munich, where he studied under the guidance Э. Гебгардта and М. Мункачи (1870). At the beginning of 1870, together with his brother he travelled through France and Italy.

In 1875 he settled in Rome, where he had a joint workshop with his brother. Summer months spent at his estate in Perm province. Worked as a genre painter, landscape painter, painted pictures on historical and biblical scenes; the representative of "the late academic". Author paintings: "the Peasant yard" (1874), "Medusa" (1882), "the Orgy" (1883), "the Lonely Roman woman" (1884), "In the harem" (1885), "Buried in flowers" (1886), "the Roman woman at the pond" (1888), "Two Roman women with diamonds and flute" (1880-е), "Napoli" (1892), "Messalina" (1900), "Maria Hamilton before execution" (1904), "Fulvia with the head of Cicero," and others. In later years created a series of works on themes of Russian history: "Fire in Moscow. 1812 год", "the death of Yermak".

In 1879, for the painting "Julia in" the Imperial Academy of arts awarded with great incentive medal for the painting "Moscow is burning" and "Daughter Camellia" — a large silver medal. In 1883 "for fame and works in the artistic field" was elected honorary free member of the Imperial Academy of arts.

Participated in the execution of Vladimir Cathedral in Kiev (1886-1890); completed six paintings depicting scenes from the life of Christ ("the Resurrection of Lazarus", "Entry into Jerusalem", "the last supper", "the agony in the garden", "Pilate's Court"), and created three compositions on the theme "the Creation" for shades of the two side aisles.

From 1879 — participated in exhibitions. Exhibited at academic exhibitions (1879-1896, with interruptions), exhibitions of the Society of exhibitions of works of art (1879, 1883), Moscow society of lovers of the arts (1881, 1882/1883), at the Paris salon (1882), exhibitions Society for the encouragement of arts (from 1894), St-Петербургского society of artists (1898-1903, with breaks). Russian art party-промышленной exhibition in Moscow (1882) and the all-Russia industrial and agricultural exhibition in Nizhny Novgorod (1886), world exhibitions in Paris (1889, gold medal), international exhibitions in Berlin (1896), Venice, Munich, Copenhagen and Stockholm (all — 1897).


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