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Dobrovolsky Nikolay Florianovich

DOBROVOLSKIY Nikolay Florianovich

1837 (Tambov province) — on 30 January (12 February) 1900 (Peterhof)

Painter, graphic artist, photographer

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Добровольский, Николай Флорианович


DOBROVOLSKIY Nikolay Florianovich

1837 (Tambov province) — on 30 January (12 February) 1900 (Peterhof)

Painter, graphic artist, photographer

he Studied at the First Moscow cadet corps (graduated in 1855). He served in Starodubovsky cuirassier (cavalry) regiment. In 1863 he retired with the rank of Lieutenant. Studied photography. Had a photo Studio in Voronezh (mid 1860-х), in Moscow on Nikitsky Boulevard (1866-1868), in St. Petersburg on Karavannaya street (beginning 1870-х); had the title of "photographer of the Imperial Academy of arts" with the right premises of the state emblem on its products. In 1872 participated in the Polytechnic exhibition in Moscow, presenting "a Photographic Atlas of world history" (bronze medal).

In 1868 moved from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Studied painting and drawing independently, took private lessons. He studied at the Imperial Academy of arts (1874-1877) as a volunteer. In 1874, for the painting "Big Russian autumn road (a highway)" (acquired П. М. Третьяковым) received the title of class artist of 2-й degree; in 1881, for the painting "the Bay of Kiel (In tow)" — the title of class artist 1-й degree. In 1874 he visited France, worked in Velay, where he met И. Е. Репиным.

he Worked primarily as a landscape and genre painter, executed portraits-типы; is the author of numerous paintings on historical subjects. Author of painting works: "the Tempest" (1875), "rural gardener, sheltering from the cold" (1876), "Rural Sexton" (1876), "Playing dogs" (1877), "Sergunina-дурачок" (1877), "Male head (Head of village Sexton)" (1877), "Portrait of Peter I ("Here is the city was founded")" (1880), "Night on the Volga (Lada)" (about 1884), "On the ship" (1888).

In 1886 traveled to Siberia, made a series of kinds of Irkutsk and its environs: "Irkutsk the white house at night", "the Hangar at night", "Irkutsk near the Shank", "the Crossing on the Angara river in Irkutsk, lake Baikal by night" (all — 1880-е). The works were reproduced on postcards.

From 1875 — participating in the art exhibitions (the exhibition of works of art in the Imperial Academy of arts). A member and Exhibitor of the Society of exhibitions of works of art (1876, 1877). The participant of the world exhibition in Paris (1878).


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