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Trutovsky Konstantin Alexandrovich

Trutovsky Konstantin

January 28, 1826 (s Yakovlevka Kursk province) - March 17, 1893 (Moscow)

Painter, graphic artist

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Трутовский, Константин Александрович


Trutovsky Konstantin

January 28, 1826 (s Yakovlevka Kursk province) - March 17, 1893 (Moscow)

Painter, graphic artist

was born in a noble family, the son of a landowner Kharkov province. He spent his childhood in his father's name Semenovka Akhtyrsky County. In 1839-1845 he studied at the Main (Nicholas) military engineering school in Petersburg, where he befriended Dostoyevsky. He graduated from the course with the rank of second lieutenant, and then on to college tutor in the class of art and architecture, making it possible to visit the IAH as volnoprihodyaschego student (1845-1849); involved in the class of historical painting by FA Bruni. Made friends with artists LF Lagorio, AE Beydemanom, A. Again, as well as some members of the circle MV Petrashevsky.

in 1849 in connection with the death of the mother moved from St. Petersburg to the family estate Semyonovka in 1850 he lived mainly in the countryside Yakovlevka Kursk province, periodically coming to Moscow and St. Petersburg. Many traveled to Russia and Little Russia. In 1857 traveled to Germany, visited Berlin, Dresden, Dusseldorf, in 1860 visited England, France, Germany, Belgium and Austria. From 1862 he lived permanently in Yakovlevke, where he zemstvo activities. In 1875 he was elected chairman Oboyan rural council, served in this position and a half years.

worked as a genre painter, book and magazine illustrator. In 1856, for painting "county shop", "Capsule", "The Blind Musician, Ukrainians, learning the violin at the boy" was the title neklassnogo (free), painter. In 1861, for the painting "Runaround in the province of Kursk" was awarded the title of academician. In 1857 elected a member of the Belgian Society of watercolors. Created illustrations for Gogol, Ivan Krylov, TG Shevchenko. Collaborated in satirical magazines. In 1854 Trutovsky was offered a position teaching in MUZhViZ, but teaching has not commenced.

the second half of 1850 attended PYATNITSKA drawing in the evening "at Society for the Encouragement of Artists in 1860 -" Chetvergova "evening Artel artists. In 1871-1881 was the inspector MUZhViZ.

participated in exhibitions in the halls of IAH (1860-1888, with interruptions), the Society of exhibitions of art works (1877, 1880), the Moscow Society of Lovers of Fine Arts (1880-1892, with interruptions). Exhibited his work as the World Exhibition in Paris (1867, 1878), London (1872), Antwerp (1885), the All-Russia Art and Industry exhibition in Moscow (1882). However, the success of paintings and drawings Troutovsky was so great that many were sold directly from the artist's studio, not getting to the exhibition. His works have been reproduced in the second half of the XIX century in the various subjects, including calico. According to FI Bulgakov, village women, who served for him models paraded in calico aprons with pictures of his paintings, so that Konstantin is not without reason called it a joke of his "traveling exhibition."

In 1893 in Moscow was the posthumous exhibition of the artist.

Trutovsky - one of the greatest masters of genre painting in Russia in the middle of XIX century. In his work combines the features of academic and realism. In an unusual observation, and sometimes good-natured humor in the paintings of artist records people's celebrations, markets, scenes of everyday life of peasants and landlords. Full-scale sketches Troutovsky differ masterful ability to accurately grasp and convey specific Valais, posture, situation.

creativity of the artist is represented in many museum and private collections, including the State Tretyakov Gallery, State Russian Museum, Pushkin Museum im. Pushkin and others.

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