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Perov Vasily Grigorievich

Perov Vasily G.

December 23, 1834 (Tobolsk) - May 29, 1882 (s Kuz'minki near Moscow)

Painter, graphic artist

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Перов, Василий Григорьевич


Perov Vasily G.

December 23, 1834 (Tobolsk) - May 29, 1882 (s Kuz'minki near Moscow)

Painter, graphic artist

Son (premarital) Tobolsky Attorney Baron GK von Kridenera and burghers AI Ivanov, was recorded in the documents under the name of the godfather Vasiliev. "Perov" - the nickname given to the future of the artist as a child for success in calligraphy and later became his name. Child and adolescent years spent mostly in the Nizhny Novgorod province, where his father, who was fired with the state service, was manager in the estates.

studied at the Arzamas district school (1843-1846), Arzamas school of painting AV Stupin (1846-1849, with a break), MUZHV (1853-1861) in E. , J. Vasiliev, AN Mokritskiy, MI Scotti, S. Zaryanko. In 1856, for "Portrait of NG Kridenera" IAH has been awarded a small silver medal in 1858 for his film "Arrival of the mainstay in the investigation" - a large silver medal in 1860 for his film "first rank" -- small gold medal. In 1861, for the painting "Sermon in a Village" was awarded a large gold coin, issued from the school with the title of class artist 1-th degree and the right of a pensioner's travel abroad. Summer of 1862 before going abroad to work together with IM Pryanishnikova in Sergiev Posad.

In 1862-1869 - retired IAH; visited Berlin, Dresden, Düsseldorf, since 1863 lived in Paris. Fall of 1864 traveled to Italy. In the same year he returned to Russia in advance, but continued to receive content from the pensioner's IAH (extended in 1864 and 1866). In 1866, for the painting "Troika" and "The arrival of a governess in a Merchant House" was awarded the title of Academician, 1870 for the painting "Fowler" and "The Wanderer" was awarded the title of professor.

lived in Moscow. He worked as a genre painter, portraitist, landscape painter, created the paintings on the historical, evangelical, and literary themes. Engaged in lithography. In 1871 traveled to Nizhny Novgorod and Arzamas in 1872 - to the Ukraine in 1873 - the Volga, the Urals and Orenburg province to "study the types and writing sketches for paintings from life of a peasant war led by E. I. Pugachev. In the summer of 1874 he worked in the province of Ryazan. In 1875, bought it is small in Moscow Province, where he spent the summer months. In 1867, together with Vladimir Makovsky, IM Pryanishnikova, P. Sidel'nyk Wita, AK Savrasov, V. Pukirevym and other artists participated in the publication of the Album of species and scenes from Russian life "(Moscow, 1867).

Since 1858 - participant of exhibitions (student's, MUZHV). He participated in exhibitions in the halls of IAH (1858-1878, with interruptions). Member of the Society for the Promotion of exponents and artists (1860-1872, with interruptions), the Moscow Society of Lovers of Fine Arts (1866-1881, with interruptions, a member since 1862, member of the Committee MOLH). Founding member and board member TPHV (1870-1877). Received numerous awards at various competitions Society for the Promotion of Artists (1865, 1870) and the Moscow Society of Art Lovers (1868, 1869, 1870). Held a personal exhibition in Moscow (1870-1871).

taught painting classes at the Moscow Society of Art Lovers (1871-1872) and in MUZHVZ (1871-1882). Among his pupils - AE Arkhipov, SV Ivanov, NA Kasatkin, SA Korovin, and . Levitan, MV Nesterov, AP Ryabushkin and others. Initiated the resumption of student exhibitions MUZHVZ.

author of the memoirs of literary and artistic works.

buried at the Donskoy Cemetery in Moscow.

Perova Retrospective Exhibition held in Moscow (1882, 1933-1934, 1984-1985), St. Petersburg - Leningrad (1883, 1934, 1984-1985), Kiev, Minsk (both - 1984 -1985).

Perov - an outstanding Russian artist of the second half of the XIX century. His early genre works (1850 - early 1860) are inherent narrative, accusatory tone, sharpness in the social characteristics of the characters, often up to the grotesque. Feature of the picturesque manners is the predominance of the color palette of shades of brown and gray, intimacy with each other through light and shade. A somewhat different vein, solved the Paris period, marked by an interest in human individuality and tonal color. In the second half of 1860 critical developments were realized in the paintings, imbued with sympathy for the poor and disadvantaged, has acquired great importance to the landscape. In the later period (1870 - early 1880) socio-critical orientation of the early works gave way to "bytopisatelskim" hunting "scenes" and historical painting. For portraits characterized by objectivity of attitude to the model, the accuracy of social characteristics, the unity of composition, pose and gesture with the psychological condition of the person


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