The Association of realist painters

1927-1932, Moscow — Leningrad

Members-учредители: H. M. Aladzhalov, V. N. Baksheev, K. N. Bakhtin, I. P. Bogdanov, V. P. Bychkov, . V. Dosekin, M. M. Zaitsev, . A. Kasatkin, P. I. Kelin, A.V. Lysenko, M. S. Malyutin, S. V. Malyutin, O. S. Malyutina, S. D. Miloradovich, A. V. Moravians, M. V. Obolensky, E. V. Aranovsky, P. I. Petrovichev, G. K. Savitsky, B. V. Smirnov, A.V. Sredine, . F. Halyavin.

the Members and exhibitors: . S. Bohm-Григорьева, A. A. Borisov, V. K. Byalynitsky-Бируля, A. M. Vasnetsov, . S. Zaitsev, K. K. Zefirov, A. V. Isupov, . S. Kazachkin, M. I. Kurilko, M. S. Perin, A. L. Rzhevskaya, V. A. Sims, S. F. Sokolov, M. M. Strahov, L. V. Turzhansky.

Exhibitions: 1-я (1927, Moscow) — 2-я (1928, Moscow).

was Founded in January 1927 by former members of the Association of traveling art exhibitions and the Union of Russian artists after a short stay in the ranks of the AHRR. The Charter was approved on 24 November 1928. Chairman elected E. V. Aranovsky, Secretary — K. N. Bakhtin. Subsequently, the position of the Chairman was performed S. F. Sokolov.

the members of the PU was supposed to spread the activity on all territory of the Russian Federation, creating local branches, subordinate to the all-Russian Congress of the Association. However, almost managed to create the only office ARM in Moscow and Leningrad.

When the Association had a library, several artistic-промышленных workshops, shop isopropyle and publishing, which is involved in the release of the album on Polytechnic education, visual AIDS, art cards, prints, children's games.

the Society held two exhibitions in the halls of the First state University (accompanied by catalogs). In the catalog 1-й of the exhibition indicated that the company was founded with the aim "to continue the realistic trend of the Association of traveling exhibitions and the Union of Russian artists, whose cultural-общественная activity was interrupted in 1923". Exhibitions dominated easel painting: the landscape and genre; was also exhibited easel and book graphics, theatrical works-декорационного art.

B. M. Lobanov wrote: "On their two exhibitions... PU stressed not so much its realistic, how many naturalistic tendencies, in large part already experienced Soviet fine art. In this tendency the majority of participants so brightly colored was narrow-minded psychology, pathos and peaceful life with its small joys and sorrows, are absolutely incompatible with the pathos and rhythm of the day that even the presence in their environment such to determine the reputations of artists like S. V. Malyutin and . A. Kasatkin, and several young talented artists puts kravtsev as easel painters, outside of the active forces of modern isofront".

the Activity of PU was constantly attacked by official critics, and received a very negative evaluation of the resolution on the reports of the Moscow art societies Sector arts of Narkompros in November — December, 1930. According to this resolution, all economic functions of PU was transferred Sagisu and cooperative "Artist". Earlier resolution of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) on posterliterature from the 11th of March 1931 it was liquidated publishing house PU.

Under pressure from critics in the late 1930 from the Association was excluded a large group of old members. This significantly changed the direction of society, its main task is now seen in production work and production of campaign funds. At the same time the Association has been enriched by Amateur artists, which reduced its total technical level.

At the beginning of 1932 the members of the PU together with the artists of "Moscow salon" has created a Union of fine arts "Art — socialist construction" (ISTR).

  • 14.12.2017 The Hessian Princess in Russia's history 19 December 2017 in Frankfurt-на-Майне, the Museum of the Icon, will open the exhibition "the Hessian Princess in Russian history" — joint large-scale Russian-германский exhibition project.
  • 14.12.2017 Nonconformists in Lipetsk In Lipetsk the gallery of modern art "Tug", an exhibition of paintings and graphics by artists-шестидесятников — Rabin, Yakovlev, Masterkova, Voroshilov and others
  • 14.12.2017 "Compositions and still lifes" Boris Messerer in the Academy of arts From 19 December to 8 January in the exhibition halls of the Russian Academy of ARTS on Prechistenka the exhibition will be paintings and graphic works of Boris Messerer Asafovich — portraits, landscapes, still lifes, abstract compositions etc. — a total of about 100 works
  • 13.12.2017 "And the light on the scene." Peter Williams and Alexander Konovalov Tonight at the Museum АРТ4 opens exhibition from the collection of art critic and researcher Lubov Agafonova and gallery "vellum"
  • 08.12.2017 Sixties Igor Shelkovsky in the New Tretyakov gallery Exhibition — anniversary. Shelkovskoy this year — 80. And celebrates it in a big way. A Central element of the exhibition in the Tretyakov gallery will become a giant sculpture, in which may be to move the audience
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