Выдача займов под залог картин и скульптур XIX-XXI веков

Первый профессиональный сервис по выдаче займов под залог произведений искусства

Ivanov Sergey Vasilevich


June 4, 1864 (London, Moscow Province) - August 3, 1910 (d. Widget Moscow Province)

painter and graphic artist.

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Иванов, Сергей Васильевич



June 4, 1864 (London, Moscow Province) - August 3, 1910 (d. Widget Moscow Province)

painter and graphic artist.

place of the noble family. Original art education in mid-1870 in PP Sinebatova. In 1878 he enrolled in MUZhViZ, where he studied under E. Sorokin and IM Pryanishnikova. Worked intermittently until 1882, then in 1884-1885. In 1882-1884 he studied at the IAH, where the advice of Repin. In 1885 he graduated from college with the title of the class artist.

In 1880 - 1890 he traveled in Russia, traveled to Samara, Ryazan, Vladimir, Voronezh, Orenburg Province. Had lived in Tula, Orel, Kursk provinces, where he studied the life and the life of the peasants. In 1888 visited Erivan, Tiflis, Batum, made for the Russian society of photographic images of the Caucasus. In 1896 was in Feodosia and Dagestan, in 1898 - in the Vyatka province in 1899 - in the Kalmyk and the Kirghiz steppes. Repeatedly traveled to the Volga. In 1894, he made a trip to Europe: visited Vienna, Venice, Milan, Genoa, Marseilles, in 1901 - Sweden and Finland.

worked as a painter, easel and book illustrator. In 1886 (in 1906, with interruptions) participated in exhibitions of the Moscow Society of Art Lovers, from 1887 - in exhibitions TPHV (since 1889 - Member of the Association). In 1889 P. Tretyakov acquired the painting in his collection "In the road. The death of a migrant ».

By request of the publisher Pyotr Konchalovsky (father of the famous artist) created the illustrations for the anniversary edition collections of works by Lermontov (1890-1891) and A. ; Pushkin (1898-1899). In 1903-1904 illustrated the works of Nikolai Gogol. In 1907-1910 he worked on the order of I. Knebel and SA Knyazkova over the illustrations for the book "Pictures of Russian history».

In the early 1900's, participated in the project competition facade of the Tretyakov Gallery. In 1903 became a founding member and regular exhibitor of the Union of Russian Artists. In the same year took part in the exhibition "World of Art" in the halls of the Society for the Encouragement of Arts in St. Petersburg. In 1899-1908 he taught at the Stroganov School of Industrial Art, in 1900-1910 - in MUZhViZ.

In 1905 he was awarded the title of Academician. Created a series of works devoted to the revolution of 1905.

Ivanov Memorial Exhibition held in 1911 in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Retrospective exhibition of paintings took place in 1944 and 1951 (Exhibition Hall of the USSR Union of Artists, Tretyakov Gallery) in Moscow in 1964 - in Leningrad (confined to the 100 th anniversary of the master) in 1965 - in Kiev.

Ivanov known as the author of genre and historical paintings. His early work - "Do the prison" (1885), "Fugitive" (1886), "In the car class 4" (1888-1889), "On the earnings" (1888-1889), "On the Road. The death of a migrant "(1889) and others - created in the spirit of critical realism. For individual manners of this time is characterized by restraint (and sometimes even ascetic) color solutions, the desire for brevity, clarity, composition, careful attention to detail. In the 1900's, the themes of his paintings changed. The artist turned to subjects in Russian history XVI-XVII centuries: "The arrival of foreigners. XVII Century "(1901)," King. XVI century "(1902)," Family "(1907). The creative style has also undergone changes: the palette considerably enriched in the colors prevail bright, sonorous colors, stroke has become more extensive and free.

Creativity Ivanova represented in many museum and private collections, including the State Tretyakov Gallery, State Russian Museum, Pushkin Museum im. Pushkin.

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