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Ober Artemy Lavrentievich


Pseudonyms,autonyms and aliases: Artur, Arthur


Ober Artemij (Arthur) Lavrent'evich

March 10, 1843 (Moscow) - October 4, 1917 (Petrograd)

sculptor, painter of decorative art.

born in a family of employees theatrical agencies (in 1872 - Governor's office of Moscow Imperial theaters). Graduated from the 4-th Moscow gymnasium. From 1862, within two years he studied at the medical faculty of Moscow University. Not finishing the course in 1864 moved to St. Petersburg, where as volnoprihodyaschego student enrolled in the class sculptural IAH. In April 1865, left the Academy and went to Paris, where he was a painter of animals A.-L. Bari, studied museum collections, drawing from the antique statues in the Louvre and worked full-scale sketches in a zoological garden. Mastered the technique of ceramics in the ceramic workshop "Bigot».

In 1870 he returned to Russia, resumed his studies at IAH as irregular. In 1872, for the statues "Dog", "Bashkir horse" and a group of "Lion devouring a gazelle", presented at the Academic exhibition, was awarded a large silver medal.

In 1883 took part in the exhibition TPHV. In 1886, organized jointly with the EA Lancere exhibition in the halls of Society for the Promotion of Artists. In mid-1880 as an assistant M. Mikeshin worked on the monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky in Kiev. In 1888, created the bust of Catherine II to Obukhovskoy Hospital in St. Petersburg. In 1898, for works of "doggish wolf", "Dog" was awarded the title of academician.

repeatedly traveled abroad. At the World Exhibition in Paris in 1900 was awarded a silver medal in the sculpture department. In the 1900's, turned to ceramics and majolica, creating dishes, vases, model products for the Imperial Porcelain Factory in St. Petersburg. Worked for the ceramic workshop "Abramtsevo" for Butyrskaya outpost in Moscow. In 1903, together with Matveev executed sculptural decoration fireplace in the dining room at home association "Contemporary Art in St. Petersburg.

In 1900-1902 he participated in exhibitions association "World of Art". In 1909 he joined the Union of Russian Artists. In 1910 he became one of the initiators of the resumption of the World of Art ».

created a number of works of monumental character. In 1903 participated in the competition for a monument to Mikhail Glinka for Petersburg, in 1900 completed the relief of "Battleship" Alexander III "in the battle of Tsushima in 1905, (opened in 1908), images of cupids on the facade of the Imperial Choral Chapel in St. Petersburg in 1912 - the sculptural decoration and fittings for the Borodino bridge in Moscow.

Ober - one of the greatest sculptors of the last third of XIX - beginning of XX century in Russia. He worked in various forms and genres, but gained fame primarily as animal painter, author of works of small size, designed for interior decoration (so-called "Kabinetskaya" sculpture). In the words of Alexander Benois, depicting "the animals from the soul," Aubert could send in their appearance what "we most admire in Krylov". For individual manner characteristic of the master invoice modeling, the desire for accurate transfer of nature, dynamic tracks, built on an active motion.

himself sculptor often created a wax or plaster model. Castings were made by other artists on numerous bronze casting factories Petersburg or Kasli cast-iron plant, as evidenced by appropriate stamps on products. There were also later castings with forms Aubert Related to the mid-twentieth century.

master's career is represented in many museum collections, including the State Tretyakov Gallery, State Russian Museum, the Scientific Research Museum of Russia Academy of Arts and others.

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