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Внимание! ищет картины этого художника для продажи. Tarkhov Nikolay Alexandrovich
Pseudonyms,autonyms and aliases: Tarkhoff, Nicolas 1871–1930  

Tarkhov, Nikolai

January 20, 1871 (Moscow) - July 4, 1930 (Orsay, near Paris)

painter and graphic artist.

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Тархов, Николай Александрович


Tarkhov, Nikolai

January 20, 1871 (Moscow) - July 4, 1930 (Orsay, near Paris)

painter and graphic artist.

N. Tarkhov was born to a wealthy merchant family. He graduated from a state-owned school in Moscow, after which he served on the Brest railway. Soon carried away by the art and decided to become a painter. In 1894, he acted in MUZhViZ, but could not bear examination. He began to study independently. In 1897 he worked in the studio Korovin. At the same time became acquainted with young artists, PV Kuznetsov, PI Utkin, ND Milioti, with which in 1898 made a trip to Paris. In 1897, debuted at the XV exhibition Moscow Society of Lovers of the arts. In 1899, also in Moscow, has exhibited his works at the exhibition association "World of Art". Preparing to enter the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. However, without waiting for the exams again went to Paris. From 1899 he lived permanently in France, where he attended workshops JP Lawrence and LO Merrona, as well as the School of Fine Arts. Many worked in the plein-air, wrote both urban and rural landscapes, still lifes with flowers, fruits and vegetables, scenes of rural life.

In the 1900's, has made known in Paris. His works are not inferior to the prices works most prominent representatives of French painting. Since 1901 Tarkhov - permanent exhibitor salon Independent, in 1904 he began exhibiting at the Salon d'Automne, and in 1907 became a member of his jury.

Tarhov In 1904 he married a Frenchwoman, Marie-Yvonne Deyteyl, had three children. Participated in the Russian artistic circle that revolved around ES Kruglikova and M. Voloshin. In 1906 exhibited at the exhibition of Russian art, organized by SP Diaghilev and became the beginning of the famous Russian Seasons. In 1911 bought a house and moved to the Parisian suburb of Orsay. In the same year was a personal exhibition in the gallery Tarkhova Vollara, in 1909-meters - Gallery Dryue, in 1913 - the Society of Arts in Frankfurt.

staying abroad, Tarkhov, maintained close contacts with their homeland: in 1903 he took part in "Union of Russian Artists, becoming a permanent member and exhibitor association until 1910 .. Since 1910 Tarkhov - a member of society "World of Art". At 1909 m and 1910 m has exhibited his works at the salons Vladimir Izdebsky. In 1910 he held a solo exhibition of the artist in the magazine "Apollo", which caused high ratings of art critics such as Alexander Benois and Sergei Makovsky.

the second half of 1910 x glory Tarkhova has declined, due to both changing artistic tastes of French society, and the reluctance to use the services of art dealers. Despite this, he continued to exhibit a lot. In 1919, after the interruption due to World War I, resumed its participation in the cabin Independent and Salon d'Automne. In 1920, he had a solo exhibition in the gallery Dryue.

recent years, the artist's life spent in poverty and oblivion. He died of throat cancer.

Tarkhova After the death of a significant part of his work got in the museum's collection of the Petit Palais in Geneva. The works of the artist are also in the collections of the Luxembourg Museum in Paris, the State Tretyakov Gallery and the Pushkin Museum im. Pushkin in Moscow, State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, many private collections.

Posthumous exhibitions were arranged in 1930 and 1938 in Paris (Autumn Salon, Gallery "dinar"), in 1980 in Geneva (Museum of the Petit Palais), in 1983 in Moscow (GMII im. A. ; Pushkin). In 2003, held a retrospective exhibition Tarkhova "Independent Republic of Painting" at the State Tretyakov Gallery, which became the largest-ever exhibition of the death of the artist.

Early Works Tarkhova close the traditions of Russian Symbolism, with a pronounced decorative beginning, peculiar goluborozovtsam. Then, in Paris, he came to Impressionism. However impressionism artist was not a simple imitation of the French masters, but his own, a characteristic manner. "Tarkhova find in the salons of Paris, among the thousands of pictures at once", - wrote Benoit. Aptly art historian VI Rakitin, "Tarkhov stands on the brink of impressionism, post-impressionism and Fauvism, maintaining a fluid game" isms "of its lyrical intonation and personality».

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