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The Union of Youth

1909-1913 St-Петербург

Members-учредители: R. V. Warriors, E. G. Guro, M. V. Matyushin, E. K. Spandikov, P. N. Filonov, I. S. Student, C. J. Shleifer.

Parties: . Altman, A. I. Baller, V. S. Bart, S. P. Bobrov, S. I. Baudouin-де-Куртенэ, V. D. Bubnova, V. D. Burliuk, D. D. Burliuk, V. I. Bystrenin, G. E. Verkhovsky, A. F. GAUS, . S. Goncharov, A. V. Grishchenko, K. V. Dydyshko, L. I. Zheverzheev, . V. Zaretsky, I. M. Zdanevich, A. M. Zelmanov, I. V. Klinkov, p. P. Konchalovsky, A. V. Kuprin, G. V. Labunskaya, I. F. Larionov, M. F. Larionov, E. A. Lasson-Спирова, M. V. Le Dante, . V. Lermontova, P. I. Lions, . I. lyubavina, K. S. Malevich, V. I. Markov (Matthew), I. I. Mashkov, V. V. Mayakovsky, L. J. Mitelman, A. A. Morgunov, Z. J. Mostov (Matveeva-Мостова), S. A. Nagornov, K. S. Petrov-Водкин, P. D. Patipati, I. A. Puni, . E. Rogovin, O. V. Rozanova, E. Y. Sahaidachny, V. E. Tatlin, A. V. Ukhanov, A. V. Fonvizin, V. M. Khodasevich, A. V. Shevchenko, V. F. Shekhtel, A. Exter and others.

Exhibitions: 1-я (1910 St-Петербург) — 5-я (1913/1914 St-Петербург); June 1910 (Riga), "Donkey's tail" (1912, Moscow).

the Society of artists@the semicolon was formed in November 1909 on the initiative G. E. Gouraud and M. V. Matyushin, as well as former members of the group . I. Kulibina "Triangle" — I. S. Student, C. J. Shleifer, , E. K. Spandikov. The Charter was approved on 16 Feb 1910; just before this event from-за aesthetic differences with the "colunistas" Society left M. V. Matyushin and E. G. Guro (in 1912 M. V. Matyushin returned to "Union of youth"). The Chairman and Treasurer were invited well-known philanthropist, collector and artist-любитель L. I. Zheverzheev. The society regularly held Committee meetings and General meetings. Its aims the Union set: "to familiarize its members with contemporary trends in art, developing in them aesthetic taste through joint classes in drawing and painting, as well as exchange opinions on issues of art, and to contribute to the mutual rapprochement of people interested in art."

unlike the "Jack of diamonds" the Union was not an Association of like-minded, had a certain aesthetic and ideological program, and took all applying for the innovation. It served as the rallying forces of the artistic avant-garde of St. Petersburg, Moscow, Ukraine, the Baltic States. The showcases the diversity of contemporary avant-garde — from post-impressionism and futurism to bespredmetnichestva. In 1910-1913, was held exhibitions in St. Petersburg and Riga (all accompanied by the publication of a catalogue). At the invitation M. F. Larionov members of the Union participated in the exhibition "Donkey's tail" in Moscow, where he performed in a separate group with its own directory.

To promote the latest artistic ideas of members of the Society planned to publish the magazine; in April of 1912 appeared the first issue of the publication "Union of youth". It was followed by 2-й (June 1912) and 3-й (March 1913) number. 4-й release, planned for autumn 1914 and ready for publication, were not released.

the First two collections included software theoretical article I. V. Markov (Voldemar Matthew)"Principles of new art", article by D. Markarova (V. D. Bubnova), I. S. Student, E. K. Spandikov, A. Le Fauconnier, E. fora on issues of modern, classical and Oriental art, translations of Chinese poetry, a translation of the Italian "Manifesto of futurist painting" and the letters K. van Dongen.

the Third collection was prepared in cooperation with Kubo-футуристической group poets-будетлян ("Gilea"), which joined the Union in March 1913 on the rights of the Federation. 3-й the collection includes poems, prose and articles Vladimir Khlebnikov, D. D. Burliuk, . D. Burliuk, E. G. Guro, A. Kruchenykh, And B. K. Livshits.

In collaboration with poets-футуристами Union held a series of debates at the Trinity theatre. The first of them (20 Nov 1912) made reports D. D. Burliuk ("What is cubism?"), V. V. Mayakovsky ("On modern poetry"). At the debate on March 23, 1913 ("About modern art") reports D. D. Burliuk ("the art of the innovators and the academic art of the nineteenth and twentieth century") and Malevich ("On "knave of diamonds" and "Donkey's tail"") and the Manifesto of the "Union of youth", written O. V. Rozanova: "We declare that all ways are good except the beaten and polluted by strangers countless steps and we appreciate only those books, which the novelty of his engender in the viewer a new man. We declare against all, based on the word "Foundation", because it is a respectable word sounds good in the mouth of those people who are doomed not to keep up with the run". In the debate on March 24, 1914 ("On modern Russian literature") involved . D. Burliuk ("the Tale — myth"), V. V. Mayakovsky ("Came to himself"), D. D. Burliuk ("Visual elements of Russian phonetics"), A. Kruchenykh ("Exposing new art"). The radicalism of the extreme and outrageous character of the speeches aroused the protest of the cultural workers of the older generation, including A. N. Benoit, which responded to their series of notes in the newspaper "Speech" (1912, November 23; 1913, April 12, April 13).

In January — February 1911 members of the Union under the guidance of Director M. M. Tomashevsky held in St. Petersburg, a series of theatrical evenings called "mansion window surrounds of the action," which became one of the first attempts Kubo-футуристической scenography; was staged the drama "King Maximilian and his rebellious son Adolf." In the summer of 1913 the joint Committee of the "Union of youth" and "Gilea" decided to organize a futuristic theatre "Budetlyanin". 2 and 4 December 1913 in the theater "Luna-парк" was staged tragedy V. V. Mayakovsky "Vladimir Mayakovsky" (featuring in the lead role of the author and the design of O. V. Rozanova, P. N. Filonov, I. S. Student); 3 and 5 December — Opera A. Kruchenykh "victory over the sun" (music M. V. Matyushin, design K. S. Malevich and A. Kruchenykh).

Soon after the action-Packed performances was a conflict that led to the rupture between the poets of the "Gilea" and "Union of youth". The ensuing failure L. I. Zheverzheev to subsidize further the activities of the Society put an end to his activities.

March — April 1917 in connection with the creation of the Union of artists (SDI), L. I. Zheverzheev and I. S. Student tried to revive the Society. In the application filed in the SDI, the number of valid members along with veteransmeans Yu. p. Annenkov, A. P. Archipenko, L. A. Bruni, S. I. Warriors, V. A. Denisov, A. E. Karev, A. V. Lentulov, P. V. Miturich, V. E. Pestel, . A. Tyrsa, . A. Udaltsova, R. R. Falk, O. Zadkine, M. Z. Chagall and others. At the General meeting of shareholders April 12, SDI was chosen Yu. p. Annenkov and E. K. Spandikov, the candidate — M. Z. Chagall. Many artists — members of the "youth Union" took part in the 1-й state free exhibition of works of art in Petrograd (1919). However, almost activities of the Union had not been renewed.

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