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Matyushin Mikhail

1861 (Nizhny Novgorod) - October 14, 1934 (Leningrad)

painter, graphic artist, sculptor, art theorist, composer, musician

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Матюшин, Михаил Васильевич


Matyushin Mikhail

1861 (Nizhny Novgorod) - October 14, 1934 (Leningrad)

painter, graphic artist, sculptor, art theorist, composer, musician

the illegitimate son of NA Saburova. He received elementary education in the school of the Russian Musical Society in Nizhny Novgorod. He studied at the Moscow Conservatory (1876-1881) on the violin. In those same years, independently engaged in painting and graphics.

lived in St. Petersburg. In 1881-1913 was the first violinist of the Imperial Orchestra in St. Petersburg. At the same time engaged in the Drawing School of the Society for the Encouragement of Arts (1894-1898), the studio YV Tsionglinskogo (1903-1905), a private studio EN Zvantseva (1906-1908). In the studio Tsionglinskogo met with EA Guro, in 1906 married her. In late 1910-s became friendly with NI Kulbin, brothers Burliuk, VV Khlebnikov, Malevich, AE Kruchenykh and other representatives of the artistic and literary avant-garde.

acted by one of the initiators of the society "Union of Youth" (1910). Together with Guro founded the publishing house "Crane", which until 1917 produced twenty-futuristic books, illustrated by leading figures of Russian avant-garde - O. Rozanova, Natalia Goncharova, N. and . Kulbin. Posted by a Russian translation of the book A. Glez and J. Metzinger "On Cubism"; released a compilation, "Zadok the judges 1" (1910), "Zadok the judges 2" (1913), "Troy" (1913), "Propeven of the world have grown "P. Filonov (1915)," From Cubism to Suprematism. New pictorial realism "(1915) Malevich. In 1913, together with Malevich and Kruchenykh held in the town Uusikirkko near St. Petersburg, "First All-Russia Congress of Futurists". In December of that year, was among the founders of the Futurist Theater Budetlyanin. He created the music for "landmark" of avant-garde play "Victory Over the Sun" (libretto - Kruchenykh, scenography - Malevich, 1913).

He painted portraits, landscapes, abstract compositions. He went through passion Impressionism (1900-e), cubism (the first half of 1910 x). Engaged in the development of the theory of "expanded vision", had been formed under the influence of mathematics books, Theosophical PD Ouspensky, aimed to study space and the principles of interaction of color and protection, color and sound, color and shape.

In 1908 he debuted as an artist in the exhibition "Modern trends" in St. Petersburg. Participated in the St. Petersburg exhibition "The Impressionists" (1909), "Beauty" VA Izdebsky (1909-1911), "Triangle" (1910), exhibited in the Salon of Independent in Paris (1912). After the October Revolution has exhibited work at the 1-st state of free art exhibitions (1919), exhibition of artists in all areas of Petrograd (1923) in Petrograd, XIV International Exhibition of Art in Venice (1924), exhibition of artistic and decorative arts in Paris (1925).

taught at the Petrograd State of free art workshops - Higher Art - Vhuteine (1918-1926), which organized the "workshop of spatial realism." He worked at the Museum of Painterly Culture (1922), the Institute of Artistic Culture (INKhuK, 1920), where he led the department of organic crops. Author of articles, lectures, reports on the art.

Had a great number of disciples and followers who are united in a creative group "Zorved" (BV, GV and KV Ender, V. A. Delakroa, NI Campfires, E. Chmielewska, EM Magaril, IV, Walter and others) . Along with the followers of work produced "The pattern of variability of color combinations. Directory of color "(1932), intended for practical application in the field of decorative arts and design.

Composer piano suite "Don Quixote" (1915), the theoretical work of "Guide to the study of a quarter tone for Violin" (1915). In 1917-1918 was engaged in the development of a simplified type of violin. In 1920, together with the students created a series of musical theater productions based on works by Guro Celestial camels "," Autumn Dream ».

Matyushina works are in major museum collections, among them - the State Russian Museum, State Tretyakov Gallery.

in St. Petersburg in the house Matyushina and Guro opened Museum of St. Petersburg avant-garde (at the Museum of History of St. Petersburg).

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