The group ZORVED

1919-1932, Petrograd — Leningrad

Parties: I. V. Walter, O. P. Vaulina, S. Vlasyuk, N. I. Greenberg, V. E. Delakrua, . I. Kostrov, E. M. Editorial, M. V. Matyushin, T. I. Sysoeva, E. S. Khmelevskaya, B. V. Ender, V. G. Ender, K. V. Ender.

Exhibitions: paintings by Petrograd artists of all directions (1923, Petrograd); "Zorved" (1930, Leningrad).

a Group of artists which was formed by students M. V. Matyushin at the "Workshop of spatial realism" in Petrograd free art workshops and his staff at the Department of organic culture of Ginhuke (State Institute of artistic culture). The name came from the roots "Zor" (vision) and "ved" (knowledge).

Group has been studying the theory of color perception, focusing on "the experience of expanded vision", which is reflected in the Declaration "Not art but life", was later developed by V. M. Matutinum in his work "the Experience of the artist the new measures." Meetings were often held in the house M. V. Matyushin on Sand street in Petrograd (now — street of Professor Popova, 10; the Museum of the Petersburg avant-garde, a branch of the Museum of the history of St-Петербурга).

"Software" position of the group was published by V. M. Matutinum in the magazine "Life art" (1923, № 20): ""Zorved" marks the physiological change of the last method of observation and entails a completely different way of displaying the visible. “Zorved” first makes observation and experience hitherto closed “background”, all the space remaining on the “outside” of the human sphere, the lack of experience. The new data found the effect of space, light, color and shape our brain through the back of the head. A series of experiments and observations, made by “Tridom”, clearly establishes the sensitivity to the space of the visual centres in the occipital part of the brain. This most unexpectedly revealed to man a large force of spatial perceptions, as well as the most precious gift for the person and the artist's understanding of space, hence the new pitch and the rhythm of life, nor entering in any form and the @sign mdas "right" and "left"..."

In 1923, the group participated in the exhibition of paintings of Petrograd artists of all directions at the Academy of fine arts: exhibited the triptych "Three stages of extended looking" M. V. Matyushin, "spatial sketches" V. G. Ender, the color scheme and table K. V. Ender and other works. In 1924 some of them were presented at the XIV International art exhibition in Venice.

Exhibition of 1923 in Petrograd and article M. V. Matyushin resonated. Art critic (later known Soviet film Director) S. I. Yutkevich in the article "Bread capital" (LEF, 1923, No. 3) identified the programs art associations ("UNOVIS", "Zorved") as "metaphysical speculation", saying: "Metaphysical speculation = unclear and suspicious, brick. Between the exhibition of Petrograd artists for 5 years and just named terms can equate..." and, quoting from the declarations of the presented groups, concluded: "the Session time to finish. Further citations verbal celluloid my movies will not stand..."

In 1930, in the halls of the Central house of the unions of art workers was a great exhibition of "Zorved" (notmentioned in the reference book "Exhibitions of Soviet art". M., 1965, vol. 1) departments: a) Research work in color and form b) pictorial works C) Research work on color and form for practical application in the workplace.

the Most significant work of the group was a collective work "the Pattern of variability of color combinations. The Handbook of color", with a Preface M. V. Ender (M., 1932), in which colour theory M. V. Matyushin was further developed.

After the decree of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) "On restructuring literary-художественных organizations" (1932), the group ceased to exist.

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