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The group Venok — Stefanos

1907-1910, Moscow

the band Members and exhibitions: A. A. Arapov, V. D. Baranov-Россине, A. K. Bogomazov, P. I. Bromirski, V. D. Burliuk, D. D. Burliuk, L. D. Burliuk, A. F. GAUS, A. S. Glagoleva, . S. Goncharov, E. G. Guro, V. P. Kittenplay, K. V. Dydyshko, V. V. Kamensky, I. A. Knabe, P. Kovalenko, . P. Krymov, . I. Kulbin, M. F. Larionov, A. V. Lentulov, M. V. Matyushin, I. I. Mashkov, V. V. Rozhdestvensky, . N. Sapunov, S. Y. Sudeikin, L. L. Syurvazha, . P. Ulyanov, L. F. Schmidt-Рыжова, A. Exter, A. B. and G. B. Akulov.

Exhibitions: "Wreath" (1907/1908, St-Петербург), Link (1908, Kiev), "Exhibition of modern trends in art" (1908, Saint-Петербург), "Wreath — Stephanos" (1909 St-Петербург), "the Wreath" (1909, Kherson); "Triangle — Wreath — Stefanos" (1910, St.-Петербург); "Regional South-Русская exhibition" (1910, Ekaterinoslavl).

an Informal artistic group; - it was V. D., D. D. and L. D. Burliuk, M. F. Larionov, A. V. Lentulov, A. Exter. United young artists, passionate about finding new artistic solutions, examine and promote modern art. What-либо a specific aesthetic program had;, participants held a number of group exhibitions, the main place which was occupied by works created under the influence of post-impressionism, Fauvism, pointillism, neo-primitivism.

is the First exhibition under the name "Stephanos" was conducted on the means of the brothers Burliuk and M. F. Larionov 17 Dec 1907 — on 15 January 1908 in the new building of the Stroganov school. On it V. D. Burliuk showed bordered geometric shapes canvas (the network). The exhibition was displayed in Kiev called "Link". Her visitors were distributed the leaflet with the first Declaration D. D. Burliuk "Voice impressionist in defense of painting".

April — may 1908 a group of "Crown" represented by the Moscow avant-garde "Exhibition of modern trends in art", organized in St. Petersburg . I. Kulbinym. March 20 — 8 APR 1909 V. D. Baranov, V. D. Burliuk, A. F. GAUS, A. V. Lentulov and A. Exter held in Petersburg the exhibition "Wreath — Stefanos". In September 1909 the exhibition "the Wreath" took place in Kherson, then to operate it were in the mobile Salon of V. A. Izdebsky. In December of the same year V. D. and D. D. burlyuks represented the group at the exhibition "colunistas" "Impressionist" in Vilna.

the Next performance of the group was held in March — April 1910 at St. Petersburg the exhibition "Triangle — Wreath — Stefanos", organized . I. Kulbinym, which also exhibited works in group "Wreath — Stefanos" and the group "Triangle". At the exhibition distributed leaflets D. D. Burliuk in response to the article A. N. Benoit "exhibition of the Union" (newspaper "Rech", 1910, February 26), containing negative evaluation of the work of avant-garde artists at the exhibition of the Union of Russian artists; the cover of the catalog was made of coarse sacking.

July — September 1910 at the invitation of Ekaterinoslav artistic-артистического companies, the group enlarged (V. D. and D. D. burlyuks, . S. Goncharov, K. V. Dydyshko, P. Kovalenko, . I.Kulbin, M. F. Larionov, I. I. Mashkov, L. I. Mikhnevich, L. F. Schmidt-Рыжова) participated in the "Regional South-Русской exhibition" in Ekaterinoslavl, accounting Department neoimpressionistov.

According to Alexander Timofeeva, representatives of this direction "pursue... the most purely technical tasks — to minimize the pattern, stylize, paint, find new, more expressive, more nervous brushstroke..."

later members of the group participated in the establishment of a major avant-garde associations "knave of diamonds", "Union of youth", "Donkey's tail" and others.


1. D. Y. Severyukhin, Leikind O. L. The Golden age of art associations in Russia and the Soviet Union. Reference. SPb., 1992. P. 37-38.

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