the New Society of Artists

1903-1917 St-Петербург — Petrograd

Members-учредители: K. F. Bogaevsky, A. F. GAUS, O. L. Della-Вос-Кардовская, I. O. Dudin, M. F. Ivanov, D. N. Kardovsky, M. P. Latri, A. A. Murashko, P. I. Neradovsky, . A. Okolovich, . F. Petrov, . V. Pirogov, A. A. Tesner, V. P. Timori, . M. Fokin, L. V. Sherwood, A. I. Navigator, A.V. Shchusev.

full members and exhibitors: E. V. Aleksandrova, O. F. Amosova-Бунак, A. I. Anichkov, V. G. Bekhteev, . N. Boldyrev, G. M. Bobrowski, R. M. Brailovsky, I. I. Brodsky, D. D. Burliuk, A. I. Vakhrameev, L. N. Verkhovskaya, . N. Gerardo, A. S. Glagoleva, A. Golovin, A. V. Grishchenko, E. V. Deters, V. A. Dobrzynski, M. P. Sandin, . V. Zaretsky, L. A. Ilyin, V. V. Kandinsky, E. A. Kiselev, V. I. Komorowski, P. P. Konchalovsky, L. N. Krasnov, K. M. Krzyzanowski, E. S. Kruglikova, . P. Krymov, E. E. Lansere, A. B. Lachowski, V. N. The Levites, A. E. Lindeman, T. A. Lugovskaya-Дягилева, G. K. Lukomsky, A. V. Manganari, M. V. Matyushin, I. I. Mashkov, L. G. Meister, . D. Milioti, G. I. Narbut, P. S. Naumov, S. V. Noakovsky, S. V. Olsufyev, V. Y. Polunin, E. I. Of The Righteous, M. S. Perin, A. A. Rostislavov, A. A. Rylov, Alexei Savinov, M. S. Saryan, V. D. Semenov-Тянь-Шанская, E. A. Smirnova-Иванова, P. F. Smotritsky, A. P. Somov-Зедделер, A. V. sredine, D. S. Stelletsky, R. H. Thalberg, Y. A. Timoreva-Попова, M. L. tihov-Финкельштейн, A. I. tkhorzhevskaya members, M. S. Fedorov, B. A. Vogel, V. A. Frolov, M. E. Kharlamov, M. J. chambers-Билибина, O. A. Charlemagne, M. V. Schroter, D. A. shcherbinovsky, , V. A. Shchuko, A. Exter, A. G. Jawlensky and others.

Exhibitions: 1-я (1904 St-Петербург) — 10-я (1917, Petrograd).

Based at the end of 1903 graduates of the Higher art school of painting, sculpture and architecture at IAH, mostly students I. E. Repina and A. I. Kuindzhi. According to the plan the main initiator and the permanent Chairman D. N. Kardovsky the society was aimed at "both moral and material support to graduates and graduating the Academy of artists." Secretaries of the Board have consistently elected A. F. GAUS, V. P. Timori, P. I. Neradovsky.

the Charter was approved on 3 February 1904. According to it, member had to show their new Petersburg to work exclusively for the exhibitions of the society; in Moscow to participate at the exhibitions of other unions only if the latter do not coincide in timing with the exhibition companies. This is disadvantageous for many artists, the limitation has led to inconstancy of composition NOH and financial difficulties in the organization of exhibitions. However, this rule allowed to bring to exhibitions really important, in many cases, the "software" masters of the work. In particular, they exhibited the studies performed B. M. Kustodiev in the process of working on a painting I. E. Repina "the Ceremonial meeting of the State Council on 7 may 1901, in day of a centenary from the day of its establishment", the painting "Rocky shore", "the Ancientearth" K. F. Bogaevsky (— 2-я exhibition, 1905), "Portrait in the estate of the Goncharov Polotnyanyy Zavod", "a Room in the estate Obninsk Belkino" A. V. Middle (4-я exhibition, 1907), "seashore" K. F. Bogaevsky (5-я exhibition, 1908) and others.

the activity of the society was primarily to the organization of exhibitions in Moscow and St. Petersburg@the semicolon at them in total were exhibited by more than 180 artists. Exhibited paintings, drawings, sculpture, architectural projects, decorative-прикладного art and children's drawings. The society held a posthumous exhibition . M. Fokine (1909), M. A. Vrubel (1912/1913). 7-й the exhibition was attended by a large group of members of the Moscow Association of artists@the semicolon in turn, members of the NOH took part in 17-й and 18@MTX ndashй exhibitions in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The exhibition was accompanied by the publication of a catalogue.

Aesthetic platform of the society was Neoclassicism, based on high academic school. However, the exhibitions were regularly attended by young artists — representatives of the avant-garde movements: V. G. Bekhteev, D. D. Burliuk, A. V. Grishchenko, V. V. Kandinsky, p. P. Konchalovsky, M. V. Matyushin, I. I. Mashkov, A. Exter, A. G. Jawlensky.

In 1910-е art criticism has often noted the lack of stylistic integrity of exhibitions NOH. Critic S. K. Makovsky wrote: ""a New society" appeared as an attempt of a small circle of young looking Pets from the Academy separates from vulgar "majority"... unfortunately, thedivide — do not always find the bright independence... the exhibition "New society" from year to year it becomes sluchainie, messy... the original problem is forgotten"

After 10-й exhibition (1917), the activity actually stopped. In the spring of 1917 the members of the NOH participated in the creation of the Union of artists.

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