Dudin Ivan Osipovich
Pseudonyms,autonyms and aliases: Iosifovich 1867–1924  

DUDIN Ivan Osipovich (I.)

7 (19) January 1867 (Bryansk) — on 4 April 1924 (Moscow)

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Дудин, Иван Осипович


DUDIN Ivan Osipovich (I.)

7 (19) January 1867 (Bryansk) — on 4 April 1924 (Moscow)

Painter, graphic artist, photographer

From the townspeople. Studied physics-математическом faculty of Moscow University (1885 – 1889), the Moscow school of painting (1891 – 1902) as a volunteer. In 1899 и 1900 за the drawing and sketch from nature was awarded a small silver medals; in 1902 за painting "Early spring" — a large silver medal and received the title of class artist.

he Lived in Moscow. Many traveled to Russia, where he studied and photographed the monuments of ancient architecture of the North, travelled to Rome, Florence, Venice, Paris, London, Berlin.

he Painted landscapes, portraits, interiors. Author paintings: "Noon", "Bazaar", "the Last ice", "the Rafts on the Volga", "the Porch of the wooden Church of the XVII century" (all — 1890-е), "Twilight", "Summer day", "Stack" (all — 1900-е), "Summer night", "lilac Bush," "Street in Tarusa", "the Kremlin. Winter" (all — 1910-е).

From 1894 — participant of exhibitions (the Moscow school of painting, student). Exhibited at exhibitions of the Moscow society of art lovers (1901, 1903), TPHV (1903), New society of artists (1910), Vyatka art circle (1910), "Moscow salon" (1911), "Free creativity" (1913), non-party society of artists (1913 – 1914), the art circle "Environment" (1918). Participated in the Spring exhibitions in the halls of the Imperial Academy of arts (1903 – 1905), exhibition of experiences of artistic creativity (thumbnails) of Russian and foreign artists and students ( 1896 – 1897) in St.-Петербурге; "Artists of Moscow — victims of war" in Moscow (1914 – 1915). In 1909 вместе with В. К. Коленда organized an exhibition of paintings in Moscow.

he Taught in Moscow at Prechistensky courses for workers (1899 – 1904) on engineering-строительном the faculty of Higher technical school (1918 – 1924). Together with К. Ф. Юоном he founded his own art Studio (1900 – 1914, the School К. Ф. Юона and И. О. Дудина). Among the students — В. А. Фаворский, Л. Ф. Жегин, А. В. Куприн, Р. Р. Фальк, Л. С. Попова, В. Е. Пестель, Н. А. Удальцова, В. А. Ватагин, М. А. Добров, В. И. Мухина. Translated into Russian language books П. Синьяка "From eugène Delacroix to neo-impressionism" (Moscow, 1913), Ж. Буше "the Great craftsmen of France" (1919, not published); the author of a monograph on К. П. Брюллове for the series "Russian artists" edited by И. Э. Грабаря (not published).


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