Plundered Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts
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In Bishkek, looters ransacked Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts Gapara Aitieva. Which works were stolen, is not yet known

In Bishkek, looters ransacked Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts Gapara Aitieva, Interfax reports. Told journalists the museum's director Yuristanbek Shygaev. Which works have been stolen, is not yet known.

collection of paintings at the Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts Gapara Aitieva has about four thousand units and consists of four sections: West European art, Russian (up to 1917 performance), painting of the Soviet period, paintings of artists of Kyrgyzstan.

Forming a picturesque collection began in 1934 with the arrival of the State Tretyakov Gallery and Narcompros Russia 72 paintings by great masters of the past - IKAyvazovsky , VE Borisov-Musatov , Viktor Vasnetsov , VV Vereshchagin , PV Kuznetsov , Dmitry Levitsky , AV Lentulov , Polenov , I. E . Repin , VISurikov and others.

In subsequent years, the collection is enriched from the exhibition fund of the Ministry of Culture of the USSR Union of Artists, have been received from the State Hermitage Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts named after AS Pushkin State Museum of Oriental Art, the acquisition of private collections and have heirs.

Russian painting brought significant works, from portraits of XVIII century by unknown artists, and "Portrait of an unknown dark-green" the great Russian artist Dmitry Levitsky. The collection of Russian art are stored and excellent portraits of younger contemporaries Levitsky - B. Borovikovsky , VATropinin , OA Kiprensky .

section Russian landscape paintings includes works AA Ivanov (sketch for the painting "The Appearance of Christ to the people"), paintings and sketches Arkhipov , VE Borisov-Musatov, FA Vasileva , VV Vereshchagin, Isaac Ilich Levitan , AK Savrasov , IIShishkin , SF Shchedrin .

Within a relatively short period of its existence the museum skomplektoval unique collection of Russian art of nearly every major art movements end of XIX - the first quarter of the twentieth century: the Wanderers, World of Art "," Jack of Diamonds "," Blue Rose "," Union of Youth ", the Union of Russian artists of the later associations in the museum has a good collection of works of art" Thirteen »- NV Kuz'mina , NA Udaltsova , RM Semashkevich .

well represented in museum collections of such major masters of the Russian - Soviet art, as VN Baksheev , SV Gerasimov , AD Goncharov , AA Labas , Anatoly V. Lebedev-SHUISKY , EA Malein , EE Moiseenko , MVNesterov , VI Polyakov , AG Tyshler , NM Chernyshev , VS Chernetsov , DP Shterenberg , B. And . Shukhaiev .

interesting collection of artists 1960-70-s: VE Popkov , IM Orlov , EA Strulev , VI Ivanov , VF Stozharau , BA Thalberg , EG Bragovsky , MA Birshtein , NI Nesterov , NI Andronov .

Section Western painting is the smallest in the collection. But there are also works by artists of Italy, France (for example, "Portrait of a Woman" by an unknown artist XVI century circle Clouet - genuine pearl museum collection), Flanders, Holland, Germany.

More about the collection of paintings of the Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts can be found here.

no less representative and other sections of the museum's collection. In the graphic department, supplemented, including funds from the Hermitage and the Pushkin Museum Pushkin, there are over seven thousand items of Kyrgyz, Russian, Soviet art, and works by masters abroad ( read more about the topic of graphics can be read here ).

Department of Sculpture, where all types and genres of easel sculptures, monuments and monumental projects medal art, has more than 900 items ( read more about it can be read here ).

What As the department of arts and crafts, then it is stored for more than three thousand exhibits. The basis for its creation served as the objects passed in 1940-50-ies of the central museums - the Tretyakov Gallery, the Hermitage, the State Museum of Oriental Art ( read more about this topic can be found here ).

material prepared Ekaterina Guseva, AI

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