The society Makovets

1921-1926, Moscow

Until 1924 — Union of artists and poets "Art — life."

Members-учредители: N. N. Barutin (Amphion Reshetov), S. V. Gerasimov, L. F. Zhegin, K. K. Zefirov, K. K. Kadlubinsky, V. E. Pestel, N. M. Rudin, V. N. Chekrygin, A. M. Chernyshev, . M. Chernyshev.

Parties: T. B. Aleksandrova, P. P. Babichev, V. S. Bart, E. M. Belyakova, P. I. Bromirski, L. A. Bruni, . M. Grigoriev, I. F. Zavialov, S. I. Ivanov, K. N. Istomin, . P. Krymov, . H. Maksimov, E. O. Mashkevich, I. G. Nikolaev, M. S. Rodionov, S. M. R., V. F. Ryndin, . J. Simonovich-Ефимова, . V. Nikolay Sinezubov Was, I. Sobolev, L. A. Fedorov, P. A. Florensky, P. A. Florensky, A. V. Fonvizin, A. V. Shevchenko, A. S. Yastrzhembsky.

Exhibitions: 1-я (1922, Moscow) — 3-я (1925/1926).

the Association was founded in the spring — during the summer of 1921 on the initiative of young artists and writers who declared the high spirituality of art and the continuity of the classical tradition. The basis of society made up the participants of the exhibition "Moscow salon" and "World of art", and joined them young artists. Along with them in the creation of the Association was attended by writers, earlier (in 1914-1916) grouped around the magazine "the milky way": Amphion Reshetov (N. N. Barutin). M. Rudin, P. A. Florensky, A. M. Chernyshev.

At the organizational meeting in June 1921 was adopted Manifesto "Our prologue", the main provisions of which were formulated V. N. Chekrygin: "We believe that the revival of art is possible only in strict continuity with the great masters of the past and with unconditional resurrection in his living and eternal. We never fight, we do not create a-либо next -изма. There comes a time of light work, when need eternal values, when art reborn in its infinite movement and requires only simple wisdom inspired."

the First Chairman of the Union, was elected A. V. Shevchenko, at the end of 1924 it was replaced by . M. Chernyshev; duties of Secretary were performed L. F. Zhegin.

In 1922 the members of the Association were published under the editorship of A. M. Chernyshev magazine "Makovets" ("Makovets" — ancient name of the hill on which stands the [email protected] ndashСергиева, or, according to P. A. Florensky, "creditagency elevation of Russian culture"). The cover of the first issue (January 1922) issued S. M. R., the second (July 1922) — were decorated with pattern V. N. Chekriguina. The third issue (may 1923), decorated V. A. Favorsky, were prepared for publication but was not published. The magazine published the work of artists, published literary and critical essays, and poetry of B. L. Pasternak, N. N. Aseev, V. V. Khlebnikov, P. G. Antokolsky, K. A. Bolshakova. The magazine was part of an extensive literary program that included issue of poetry books and books on art theory, but it remains mostly not implemented-за lack of funds. By the end of 1923 literary group actually ceased to participate in the activities of the Union.

the Association has organized three exhibitions: in April — may 1922, January — February 1924 (both — in the halls of the Museum), and December 1925 — January 1926 (in the premises of the VKhUTEMAS;, Rozhdestvenka str., 11), as well as an exhibition of drawings in February @March 1925 mdas (StateTsvetkovskaia gallery, art of the State Tretyakov gallery, Kropotkinskaya embankment, 29), which was then shown in Nizhny Novgorod. The exhibition was accompanied by the publication of a catalogue. Part of the first exhibition was organized a posthumous exhibition of works V. N. Chekriguina, which exhibited more than 200 of his works, particularly drawings with charcoal and pencil from the series "the resurrection of the dead" (fragments-эскизы to the painting of the Cathedral of the Resurrection of the Museum; cat. No. 201-280), paintings of "the Death of brother Zachariah" (cat. No. 401), "Fire" (cat. No. 402); in the process of the exhibition in the exhibition there were 15 drawings, since the bulk of damp in an unheated room of the Museum of the works has fallen from the walls.

To 1926 at the art activities of "Makovets" has arisen in two main directions. One of them with the greatest force embodied in the work V. N. Chekriguina, L. F. Regina, S. M. R., which tended to be symbolic, dramatic-философской saturation of images that appealed to the traditions of European romanticism and symbolism, Russian iconography, lubok; relied on historical-литературные, biblical allusions. The works from the other direction — S. V. Gerasimov, K. K. charges, M. S. Rodionov, . M. Chernyshev was characterized by emotionally-лирическим comprehension of images of urban and rural life, nature and was based on more traditional forms. After his death in 1922 V. N. Chekriguina, which determined the face of the first exhibition, the second direction is predominant.

Criticism has reproached the Association in the absence of aesthetic unity. So, D. Aranovich wrote in the journal "Krasnaya Nov" (1926, vol. 10, p. 225-226): "ever Organized in the first years after the revolution, before all other groups when it was important to unite though as-нибудь, — "Makovets" has included artists of very different, sometimes alien to each other directions. While binding their slogan was relevant, they are relatively more represented something whole; when "realism" became the universal and sometimes very dim motto of every artistic groups, — "Jack of diamonds" was not so much a grouping of art over how many purely everyday, organized by the Association".

the Lack of internal cohesion has led the Union to split and subsequent abolition. In early 1926 when discussing the composition of the proposed exhibition L. F. Zhegin offered to show her the work of their students, but was refused. This prompted him and a group of others (T. B. Aleksandrova, p. P. Babichev, I. G. Nikolaev, V. E. Pestel) to get out of the "Makovets" and to create an independent Association "Path of painting". Then S. V. Gerasimov, . M. Grigoriev, I. F. Zavialov, K. K. Zefirov, V. F. Ryndin, A. V. Fonvizin passed in the Society of Moscow artists. N. M. Chernyshev and K. N. Istomin became members of the Association "4 art".

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