The group Ob’edinennoye Iskusstvo

1925, Moscow

Parties: A. P. Alyakrinsky, O. F. Amosova-Бунак, N. A. Andreev, V. Y. Andrianov, M. S. Babinsky, A. P. Baklanov, . P. Bashmakov, . G. Bonch-Осмоловский, I. S. Blokhin, L. A. Bruni, A. Y. Bykhovsky, A. M. Vasnetsov, V. A. Vatagin, M. M. Vinnik, I. I. Golikov, S. N. Gruzenberg, S. M. Guzikov, I. D. Dmitriev-Лютич, I. S. Efimov, V. V. Zhuravlev, A. N. Zlatovratski, I. V. Zotov, A. I. Ivanov, K. G. Ivanov-Соколов, V. N. Kostyantyn, A. I. Kravchenko, K. S. Kuvakin, K. V. Kuznetsov, P. P. Kuznetsov, M. V. LeBlanc, S. E. Lednev-Щукин, B. N. Lipkin, M. A. Marichev, V. F. Mei, S. D. Merkurov, S. D. Miloradovich, P. V. Miturich, F. A. Modorov, , K. F. Morozov, G. I. Motovilov, A. O. Nikulin, P. I. Petrovichev, F. F. Platov, E. I. Preslavska-Мрочковская, A. A. Pupyrev, I. F. Rakhmanov, M. V. Reznikov, M. D. Windsunsky, B. Yu Sandomierz, I. K. Slusarev, B. V. Smirnov, D. G. Sobolev, E. I. Capital, A.V. tar-Бей, L. V. Turzhansky, I. G. frih-Хар, V. V. Khlebnikov-Митурич, . N. Khokhryakov, D. F. Tsaplin, I. D. Shadr, J. A. Shapiro, W. E. Shishkin-Голиневич, P. D. Shmarov, O. V. eyges, . P. Yastrebov and others.

Exhibit: 1925 (Moscow).

Group was joined by painters, graphic artists, sculptors, set designers, designers. In 1925 they held in the State Historical Museum comprehensive exhibition, which was attended by 109 artists exhibited 737 works (published catalogue).

the Group did not have any-либо common ideological or aesthetic platforms: many of the participants were members of the exhibitors and other artistic unions ("4 art", "Fever-цвет"); subsequently participated in exhibitions of the Moscow artists "the Assembly" of the Association "Art — socialist construction" and others.

the Exhibition was reserved assessed by art critics; the number of periodicals on art and not responded to it. Critic Kuznetsov wrote in the journal "Soviet art" (1925, No. 1, p. 89): "stopover — that's the overall impression of the exhibition... Here we see everything that was in the past. Exhibited paintings material can in General be divided into two groups: realistic and moderate group-левую, which includes a number of areas in recent past, starting from the Impressionists. Involved mostly young force, eliminating several masters of the older generation: A. Vasnetsov, the Capital, Turzhansky, Kuznetsov. The understanding of a healthy Russian lifestyle, architecture and the combination of landscape architecture — that's valuable, that is, the realists exhibition. This is alive that they save for the future, in the manner of letters remaining in the past. They come across a nice fabric. the Capital: among the many things they put up, breaks the theme: connection with nature big lonely-пустынных spaces and people... There's nice things and Reznikov ("On the river Moscow", etc.). But paintings leave big impression "big things", there are the realists, just as I left. In General, one might even say that the left is weaker at the exhibition. Their new new and less vital than those who are clearly not new. The impression leftAndrianov, Bonch-Осмоловский, Zotov... Sobolev... Not bright at the exhibition and the Sculpture Department. Of the exhibited draft monument Nogino... the best impression work Merkulov (Merkurov. — AI.)". However, the exhibition formed a group soon took shape in the Society of Russian sculptors (1925).

Morozov, Nikolay1882 -1956
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