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Stolitsa Evgeny Ivanovich

Столица, Евгений Иванович



January 8, 1870 (s Boudin Podolia) - August 26, 1929 (Moscow)

painter and graphic artist.

born in the family gamekeeper. Original art education in the real Odessa College (1888) by G. Ladyzhenskaya. Since 1888 attended classes at IAH, first as an auditor, from 1890 - a permanent student of M. Klodt. In 1891 he was awarded a small silver medal in 1893 - small and large silver medals. In 1893, for the painting "Country Idyll" was the title of class artist of 2 nd degree. In the same year for the painting "The descent to the sea" was awarded a cash prize Society for the Encouragement of Arts. In 1894-1897 was Fellow of the Higher Art School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture at IAH in the studio AIKuindzhi. In 1897, for painting "Beach", "quiet night", "In the Garden" was awarded the title of the artist.

lived in St. Petersburg (Petrograd). From 1892 he participated in exhibitions of the Association of South Russian Artists and Spring exhibition in the halls of IAH. In the 1890's - 1900's, traveled along the Volga, Dnieper, the Caspian and Black seas. In 1896, together with the artist K. Wroblewski traveled to the Far North, took part in the voyage of the icebreaker "Ermak" under the leadership of Admiral Makarov, visited Sweden, Norway, England. In 1898, together with other students Kuindzhi traveled to Germany, France and Austria, organized and financed Kuinji. In 1899 he again visited England, where the icebreaker "Ermak" has made two more polar expeditions. In 1904 he was seconded to the headquarters of Admiral Makarov in Port Arthur, worked on a series of battle paintings.

exhibited his work at the World Exhibition in Paris (1900). He was a member of the Munich Secession and the exhibitor (since 1905). In 1905, for the painting "Winter" won a bronze medal at the International Art Exhibition in Liège, in 1906 was awarded a gold medal at the International Art Exhibition in Munich. In 1908 he became one of the founders of the Society of Artists. AIKuindzhi repeatedly noted prize in Kuinji. In 1909 he was awarded the title of Academician.

In 1916-1922 he lived in Anan'eva Kherson province, in 1922-1924 - of Sergiev Posad (worked curator of the museum of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, was engaged in the restoration of icons), in 1924 he lived and worked in Moscow. He was a member of the association AHRR (since 1922), "Cry" (from 1924).

Retrospective exhibition of paintings took place in Moscow (1963), Odessa (1976).

capital belongs to the little-known, but nevertheless notable masters of the first third of XX century, whose works are characterized by high culture of professional excellence. The most famous acquired as a landscape painter, wrote as portraits, historical and battle paintings. In his work was close to the masters of the Union of Russian Artists (A. Stepanova, LV Tourjansky, PI Petrovicheva) thin to transmit light, air, sometimes subtle motions of the atmosphere, the ability to convey the immediacy of "live" nature of perception, the free impressionistic manner of writing, vivid saturated colors with a lot of nuances and shades. Simple, unpretentious rustic motifs in the depiction of the artist becomes particularly poetry and contemplation.

Capital Works are in many museum collections, including the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Samara Regional Art Museum, Odessa Art Museum and others.

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