The I. E. Repin Society of artists

1924-1930, Moscow

Members and exponent: L. P. Albrecht, V. I. Andreev, A. F. Andronov, L. M. Antokolsky, N. L. Aronson, M. V. Bazhenov, . V. Barabanov, . S. Bohm-Григорьева, I. I. Brodsky, G. G. Burganov, L. Y. Vilenkin, I. I. Voronov, D. D. Voropaev, G. N. Gorelov, K. N. Gorsky, I. Grabar, V. I. Grundy, A. V. Grigoriev, E. A. Gustavson, S. A. Detinov, I. D. Dmitriev-Лютич, P. S. Dobrynin, I. F. Ihanin, M. F. Ivanov, A. N. Mosquitoes, I. V. Kosmin, I. S. Kulikov, A. A. Kurennoy, B. M. Kustodiev, A. S. Lebedev, E. E. Lissner, P. K. Lichen, A. I. Lyubimov, F. A. Malyavin, A. V. Merenkov, V. N. Bags, A. N. Mikhailovsky, K. F. Morozov, F. P. Nesterov, K. V. Nikolaev, P. C. Pachatouridis, S. I. Pichugin, . A. Protopopov, S. M. Prokhorov, Repin, A. L. Rzhevskaya, P. I. Seregin, A. K. Simonov, A. I. Sokolov, E. G. Sokolov, M. G. Sokolov, E. I. Capital, B. I. Tupitsyn, . I. Feshin, I. S. Frolov, A. P. Khotulev, J. A. Chagrov, . P. Slain, A. A. Statz (Staats), V. S. Shcherbakov, , D. A. Shcherbinovsky, , A. R. Eberling, O. V. Wales, M. D. Jankov, . I. Yanchenko.

Exhibitions: 1-я: 1927 (Moscow) — 3-я: 1929 (Moscow)

Founded in honor of the 80-летия since the birth of I. E. Repin's former students and artists who shared main principles and guidelines of Repin art. In 1928 adopted a Declaration Companies. It proclaimed: "the artist must be a mirror reflection of the modernity and the era in which he lives, — in further works of his artistic creation to reflect the life of modern proletarian-революционного moment in its historical deployment in the direction of the great socialist ideal of all the working masses from worker to peasant, from worker-интеллигента to the layman..." Thus, members of the Society were first formulated the principle of "socialist realism": the statement in public of the realistic form of socialist ideals, images, new people and social relations.

meeting of members was held in the Central House of workers of arts. The first exhibition was opened April 17, 1927 (part 34 artist, exhibited works 314), the second — on may 6, 1928 (involved 49 artists, exhibited works 329); both took place in the Central House of scientists on Kropotkin street. 3-я exhibition was opened on 28 April 1929 in a building on the corner of Sretenka and Bolshoy Sergievsky pereulok (involved 30 artists, exhibited works 203). In part 1-й exhibition was launched posthumous exposure D. A. shcherbinovsky, , part 2-й — posthumous exposure B. M. Kustodieva.

A. V. Grigoriev (Grigoriev-Мари) in the directory 2-й of the exhibition wrote: "In the agenda of public life the question about the cultural revolution... True, we hear a lot of words... about art, but not seeing great art... Marx said that the era of the dictatorship of the proletariat is not yet the era of the new culture that we must first assimilate the cultural achievements of past ages (emphasis added. — AI.) and using them to pave the way to a new culture. In the period of mastering of achievementspast the fine arts, when before us is a string of schools and names, the name of Repin, his art must be one of the first places, it must focus special attention... As it is impossible right now — in the period of the cultural revolution in the Soviet Union raised the banner on which is inscribed the name of the greatest painter Ilya Repin.... Art Repin art is synthetic, versatile. It absorbed the best achievements of the past fine arts. His name is — rainism..."

however, the Society during the whole period of existence was subjected to sharp criticism. J. A. Tugendhold described it as "a refuge quite obsolete @ldquo;академиков@rdquo;, quiet Marina last shards of bourgeois daily life and sentimentalnosti";, he wrote: "no matter How assure, for example, us @ldquo;нео-репинцы@rdquo; is that they are @ldquo;тоже@rdquo; in October and that's why they raised @ldquo;тяжелое, majestic banner@rdquo; teachers Repin, however, between the powerful realism of the best Repino pores and prevailing on their show etudiee, secular portraits, or even @ldquo;советскими motives@rdquo; — huge distance..." Close the view was held by one of the ideologists of AHRR — AHR V. M. Lobanov: "Ripyntsi... eat travelling art traditions of the era of its heyday and decline, and so their naturalism, even warmed some artists of the modern subject is totally unconvincing and devoid of any social charge".

In 1929, the Association ceased to exist.


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Kosmin, Ivan Vladimirovich1875 or 1882 -1973
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