The Kostandi Society of Artists

1922-1929, Odessa

Members-учредители: O. E. Bukovetsky, T. Y. Dvornikov, V. H. Souse, A. A. Kipen, V. F. Lazursky, V. P. Snowballs, A. N. Stilianudi, V. P. Filatov, P. F. Schwartz.

Honorary member of: Repin.

the Members and exhibitors: V. N. Akimovich, M. P. Alekseev, T. L. Baykova, G. J. Balle, V. S. Balz, M. V. Bow, M. M. Blogerov, K. F. Bogaevsky,. N. Bogolyubov, J. E. Borchenko,L. A. Brodsky, E. M. Brusilovsky, B. V. Warnecke, S. M. Vasilopoulou, P. V. Vasiliev, I. E. Verbitsky, A. Y. Verzilova, A. G. Veryaskin, A. P. Vinogradov, M. I. Voynar, P. G. Volokidin, M. A. Voloshin, M. Z. Gaidukevich, A. F. GAUS, L. N. GAUS, E. F. Heine, S. G. Goldman, M. A. Gribenko, A. F. Grekulov, M. I. Grigor, V. P. GUTOR, O. V. Davydov-Кабалинская, M. V. Deltas, A. M. Deribas, O. I. Dobrovolskaya-Пасто, K. V. Sause-Удалова, L. A. Zilberstein, E. E. Ivanitskaya, L. V. Inglesi, A. K. Kalning, S. T. Kamensky, . L. Carvidopa, B. N. Karpov, I. E. Kachnik, M. M. Kacich, K. F. Kluck, A. A. Kobtsev, P. K. Smith, A. A. Cowdev, K. K. Kuturman, E. R. Cohen, V. M. Konashevich, D. K. Krainev, V. G. Krihatsky, . A. Kukoverov, . Kuznetsov, . A. Kupin, E. E. Lansere, G. T. Lysenko, . K. Lysenkov, A. M. Manilal, . A. Markin, L. S. Markov, A. S. Martynovich, A. I. Machutadze, G. A. Mashtaler, V. K. Mel, P. V. Mitrovice, D. I. Mitrokhin, I. I. Mishchenko, L. E. Muchnik, V. affected its, P. I. Neradovsky, A. T. Nikolaev, P. A. Nilus, G. F. Ozerov, Y. I. Olshanetsky, A. P. Ostroumova-Лебедева, K. S. Petrov-Водкин, S. I. Pichugin, F. M. Pokorny, P. I. Borubaev, S. F. Borubaev, . E. Radloff, A. A. Rylov, L. N. Revutsky, V. A. Reingold, O. C. Roman-Корсакова, P. M. Romanov, A. P. Ryllo, V. A. Ryllo, . I. Tyrants, A. K. Simonov, V. I. Selinov, A. S. Serafimovich, V. M. Sinitsky, A. A. Smirnov, F. L. Field He, I. D. Tiunov, . I. Tolmachevskaya, G. S. Furs, P. O. Hohlenko, I. K. Tsykulenko, V. A. Timakov, A. D. Chemezov, H. S. Chernyavsky, M. F. Chudnenko, G. A. Shamraev, O. A. Charlemagne, M. N. Sharonov, D. V. Shibnev, A. A. Shovkunenko, E. A. Shteinberg, I. M. Stehman, A. M. Shcherbachenko, B. G. Epstein, . Z. Yukhnevich, R. P. Efimovich.

Exhibitions: 1-я (1925, Odessa) — 5-я (1929, Odessa).

In 1921 after the death K. K. Kostandi his friend and colleague in the Association of South Russian artists O. E. Bukovetsky suggested the creation of new enterprises, supported by friends and pupils K. K. Kostandi. In the same year a Committee was established to perpetuate the memory of the artist; on 10 August 1922 the Society was formalized. According to the Charter of 1925, the Society was aimed: "in Odessa, Association of persons, set himself the task in the field of fine art, the identification of revolutionary modernity of its life, the development of a new culture and community spread of knowledge in the field of fine arts, popularizing them, as well as learning and finding new ways of development of fine arts". - Made up of former membersthe society of South Russian artists, who relied in his work on the traditions of realistic art. In addition to professional artists, the Society also included artists-любителей and admirers of art (historians, art historians, journalists, musicians). The Board includes A. A. Kipen (Chairman), V. F. Lazursky (Secretary), A. N. Stilianudi (Treasurer), T. Y. Dvornikov, O. E. Bukovetsky, V. H. Souse, V. P. Filatov.

the Society has held five annual Autumn exhibitions in Odessa, which was attended by about 120 exhibitors: 1-я (18 Oct — 22 Nov 1925; exhibited 446 pieces), 2-я (opened October 15, 1926; exhibited 278 works), 3-я (15 October — 21 Nov 1927; exhibited works 233), 4-я (October — November 1928; exhibited 270 pieces), 5-я (October — 24 Nov 1929; exhibited 141 work). In August 1925 he organized a traveling exhibition of paintings in the villages of Zavadivka and Cold Beam.

exhibitions dominated landscapes (seascapes, views of Crimea) and still lifes. To participate invited the famous master of Moscow, Leningrad, Crimea: V. M. Konashevich, E. E. Lansere, D. I. Mitrokhin, P. I. Neradovsky, A. P. Ostroumova-Лебедева, K. S. Petrov-Водкин, A. A. Rylov, A. F. GAUS, M. A. Voloshin, K. F. Bogaevsky.

In 1927, many members of the Society participated in the all-Ukrainian jubilee exhibition "10 years of October" (Kharkov, Kiev, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Lugansk, Donetsk, Makiyivka, Mariupol). In addition, had arranged a posthumous exhibition K. K. Kostandi (may — June 1924), which was shown over 300 of his works, and T. Y. Dvornikov (may — June 1926). The funds of the Society was erected a monument on the graves of both masters.

the Society held its regular meeting in the apartment of A. M. of de Ribas and the House of scientists ("Thursdays"), the annual days of remembrance K. K. Kostandi in the open air ("the day of the lilac"), as well as the evening life-drawing, music concerts and literary readings. Were reports on the history and theory of art, psychology of art, aesthetics, and on issues of contemporary painting.

In the late 1920-х Society became exposed to accusations of lack of "ideological platform", "living modern themes", "individualism", of detachment from life and unprincipled; artists called "masters of yesterday". After leaving the Society on the eve of the opening 5-й autumn exhibition under the influence of public opinion of some members (D. K. Krainev, V. H. Souse, P. G. Volokidin), November 25, 1929, the Society self-destructed.


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we Thank Linda Stoyanov (Odessa, Ukraine) for the help in material preparation.
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