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Radlov Nicholas Ernestovich

1889 (St. Petersburg) - 1942 (Moscow)

Illustrator, cartoonist, graphic theorist, art critic.

future artist's father served as director of the Public Library, was a professor of philosophy; brother became a theatrical director. On the maternal line relative Radlov accounted MAVrubel. Radlov grew up in an atmosphere of reverence and love for the art of making art.

studied the history and philology department of St. Petersburg University, which he completed in 1911. From the University made a knowledge of several foreign languages and the ability to theorizing. Simultaneously, he studied at the Academy of Arts D. Kardovsky and Lansere.

From school Kardovskiy Radlov picked original neoakademizm and proximity to the "World of Art", although it was not an orthodox supporter. In his theoretical writings 1910-x (on futurism and "World of Art", "Contemporary Russian Graphics and Drawing" 1913, "Contemporary Russian Art" 1916, "Russian Book Art" in 1919 and so on), the artist shared his views on schedule by bringing it closer to the futurism Peredvizhnichestvo in terms of their alienation from the same art.

his theoretical articles and monographs on artists Radlov published in the journals "Apollo", "World of Art", "Argus" since 1912. In Apollo led heading "Art to the West».

Since 1913 drew cartoons in the magazine "New Satyricon, illustrated books. Developed the theory of illustrations, which counted on the image to easel painting, but believed that in the book, she must obey the style of the text, without tonal painted.

Radlov wrote in oils and watercolors, he worked in the genres of landscape, still life, portrait. In 1916 he attended along with Bakhtin Circle Omphalos.

After the revolution to the active creative activity Radlov added social activities. In 1917, together with Kardovsky and his disciples AE Yakovlev and VI Shuhaevym artist created Petrogradskoye Association workshop painters of St. Luke. In 1919 became a professor of the Institute of History of Art, where he read lectures on Western European art. From 1923 to 1937 he taught drawing in the Higher Art - IZHSA.

Posted theoretical work "from Repin to Grigoriev. Articles about Russian Artists (1923), "Graphics" (1926) and later on "Drawing from Nature" (1935).

In 1920 Radlov especially carried away satirical graphics. He became one of the most famous cartoonists of the country, working in the comic and children's magazines in Moscow and Leningrad ( "Hippo", "laughers", "hedgehog", "Siskin", "Crocodile", "Literary Leningrad", "Krasnaya Gazeta", "Amanita" "The trolley »).

At the same time made his most cheerful graphics series: friendly caricatures on A. Tolstoy, Dmitry Shostakovich, Meyerhold, MS Shahinian, K. Chukovsky and other artists. Send compilations Radlov "Imaginary Portrait" (1933, humorous portraits of the Leningrad writers), "fun project" (1928) and "Happy Idea" (1931), which the artist performed with Zoshchenko. For cartoons Radlov typical witty and friendly attitude to the models.

In the illustration Radlov far away from its own pre-revolutionary theoretical schemes. One of the first works of the artist in this field was the establishment of a font for the cover of the poem "Twelve" AA Blok (with illustrations YP Annenkov).

same basic picture Radlov established in 1930, using colors. Color and individual decorative pattern is particularly interesting Radlov used in illustrations for children's books ( "The Wizard of Oz" Volkova, "the flowers-Semicvetik" V. Kataev, books KI Chukovsky, A. L. Barto, SV Mikhalkov, etc.). Illustrated "Dyavoliadu" by Mikhail Bulgakov, a book OD Forsch, V.Ya. Shishkov. The designer works of foreign authors - W. Shakespeare, O. de Balzac, Anatole France, Jerome K. Jerome.

Illustrations Radlov always vary in style, as the vocation of the artist, the conviction of the artist, consisted in a constant search. The master believed that in order to invest in image content, and ideally should absolutely own any form.

Album Radlov the animals' stories in pictures, created with the participation of D. Kharms, in 1937 at the International competition of children's books in the United States won the second prize, and later reprinted many times and in the USSR, and for abroad.

then Radlov at the invitation of the Union of Soviet artists settled in Moscow, where he became head of the graphics section MOSKh, led him by the Board. The rank of professor taught in MGHI.

Since the beginning of the Great Patriotic War Radlov initiated the organization of "Window TASS and he fulfilled them for about 40 posters - for example," Fruits of the fascist education "," On the question of power in Nazi Germany. " Published in the journal "Frontline humor." From the softness of the old cartoons are not gone. These patriotic posters differed severity and hatred for the enemy.

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