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Zauze Vladimir Christianovich

ZAUZE Vladimir Khristianovich

May 15, 1859 (St. Petersburg) — June 26, 1939 (Odessa)

Watercolor painter, graphic artist

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Заузе, Владимир Христианович


ZAUZE Vladimir Khristianovich

May 15, 1859 (St. Petersburg) — June 26, 1939 (Odessa)

Watercolor painter, graphic artist

Vladimir Zauze was born to family of Kh. F. Zauze, who was the academician of watercolor painting. Zauze studied in the Central Stroganov School of Industrial Art under the guidance of S. S. Shchyogolev and F. I. Yasnovsky (1870–1879). Zauze studied the etching technique under the guidance of I. I. Shishkin and V. V. Matai.

Vladimir Zauze lived in Nikolayev (till 1885), then he lived in Odessa. Till the mid 1890s he worked in watercolor technique, later — with different engraving techniques. Zauze painted lyric landscapes of the Ukraine. He created such watercolors as Night is falling (1893), Autumn twilight (1895), September (1896), In the park (1897); engravings (etching, soft ground and linocut): The road in forest (1902), Midday. The dropping shadows (1904), In the village (1916), A woman feeding chickens (1918), Oak (1920), Calves at the watering (1931), Ducks (1931), In the sheep-fold at collective farm (“kolkhoz”, 1934), Winter in the Ukraine (1935). Zauze created a series Eupatoria (1931; aquatint, etching, monotype, soft ground). He was first who began painting on the historical-revolutionary and the modern themes: The barricade. The year of 1905 (1925, lithography), Tchoomaks (1929, etching, aquatint), On the Soviet border guard (1931, aquatint), Portrait of the shock-worker Volkov (1931, dry point), The horn (1937, etching).

Since 1885 Vladimir Zauze participated in many exhibitions in Nikolayev. He was a member of the Society of South Russian Artists (1893–1919, intermittently). He was one of the founders of the K. K. Kostandi Artistic society (1926–1929) in Odessa. His works were shown at the exhibitions of the Society of Russian Watercolorists (1895, 1897), the academic exhibitions in Saint Petersburg (1909), at the First people’s exhibition of paintings, posters and signboards in Odessa (1919), the All-Ukrainian jubilee exhibition (1927), the Third All-Ukrainian Art Exhibition in Kiev (1930–1931), the exhibition of the Association of the Artists of Red Ukraine in Kherson (AKhChU; 1930), the Jubilee Exhibition of  the Ukrainian SSR artists in Kharkov (1938), the All-Union Art Exhibition The Industry of Socialism in Moscow and in Leningrad (1939).

Zauze taught in the secondary schools in Dubno in Volhynian province and in Nikolayev (1880–1885), in Odessa Commercial School (1885-1919). He headed studio of easel graphic art in Odessa Art Institute (1920–1931). Since 1931 he became a professor of the Institute.

The memorial exhibitions of the works by Zauze were held in Odessa (1941) and in Feodosia (2009).


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