"Watercolor state. Art of Leo Bruni "
ARTinvestment.RU   28 октября 2009

Today in the gallery "H. O. S. T. "opens exhibition of works by Lev Bruni, timed to 115 anniversary of the birth of the master

Today, 28 October at 18.00 in the gallery "GO ST" (st. Malaya Dmitrovka, 29, p. 4) presents "Color condition. Art of Leo Bruni, dedicated to the 115-th anniversary of the wizard. The opening will be a presentation of the book is also well-known researcher of Avant-Garde Andrew Sarabyanova "The Biography of the artist Lev Bruni. The book is based on documentary material from family archives, from the Department of Manuscripts of the State Tretyakov Gallery, Rossiyskogo State Archive of Literature and Art, State Library of Russia, as well as from some private archives. The book contains about 500 color reproductions and photographs. Most of the materials published for the first time.

virtuoso and master of watercolor painting, a tireless inventor and experimenter, the owner of the legendary "Apartment number 5", a member of the polar exhibit program as a "Shop» Tatlin and" Makovets » Favorskogo , rather erroneously credited by critics in miriskusniki close Leningrad graphic school, but in 1920 for her no longer belonged to a talented teacher, who took over the studio of monumental painting and brought up a galaxy of bright students, Lev Bruni was and remains one of the most prominent members of the artistic process of the twentieth century.

The example of his biography can be traced almost all the crucial stage of development of Russian art of the past century. First - Academy, first Petersburg and then Paris. Then - infatuation "Charms of Mannerism," so naturally, when all around "breathed mists" Silver Age. While the "fog" has not been fully dispersed, the artist deals with pleasure radical search for Cubism, experimenting with form and texture, making reliefs and plunges into the red-hot to limit the creative atmosphere of St. Petersburg 1910-ies. His workshop, known as "Flat number 5, it is notable artistic center, where there are Miturich and Tatlin, Altman and Puni , Mayakovsky , Mandelstam, Khlebnikov, Kliun , Udaltsova , Rozanova ... In the early 1920's Lev Bruni, with his family at the invitation Favorskogo moved to Moscow, where he headed the first graphic, and later monumental workshop VKhUTEMAS. He is actively involved in book illustration, exposed to the group "Makovets", "4 Art", rides in the creative business in the Crimea, the Caucasus and Central Asia, which was necessary not only as a new creative impetus as well as a breath of fresh air in tightly shrinking ring absurd accusations and Stalin's "witch hunt". In mid-1930 with Bruni Favorsky led studio of monumental painting, where he worked with major figures, for example, N. Chernyshev , Istomin , Osmerkin , Romanowicz, and whence came such talented artists as Edelstein , Chernetsov , Pavlovsky , Izakson.

By the mid 1920's already established artist with his personal imaginative world, Lev Bruni, had an extraordinary ability to capture and transmit on a sheet of "state" or "nature" is presented, achieving the required "mental decision" all servants of his artistic means. He was able to penetrate into the essence of things, and so the circle of his subjects - childhood, motherhood, seascapes, nature - a circle of eternal existential fact deprived of pathos, but full of dignity and harmony, without which the palette of life becomes insipid and meaningless.

But it does not reduce his work to the quiet "nepotism" as innovative and experimental, peculiar temperament of the master himself, evident even in its rough outline. Thus, Bruni was one of the few artists who freely use the "dangerous" red paint without fear of the color balance of compositional activity break or make any inaccuracy in the picture. It becomes complicated and significantly misleading "lightness" of his works, where the strange "weightlessness" and watercolor mobility of matter is just the natural result of careful construction of the space picture plane.

performed the monstrous massacre of time, survived the horrors of war, the death of three children and shot his brother, the repression of friends and associates, Lev Bruni, contrary to the natural logic of the circumstances, but through a supernatural regularity of talent gives us a sharp freshness of imagery perception of fundamentals being, regardless of the petty fighting art "isms" and unchanged in any era of life's bustle. In today's cynical and "destabilized" the world of postmodernism similar experience of the creative quality and stability is a particularly valuable lesson.

Exhibition working hours: from October 29 to November 20, daily except Monday, from 12.00 to 19.00, admission free.

Source: press release Gallery "G. T. OS»

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