The society Svobodnoye Tvorchestvo

1911-1918, Moscow

full members: L. M. Belkin, B. M. Bogolyubov, N. F. Vishnevsky, A. Gerasimov, E. A. Gulevich, S. M. Guzikov, L. A. Zhukov, K. G. Cascio, K. F. Kluck, S. I. Kruchinin, G. A. Lapshin, A. M. Mordkin, E. J. Nedovic, A. A. Pemeller, M. M. Severov, . V. Skryabin, V. P. Sokolov, A. P. khotulev and others.

Exponent: I. V. Alekseev, I. G. Antropov, A. I. Baller, K. P. Bedroom, P. V. Rootless, . S. Bohm-Григорьева, D. D. Burliuk, M. I. Valkevich, A. M. Vasnetsov, A. A. Voevodin, K. J. Goleizovsky, A. V. Grishchenko, E. M. Gradistea, . V. Denisov, A. I. Dmitriev, V. P. Eliseev, S. Y. Zhukovsky, B. N. Zakharov, K. E. Zaitsev, V. S. Zikeev, M. N. Ignat-Неведомый, V. S. Il, B. M. Kamensky, S. O. Kardovskaya, M. I. Kozlov, T. N. Colta, S. V. Koltsov, A. S. Konovalov, S. Korzeniewski, Y. P. Korsakov, S. V. Krivoshein, E. E. Lissner, S. I. Lobanov, . D. Makarov, M. I. Mamontov, I. A. Mendelevich, P. N. Mityaev, K. I. Mikhailova, A. N. Moskalenko, A. O. Nikulin, V. P. Orlov-Петров, V. N. Bee, R. M. Russe, Y. S. Sokolov, L. A. Syrnev, . B. Terpsichore, S. I. Tulupov, D. P. Frolov, V. Khvostenko, . D. Balls, M. S. Shvarev, A. V. Shevchenko, D. M. Shokhin, D. A. shcherbinovsky, , P. E. Shchukin, S. P. Jacobi and others.

Exhibitions: 1-я (1911/1912, Moscow) — 7-я (1918, Moscow)

the company was founded by former members of the group "Independent" as a nonpartisan exhibition Association; United mainly by young artists. The first exhibition was held on 26 Dec 1911 — 5 Feb 1912 even before the official registration. Shortly after the show there was a split, in which both the formed group filed a petition for registration under the same name — "Free creativity". The decision of the Moscow city presence in cases of societies this name was assigned to the group led by the artist E. A. Gulevich. Group V. N. Vassiliev, . K. Konstantinov, M. V. leblan, S. R. Orlov he founded the Association "Free art".

chairmen of the "Free creativity" was elected E. A. Gulevich (1912-1915) and A. P. Jurgenson-Снегирева (1915-1918); Treasurer was L. A. Zhukov, Secretary — S. I. Kruchinin.

the Society did not have a unified aesthetic program; the main focus of his activities was the organization of exhibitions. From 1911 to 1917 held six exhibitions, which opened on Christmas day and lasted until mid-January (with the exception of — 4-я exhibition held in March). They participated from 50 to 70 exhibitors, participants from show to show has changed significantly. 2-й the exhibition showed works by French artists J. Bai, Brunger, M. Boucard, Delecluse, Jesus, Cruiser St-Марс (all were considered valid members of Society). The number of exhibitions was a charity event: collection of 4-й exhibition (1915) was directed to help victims of the First world war, the poles@the semicolon from 5-й (1915/1916) — to the Fund of the Committee of Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna for assistance to victims of hostilities; 6-й exhibition (1916/1917) — in favor of poor students The Moscow University. The last exhibition took place in 1918, after which the activity stopped. The exhibition was accompanied by the publication of a catalogue.

Despite the relatively small number of well-known exhibitors, exhibition "Free creativity" was popular with the public. So, 6-я exhibition Society (1916/1917), which was seen by about 10 thousand people, was in Moscow exhibition season 1916/1917 third in attendance among all the exhibitions in art associations, losing only 14-й exhibition of the Union of Russian artists (about 15,000 people) and the exhibition "World of art" (about 12,000 people).

In 1922, ex-members of the Society participated in 9-й the exhibition "Contemporary art", arranged by the society "Free art".

Tulupov, Sergey IvanovichLast quarter of XIX -1st half of ХХ
  • 14.12.2017 The Hessian Princess in Russia's history 19 December 2017 in Frankfurt-на-Майне, the Museum of the Icon, will open the exhibition "the Hessian Princess in Russian history" — joint large-scale Russian-германский exhibition project.
  • 14.12.2017 Nonconformists in Lipetsk In Lipetsk the gallery of modern art "Tug", an exhibition of paintings and graphics by artists-шестидесятников — Rabin, Yakovlev, Masterkova, Voroshilov and others
  • 14.12.2017 "Compositions and still lifes" Boris Messerer in the Academy of arts From 19 December to 8 January in the exhibition halls of the Russian Academy of ARTS on Prechistenka the exhibition will be paintings and graphic works of Boris Messerer Asafovich — portraits, landscapes, still lifes, abstract compositions etc. — a total of about 100 works
  • 13.12.2017 "And the light on the scene." Peter Williams and Alexander Konovalov Tonight at the Museum АРТ4 opens exhibition from the collection of art critic and researcher Lubov Agafonova and gallery "vellum"
  • 08.12.2017 Sixties Igor Shelkovsky in the New Tretyakov gallery Exhibition — anniversary. Shelkovskoy this year — 80. And celebrates it in a big way. A Central element of the exhibition in the Tretyakov gallery will become a giant sculpture, in which may be to move the audience
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