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The society Moscow painters

1924-1925, Moscow

Members-учредители: p. P. Konchalovsky, B. D. Korolev, A. V. Kuprin, A. V. Lentulov, I. I. Mashkov, A. A. Osmerkin, V. V. Rozhdestvensky, R. R. Falk, G. V. Fedorov, V. P. Yasinovskiy.

full members and exhibitors: M. N. Avetov, V. G. Of Baar, B. I. Borisov, . G. Burov, I. Grabar, A. D. Drevin, , Ivanov, E. N. Ivanov, M. D. Korneev, M. A. Kuznetsov, A. A. Lebedev-Шуйский, E. P. Levina-Розенгольц, L. A. Litvinenko, P. I. lions, G. A. Lazarevska, V. M. Novozhilov, A. M. Nuremberg, D. M. Nuremberg-Девинов, S. Petrov, , R. M. Rabinovich, O. I. Sinitsyna, A. I. Troyanovskiy, . A. Udaltsova, V. favorskaya, V. L. Krakowski, I. I. Chekmazov, B. S. Chable-Табулевич, G. M. Segal, . I. Shestakov, V. M. Sergeyeva Galina Vitalyevna.

Exhibitions: 1925 (Moscow).

the Association of painters and sculptors; appeared on the initiative of former members of the society "Jack of diamonds" with the participation of young artists from among their students at the State free art workshops — the VKhUTEMAS.

Creation was preceded by: an exhibition of paintings (1923) and "the Exhibition of paintings organized by the Russian society of the red cross" (1924) in Moscow, which was compiled mainly from the works of bubnovaya.

the First organizational meeting was held on 12 and 21 June 1924. The Chairman of the Association, was elected p. P. Konchalovsky; to the Board also included B. D. Korolev (Secretary), I. I. Mashkov (Deputy Chairman), A. V. Kuprin (Treasurer).

In March 1925, was held the only exhibition of the Association; it was attended by 37 artists who have provided for the exhibition 197 works (mainly landscapes and still lifes in characteristic of artists "Jack of diamonds" "cezannists" manner).

directory was published the Declaration of the society; in it defended the idea of the continuity of the Association "Jack of diamonds": "the Rigour and professionalism of the relationship to painting and sculpture in the process of the proletarian revolution has already gained great importance. Group “Jack of diamonds” was decisively rejected new attempts to substitute realism aestheticism of the so-called bespredelnichat, producers in quotes and other modernists, aestheticism regarding the harsh and very real form of revolution. A new era in its goals seem to be the group most deep and complete fusion of language form with new content. Retarded means of expression — decay of the form — are in full contradiction with the understanding of the essence of the revolutionary process. In a socialist society will not find itself a place of art, devoid of the best traditions and cultural achievements. So, given his past struggles in a new culture in the arts, his professional experience and the seriousness and responsibility put forward by the revolution of problems in the fine art group "Jack of diamonds" has United and will unite all related power... This new society sets as its goal a valid synthesis of contemporary meaning and modern real shape and believes that only in this direction art can go forward, not backward".

A. A. Fedorov-Давыдов wrote: "of Course, should not be exaggerated formal dignity, “Moscow painters” and their harmony with the present. With all its materialistic it's all the same typical "naturmorti" perceiving the world absolutely And statically... if their materialistically what-то least consistent with the materialistic worldview of our age, I mean mirovozrenie the past..."

At the end of 1925 the Society collapsed. In February 1926, a group of artists led p. P. Konchalovsky, A. V. Kuprin and A. A. Osmerkin participated in 4-й exhibition of the Association "Genesis". Most members are logged in AHRR. In 1927, former members of the Society, together with the Association "Makovets" and "Wing" formed the Society of Moscow artists.


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