TOP-100 Russian artists

The rankings of the most expensive Russian artists, or, as they prefer to call them, the artists of the orbit of Russian art, we include painters, graphic artists and sculptors who were born in the Russian Empire (with some exceptions), the USSR and Russia, or who lived and worked here and left their mark in Russian art. For the rating of works used the rule «one artist - one work».

All ratings of Russian artists are generated automatically. They are recalculated on a daily basis according to criteria such as the volume of auction sales and the highest auction prices since 2000 and over the past 12 months.

On the leaders of the rating and the most expensive works can be read as more in our article here.

Available ratings:

Most expensive artworks in the last 12 months
PlaceArtistPriceWork`s name
1Rothko, Mark26 461 000 USDBlue over Red
2Staël, Nicolas22 248 000 USDParc des Princes (Les grands footballeurs)
3Lempicka, Tamara de21 150 976 USDPortrait de Marjorie Ferry
4Petrov-Vodkin, Kuzma Sergeevich11 760 107 USDStill life with lilac
5Klyun, Ivan Vasilievich6 262 553 USDSpherical suprematism
6Chagall, Marc4 580 000 USDFleurs de St. Jean-Cap-Ferrat (Paysage méditerranéen)
7Kandinsky, Vasily Vasilievich3 375 000 USDPfeil zum Kreis
8Feshin, Nikolay Ivanovich2 946 089 USDThe Manicure. Portrait of Mademoiselle Girmond
9Larionov, Mikhail Fedorovich2 762 033 USDStill Life
10Kustodiev, Boris Mikhailovich1 989 635 USDBakhchisarai
11Yuon, Konstantin Fedorovich1 640 288 USDThe ancient town of Uglich
12Aivazovsky, Ivan Konstantinovich1 512 451 USDShip at Sunset off Cap Martin
13Shishkin, Ivan Ivanovich1 325 981 USDSukhostoi
14Soutine, Chaïm Solomonovich1 270 718 USDL'entrée du village
15Goncharova, Nataliya Sergeevna1 223 204 USDL’Espagnole
16Jawlensky, Alexey Georgievich1 155 000 USDDie Griechin
17Konchalovsky, Petr Petrovich1 099 958 USDPortrait of the artist Levon Bunatian
18Polenov, Vasily Dmitrievich887 660 USDTHE RIVER OYAT
19Lipchitz, Jacques735 000 USDHomme à la guitare
20Tchelitchew, Pavel Fedorovich722 310 USDPortrait of My Father
21Zadkine, Ossip665 961 USDTête d`homme
22Bogolyubov, Alexey Petrovich636 818 USDVenice at dusk
23Grigoriev, Boris Dmitrievich636 818 USDLes enfants
24Gabo, Naum Abramovich634 118 USDLinear Construction in Space No. 2
25Poliakov, Sergey Georgievich619 960 USDComposition abstraite
26Annenkov, Yury Pavlovich539 072 USDJeune femme à sa toilette
27Deineka, Alexandr Alexandrovich530 938 USDStill life with phlox
28Roerich, Nicolay Konstantinovich475 000 USDSecrets of the walls
29Bogdanov-Belsky, Nikolay Petrovich460 339 USDTwo Women in Latgalian Dress
30Kharlamov, Alexey Alexeevich448 000 USDДевушка с веером
31Nevelson, Louisa399 000 USDMoon-Star II
32Malyavin, Filipp Andreevich396 610 USDPortrait of a young girl in a pink dress
33Shterenberg, David Petrovich325 000 USDStill life with wine bottle, glass and fruit
34Lanskoy, Andrey Mikhailovich320 921 USDSans titre
35Makovsky, Konstantin Egorovich317 475 USDBoyarina
36Tretchikov, Vladimir Grigorievich307 576 USDFruits of Bali
37Repin, Iliya Efimovich297 341 USDPortrait of Vera Repina, the artist`s wife, reading
38Serov, Valentin Alexandrovich290 625 USDПосле Куликовской битвы
39Chernetsov, Nikanor Grigorievich289 463 USDView of Alexandria
40Falk, Robert Rafailovich289 463 USDPortrait of Farizet Gilels
41Franken, Paul von 285 728 USDThe Maiden Tower in Baku
42Sychkov, Fedot Vasilievich282 931 USDRéjouissances paysannes dans la neige
43Kisling, Moise274 656 USDBouquet de mimosas au pot rouge
44Vasiliev, Oleg Vladimirovich250 000 USDArtists in New York
45Nissky, Georgy Grigorievich238 106 USDAirfield
46Le Prince, Jean-Baptiste 236 704 USDThe Futile Lesson
47Korovin, Konstantin Alexeevich229 811 USDThe Eiffel Tower by Night
48Serebryakova, Zinaida Evgenievna225 138 USDNude reading
49Gerasimov, Alexander Michailovich225 015 USDPeonies
50Yakovlev, Alexandr Evgenievich222 692 USDPortrait of a Chinese Man
51Chuykov, Ivan Semenovich222 692 USDHotel Ukraina
52Zak, Evgeny Savelievich222 480 USDL`Ondine Et Le Pifferaro
53Sariyan, Martiros Sergeevich214 444 USDRoses of Giumushges
54Weber, Max212 500 USDInterior with Still Life
55Verevkina, Marianna Vladimirovna201 160 USDDer kleine Fischerhafen
56Gorbatov, Konstantin Ivanovich196 981 USDTrinity Lavra of St Sergius in Winter
57Salakhov, Tair Teymurovich192 975 USDBilgah, from the series «Around Absheron»
58Sokolov-Skalya, Pavel Petrovich188 774 USDView of the Moscow Kremlin
59Sokov, Leonid Petrovich182 558 USDUntitled
60Smirnov, Vasily Sergeevich176 798 USDSalome receiving the head of John the Baptist
61Tselkov, Oleg Nikolaevich174 611 USDSoldier and Animal
62Faibisovich, Semen Natanovich171 302 USDWhat Time Is It? (7 November 1987)
63Tsibis, Boleslav Frantsevich168 675 USDPortrait of lady in hat
64Maximov, Konstantin Mefodievich156 771 USDBoys on the Boat
65Survage, Léopold150 000 USDNice
66Edelfelt, Albert Albertovich148 400 USDUnder björkarna / Koivujen alla (Under the birches)
67Savrasov, Alexey Kondratievich144 731 USDLosiny ostrov
68Koshlyakov, Valery Nikolaevich143 299 USDВолчица в музее из серии «Музеи»
69Shvartsman, Mikhail Matveevich142 864 USDWine of Amazement
70Shilder, Nikolay Gustavovich139 352 USDPortrait of Emperor Alexander III
71Kabakov, Iliya Iosifovich139 332 USDPaysage aux pins
72Archipenko, Alexander Porfirievich138 040 USDFemme assise
73Altman, Natan Isaevich137 375 USDПортрет И.Д. в полосатой кофточке (1) | Обнаженная (2)
74Kantarovsky, Sanya 135 000 USDContamination
75Sorin, Savely Abramovich131 966 USDGirl with Ballet Shoes
76Trubetskoy, Pavel Petrovich129 196 USDEttore Bugatti on Horseback
77Rozhdestvensky, Konstantin Ivanovich128 650 USDStanding female figure
78Tsereteli, Zurab Konstantinovich126 990 USDBy the Window
79Veisberg, Vladimir Grirorievich126 990 USDLoaves and Apples on a Burgundy Tablecloth
80Nadelman, Elie125 000 USDAcrobat
81Schedrin, Silvestr Feodosievich123 475 USDView of Capri with the Faraglioni
82Tkachenko, Mikhail Stepanovich123 113 USDMeeting of Tsar Nicolas II and the President of the French Republic Armand Fallieres in Cherbourg Harbour on 31 July 1909
83Kongiser, Naum Aleksandrovich120 966 USDRadio for the Village
84Pokhitonov, Ivan Pavlovich118 725 USDPetite maison à Jupille près Liège
85Schekatikhina-Pototskaya, Aleksandra Vasilievna112 901 USDSoviet Porcelain Plate
86Lebedev, Vladimir Vasilievich112 569 USDWrestlers
87Roubaud, Franz Alexeevich112 508 USDBattle of the Katzbach, 26 August 1813
88Chekhonin, Sergey Vasilievich110 810 USDBeast and egg
89Resnick, Milton 110 000 USDUlysses
90Shevchenko, Alexandr Vasilievich109 030 USDTwo Men in the Park
91Purygin, Leonid Anatolievich107 353 USDCrucifixion
92Guriyanov, Georgy Konstantinovich106 250 USDGay Games
93Anisfeld, Boris Israilevich105 000 USDAdam and Eve
94Gottlib, Leopold100 000 USDWomen at the market
95Orlov, Boris Konstantinovich100 000 USDGeneral
96Lissitsky, El100 000 USDFootballer
97Sitnikov, Vasily Yakovlevich98 974 USDMonastery in Winter
98Zhukovsky, Stanislav Yulianovich98 974 USDAutumn at Staryi Berezhok Manor near Tver
99Veschilov, Konstantin Alexandrovich98 974 USDOn the Way from the Church
100Krackovsky, Iosif Evstafievich96 488 USDSpring blossom in Gurzuf

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