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Roginsky Mikhail Alexandrovich
1931–2004 Внимание! Продажи данного художника отслеживаются УПРАВИС  

Roginskii Mikhail

August 14, 1931 (Moscow) - July 5, 2004 (Paris)

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Рогинский, Михаил Александрович


Roginskii Mikhail

August 14, 1931 (Moscow) - July 5, 2004 (Paris)

Here is the first publication of his autobiography of Mikhail Aleksandrovich Roginsky. Text is written by individual fragments and with minor editorial revisions were collected in chronological order. - Ed.

was born August 14, 1931 in Moscow.

father until 1938 worked as head of the library CDKA. Mother - also a librarian, worked in the Central City Library on the street. Vorovskogo.

In 1938, my father planted for some unknown reason, judging by the deadline - 3 years - for nothing. The indictment was "not informing." The paradox is that the one to whom he was supposed to bring, and read "Mein Kampf" in a special Russian translation for the commissars of the Red Army, was secretary of the Komsomol organization of the House of the Red Army and was not arrested.

Instead of three years upon conviction father served 8 years, because his term ended in August 1941 and in June the war began. After the war, in 1946, he was released, but without the right to live in Moscow, Leningrad, etc. In 1947 he was again exiled to Siberia for settlement, simply because, without penalty, "in connection with the worsening international situation." There he lived until 1953, before the amnesty, and then it was rehabilitated in 1954, after Stalin died and Khrushchev came to power.

In 1941 my mother and brother were evacuated from Moscow to Kazakhstan in the city of Semipalatinsk. I remember the day of departure from Moscow - lorry with machine guns at the bus stop 21-second tram.

In 1946 he joined the Municipal Art School - MGHU, which was located in the Miracle Lane, near the ring metro station "Park Kultury". I studied there for 4 years. School is, I do not know why it was closed in 1950, and our course was transferred to the College in 1905.

At Chudovke I was very lucky: I got to painting and drawing in the class of Mikhail Semenovich Perutskogo. He was in the 1920's was a group of "Knife" (New Society of Painters. - Ed .), And then, in his own words, became fascinated impressionism. For example, he said: "Renoir said that Goya these horses, that they want to kiss. This in 1947! I can not say that he did something really taught. I am not sure that teachers should "teach". Rather, encourage, indicate that well. Clean up at the student's bad habits, develop a taste, advise, what to see in a museum, what exhibitions to visit, etc.

best teaching environment - museums, galleries.

When I studied, was only the Tretyakov Gallery. But in 1947 the Hermitage saw French painting - Claude Monet, Van Gogh, Cezanne, Renoir.

Perutsky, I can say with gratitude, has prepared me for the perception of painting. That is to say prepared me as a person who may wish to become an artist.

Nevertheless, the fact that I did not give up painting, I was very surprised.

then started across the country struggle with formalism, and came to us other teachers. There was not to say that the complete darkness, but about the Renoir is not talking. There was indeed a nice teacher of painting - Sergei Kostin, who taught nothing but to live with him was possible.

the theater was Viktor Shestakov, a man of something he taught in the theater, but the theater I was not interested.


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