The Society of Russian Sculptors

1925-1932, Moscow

Members-учредители: N. A. Andreev, V. N. Domogatskii, I. S. Efimov, A. N. Zlatovratski, G. I. Kainov, I. F. Rakhmanov, M. D. Windsunsky, B. Yu Sandomierz, I. G. frih-Хар, I. M. Chaika.

full members and candidates: N. Altman, V. A. Andreev, L. A. Andreev, S. F. Bulakowski, J. L. Weiner, B. V. Valentinov, V. A. Vatagin, E. M. Gelfer, A. S. Golubkina, M. A. Denisova-Щаденко, P. I. Dobrynin, A. E. Zelenski, I. Itkind, I. A. Kambarov, L. A. Kardashov, I. V. Klyun, S. T. Konenkov, B. D. Korolev, . V. Krandievskaya, Yu. A. Kuhn, S. D. Lebedev, A. T. Matveev, V. I. Mukhina, E. D. Nikiforov, . I. NISS-Гольдман, E. V. Aranovsky, . P. Prokhorov, I. L. Slonim, T. F. Smotrova, O. K. Somov, M. M. Strahov, A. I. Tenet, P. M. Ulyanov, M. I. Feoktistova, K. E. Fomin, V. Homa, D. F. Tsaplin, I. D. Shadr, E. W. Shishkin, S. V. Shcherbakov, V. Ellonen, S. D. Erzya, D. A. Ackerson.

Members-сотрудники A. B. Bakushinskii, B. N. Ternovets, M. N. Reichenstein.

Exhibitions: 1-я (1926, Moscow) — 4-я (1931, Moscow)

Founded by former members of the Moscow professional Union of artists-скульпторов. The impetus for the creation was the success of the sculptural Department of the exhibition of OBIS, which took place in early 1925. At the constituent meeting on 7 October 1925 adopted the name of "Moscow society of sculptors" and developed the Charter (approved Narkomprosa 20 Jan 1926). At the second meeting on 17 January 1926 he established a new name — "Society of Russian sculptors" and elected to the Board: Chairman — V. N. Domogatskii, Deputy Chairman — I. S. Efimov, members of the Board: E. V. Aranovsky, I. M. Chaika, G. I. Kainov. The permanent Secretary was A. N. Zlatovratski, Treasurer — I. F. Rakhmanov. Later (after 1928), the Board alternately headed replacement chairmen: N. A. Andreev, V. N. Domogatskii, I. M. Chaika; the post of Deputy Chairman held V. A. Vatagin; to the Board included I. G. frih-Хар, V. I. Mukhina. The official address of the Board means a Large kozikhinskiy pereulok, house 8, apartment 3 (Studio A. N. Zlatovratski).

the Meetings took place mainly in a workshop M. D. Rydzynski. Were read and discussed reports on the problems of sculpture — in particular, B. N. Ternovets made a report On "modern sculpture in the West", the architect K. S. Melnikov report "On cooperation of the sculptors and architects in modern construction"; one of the sessions was dedicated to the memory A. S. Golubkina (1927).

the members of the Society included almost all the well-known Moscow sculptors, the ranks of the LFS also regularly replenished by the graduates of the sculpture Department VKhUTEMAS — Vhuteina. Members was constantly about 20 people, 10-15 sculptors were involved as exhibitors (candidates).

Single artistic programme, the Association had not. Many were also members of other societies and unions: B. D. Korolev and G. I. Kainov —, OMX, I. M. Chaika — "4 of art", I. D. Shadr — AHRR;, however, the memories I. L. Slonim (the Society of Russian sculptors //Creativity, 1967, № 5, p. 10-13), ORS flourished tolerance of different trends in art (including the "left").

the Society held four exhibitions: in March — April 1926 (State Historical Museum), in April 1927 (Museum of Revolution) in June 1929 and June 1931 (both — Museum), which was partially funded by Glavnauka Commissariat. The selection of works for exhibitions engaged in exhibition Committee, which at various times included V. A. Vatagin, I. S. Efimov, A. N. Zlatovratski, I. M. Chaika, V. N. Domogatskii, V. I. Mukhina.

A. B. Bakushinskii in his introduction to the catalogue 1-й of the exhibition wrote: "the Initiative and setting "mobile" exhibitions have already put the sculpture in all its public appearances sometimes "decorative", sometimes "ideological", but there is always some-то unnecessary, don't notice usually an appendage to the picturesque and graphic content of the shows. It is increasingly becoming a kind of truly “empty”... Revolution, reveals the greatest creative forces of the country, puts the now to art a number of wide public tasks in the field of ideological and material design requirements of the post-revolutionary culture... So maybe also more than when-либо needed now show of sculpture available forces. The present exhibition —. It shows for the first time the sculpture as an independent art form".

At the first exhibition of 29 participants presented 147 papers, among which were significant works — "flame of the Revolution" V. I. Mukhina, "portrait of the sculptor T. A. Ivanova" A. S. Golubkina, "Portrait of V. Ivanov" S. D. Lebedeva, "a Portrait of V. I. Lenin" . I. Altman, "the Poet of the desert (Uzbek)" I. G. frih-Хара, "the Girl from birch trees" A. N. Zlatovratski, "Cat" and "Tiger" V. A. Vatagin.

I. Ephedra Critic wrote in the magazine "Soviet art" (1926, no. 4, pp. 69-73): "the First impression from the exhibition — unusual and... sculpture "one alone" in the space of several room... Those rooms with a hundred and fifty grown from the floor of apes frozen on pedestals statues create some spooky landscape... the content of exhibits, the exhibition (as well as hard core "LFS") is not showing what-либо artistic groups or trends. There is no unifying characteristic — nor in the sense of formal unity, no ideological affinity participants. This was just an exhibition of modern sculpture... (1-я exhibition of ORS was called "State art exhibition of modern sculpture". — AI.). The lack of his face is typical for ARS and as independent groups: it members AHHR, and “4-х Arts”, and others. “ORS”,-видимому the group with no ideological core: the core — sculptural frame, and only... of Course, this is nothing wrong. But self-determination solely on niveliruya (so. — AI.) basis, without the need for an ideological or even a formal disengagement deprives “ORS” the value of art as a group... Hence the eclecticism of the exhibition, in both the formal and thematic perspective. Here peacefully coexist and primitive, and erratic, jerky manner of sculptural impressionism, cubism, naturalism, and partly an abstract design... There are traces of “the joy of violent years” indomitable focusnext, there are “seduction” in the black exotic primitive... There are attempts to speak in the language of sculpture, the painting... or even a graphics language. But there is undoubtedly a significant overall twist — is a desire for a clearer image of objectivity, a desire to return to the world of sensual things, to the plastic elements of the sculpture and its media — human body...".

To open 2-й exhibition in front of the Museum of the Revolution was installed a monumental architectural-скульптурный ensemble I. M. Chaikov "Tower of October." The exhibition was attended by 33 craftsmen who showed 133 works, including: "Running elephant", "peacock Sitting" V. A. Vatagin, "A. S. Pushkin" V. N. The domogatskiy, "Wind" V. I. Mukhina, "Seated woman (Beyonce)" S. D. Lebedeva, "Melodica" M. D. Rydzynski, Oktyabrenok B. Yu Sandomierz, "bather", "the bridge Builder" Chaikov.

In the introductory article to the directory 3-й exhibition A. V. Bakushinskii noticed: "... It (the LFS. —AI.) is gradually becoming not only a professional organization by the nature of art, based on the selection of members and their products, but also a kind of fundamental unity. The multiplicity of existing concepts and directions gives you the variety and intensity of internal life of society, the struggle of these concepts. However, in this fight already planned something in common... a full refund for depiction; appeal to social issues, not so much in domestic as in its symbolic value; the search paths in a realistic form...". Third, the exhibition brought together 25 sculptors and 82 works, among which were: "Sportwoman", "the Barricades. October" J. L. Weiner, "Exercise" A. N. Zlatovratski, Zebra I. S. Efimov, "Portrait of S. M. Budyonny" S. D. Lebedeva, "Muse-комсомолка" I. F. Rahmanov, Znamya M. D. Rydzynski, "Portrait of V. A. Favorsky", "Players", "Motorcyclist" Chaikov, "Picker", "Worker", The "Liberated East" I. D. Shadr.

the fourth exhibition was attended by 31 artists and 111 works. Among the Central exhibits were: "Portrait of N. E. Bauman" B. D. Queen, "Lena (girl with raised arms)" S. D. Lebedeva, "a steam hammer — brigade" A. N. Zlatovratski, "Strike" I. L. Slonim, "the Negro under a palm tree", "Chapayev accordion Bob", "Old town" I. G. frih-Хара.

Since the late 1920-х ORS were subjected to attacks from theorists of Proletkult for the lack of "ideological content" and commitment to "bourgeois" forms" sculpture. In the spring of 1932 the Society was liquidated.

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