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Open 265-е the Auction
ARTinvestment.RU   12 февраля 2019

Traditional twenty lots — is eleven paintings, five original leaves and two — printed graphics and two compositions, executed in mixed media

the fee from buyers is 18 %.

Catalogue of the Auction № 265

Selected lots of the Auction № 265

"Rural landscape with a bridge" (1895) refers to the early period of creativity of this master of Russian landscape school Maria Alekseevna Fedorova (ur. Ion) and therefore, according to the expert, is of particular interest. In 1881-1892 as volnoslushayuschego student Fedorova attended classes IAH, was twice awarded runner-up medals, in 1892, graduated from the course. Worked as a landscape painter, watercolorist. Participated in exhibitions IAH (1873-1918, with interruptions), Saint-Петербургского society of artists (between 1894 and 1905, with interruptions), the Moscow society of art lovers (1900). In 1892 received a cash prize OPKh, in 1893, for the painting "Evening glow" — first prize in the lottery of the society. In the early 1920-х emigrated to Finland, where he continued to work and teach. Our landscape, though early definitely written by the hand of the established, Mature artist (four years earlier, in the period of study at the Imperial Academy of arts, one of the landscapes M. A. Fedorova acquired in his collection of P. Tretyakov!). Work is filled with air and natural light.

1920-30-м years the expert will take almost a meter of still life "Bouquet of lilacs" Mikhail Varfolomeyevich of LeBlanc. LeBlanc received an excellent professional education. Studied at S. Korovin, L. Pasternak, A. Arkhipov, A. Stepanov, A. M. Vasnetsov, in the workshop of V. A. Serov and K. A. Korovin (Moscow school of painting, 1893-1907); some time worked in the Studio of Ilya Repin at the Higher art school of painting, sculpture and architecture at IAH; in 1910-1912, he studied at the Academy Grand-Шомьер, as well as in the Studio of Matisse in Paris. He lived in Moscow. He painted landscapes, still lifes, portraits, genre paintings of content, worked hard and has exhibited extensively both before and after the revolution. The Exhibitor of many international exhibitions and exhibitions of Russian and Soviet art abroad. Interestingly, among the students of a private school-студии Blanc, organized in 1913, was Varvara Stepanova and FedorBogorodskiy. Our still life of those jobs that are not open to a quick, superficial glance. Its soft flavor, delicate and not the usual color, a bit blurred, as if in the dim light, the contours of the bouquet, freely placed in a vase, not stuck there the vertical beam — all slowly, peacefully, freely and harmoniously.

the works of Russian artists Abroad this time is the only work — designed to the smallest detail colorful painting "Corrida" (the second half of 1920-х — beginning of 1930-х) Abraham Minchin, written in an expressive and energetic manner in the style of the Paris school. "In this drama, high emotional States, embodied in Minchina canvases, his works evoke feelings what-то direct involvement in the perpetual motion of life, where you can find everything — from the explosion what-то subconscious, at the level of the Creek, to the different variants of self-irony" (Dmitry Levenson. Inspiration sadness / "Our heritage", 2004, № 69). "the Color of his often sudden and sharp, looking special light effects and lighting... Minchin, of course, an artist as gifted and-то-своему interestingly strange, always turned into a complete and essentially new art" (the writer Boris Poplavsky, ibid.).

the Following section of the catalog — the work of Soviet artists.

Opens his big (33,6 × up 86.8) watercolors Konstantin V. Churakova "the Novosibirsk hydroelectric power station. The beginning" (1953). Graphically blurred and soft in color and the mood of the piece is the last front formed man and artist. Despite the production plot and the trappings of high energy and big building, there is no squeal and the roar, there is no emphasis on the destruction of the pristine beauty, there is no opposition between man and nature.

Continue section two of the autumn canvas: "Autumn day" (1950-е) Pyotr Nikolayevich Andrianov and "In the autumn forest" (1972) Ivan Anatolievich Kovalenko. Similar story, they are different emotionally as a sharp afternoon sun the Golden autumn is different from the soft glow of the afternoon time. Autumn in the middle lane — time when nature plays like a kaleidoscope (remember, in my childhood was a tube with bits of glass that make up the wonderful, not repeating patterns?): every minute changes in light, color, mood... And now both our auction works remarkably accurately convey the atmosphere in which they were written: autumn light, cool air, striking the suburban flavor of autumn.

Watercolor forest landscape "gluhariny Tok" (1974) Alexei Nikanorovich Komarov, one of the best masters of domestic animals, loving and supportive nature. He lived the creative life, books with his illustrations have brought up several generations of young readers, which quickly determine whether they like the picture or not. Liked, Yes, even as times and today driven by reading books with illustrations Komarov in many homes has become a real family heirloom.

Urban landscape "khokhlovskiy lane" (1988) Sergei Avksentyevich Kolyada refers to a large series of "Landscapes of old Moscow". This is a very Moscow — soft, but coloristic interesting and beautiful workleads us into the center of the city, to the old houses, which, fortunately, has been preserved until now.

"still life with strawberries" (1950-е) Julia Vasilievna Razumovskaya, student D. N. Kardovsky at the Academy of arts, — bright, colorful delicate work, subtly captures the lightness and joy of early summer.

Completes the section is made in the key field of academic studies "Standing" from the series "artist's Model" (1958) Alexander Abramovich Labasa.

Two works by masters of the Leningrad underground, we decided to allocate in separate section — is written in a recognizable author's style on canvas "untitled (Landscape with boat)" Vladlen Vasilievich Gavrilchik and a large canvas " No. 243. Christmas" Yuri Zharkikh.

Continues the catalogue of one of the most beloved by our members sections — creativity of the sixties.

In 1962 made the picture Vladimir Borisovich Yankilevsky from the series "Theme and improvisation". It's a big cycle of paintings and drawings 1960-х years. Figure cut out and pasted on a sheet of paper like a collage.

drawing "Panda" (1965) Anatoly T. Zverev refers to a large series of early full-scale drawings, which the artist on the advice of Alexander Rumneva did in the Moscow zoo. Quick pencil sketches a few strokes vividly and accurately depict animals and are now considered the gems of the early Zverev.

One of the absolute top-лотов our current catalog — cardboard "untitled (Composition with black circle and a man standing with his back to the audience)" (1970) Peter Ivanovich Belenok. The artist jokingly called his painting panic realism. An example of this style is our job, but that's not really the style that would later be called canonical. The painting is divided into two unequal areas: wide and narrow light upper dark lower; later, the artist will change the color in some places. In the lower area placed the human figure, in the upper area is a huge abstract something, a bundle of energy. "It is transmitted fashistskim stroke the brush... the Resulting figure is the painting in its purest form, its natural pointlessness contrasts sharply with the realistic element of the film, resulting in an effect of "invading another world." <...> "Little men," Peter Belenok for the most part cut out of the sporting Newspapers and magazines — that's where you can find photos of running, jumping, falling, screaming athletes and fans" (source: mmoma.ru).

In Moscow suburbs the middle of the last century, across a broad cobblestone pavement, surrounded by antediluvian wooden fences and boring boxes of high-rise buildings, it carried "the Truck" (2014) Oscar Yakovlevich Rabin, performed in a sophisticated printed graphics technology. In this work all — movement: and houses, and roofs, and the road steeply going up, and even the fence — symbol of the inviolability — is hopping. The urban landscape in a recognizable labinskom incarnation — extremely positive thing!

the Peculiar arrangement known image of the famous poet by means of the author's unique visual language provides us draw sheet "Jack "Mayakovsky"" (2014) Vladimir Nikolaevich Nemukhin.

Completes the catalog creativitycontemporary authors.

a Joyful and positive thing — work "untitled (Horses)" (1973) Sergei Sergeyevich Gubantseva. Virtuoso graph, draftsman of Kubantsev in this work oil reveals a completely different perspective: the rough burlap that wraps around the heavy sheet of plywood, poured a gentle, shimmering with the dawn of pink colour, and her three horses roam — funny little Igrunov with a weary look.

Large (120 × 120) canvas Vladimir migacheva "Landscape with poplars" (2004) — almost monochrome work with acrylic. "Considering the visible here and now illusion, does not achieve the maximum degree of generalization" (source: art-story.com), the artist does not paint from nature, he "brings the basic components of the landscape — earth, sky, water, tree — to the state of laconic formulas and symbols" (source: erarta.com). Here in our work the island farm and pyramidal poplars on the border of the black fields ploughed and leaving for horizon still looks pristine land on the canvas a symbol of the transient (even so, the warm, living) at the border of the eternal. Canvas Migachev famous author's technique, which uses not only the traditional painting materials, but very real land, coal, cement, etc., however, our landscape concise in everything, including technology. And it further emphasizes the symbolism of the image. Work-настоящему beautiful, decorative and makes a strong impression.

Completes the directory canvas in mixed media (print and acrylic) "Daddy!" Alexander Savko. As usual, the author operates with well-known images, but puts them in the unfamiliar environment and situation and watch what they have in a new place.

Those who are going first to buy a painting or drawing, would be helpful to know that no monitor ever authentic will not give works of art. Color, texture, not to mention the aura of a particular work, the impression from the meeting with her, the monitor is not subject. Good thing he can do at least wishy-washy, and not very good, on the contrary, to embellish (the last one we have, but it is fair to say it's worth). In addition, each person sees and feels by-своему. So come see all the work with my own eyes we have, Gorokhovsky, 7 (only need to call and make an appointment).

we Wish you all a good bargain and good shopping!

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fee from the buyer is 18 % of the final price of the lot.

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