The group Venok

1908 St-Петербург

Parties: B. I. Anisfeld, P. I. Bromirski, A. F. GAUS, M. A. Derkach, A. E. Karev, K. F. Kracht, . I. Kubasov, P. V. Kuznetsov, M. F. Larionov, E. K. Luksh-Маковская, A. T. Matveev, V. N. Masyutin, . D. Milioti, P. S. Naumov, I. Plekhanov, G. Rakovich, M. S. Saryan, P. S. Utkin, . P. Feofilaktov, A. V. Fonvizin, T. P. Chernyshev, V. Shavrin, M. A. Shitov, M. V. Berman, A. G. Jawlensky, M. N. Yakovlev, A. A. Yasinsky.

a Group of young artists; was named the exhibition, held on 24 March 1908 at the mansion Stroganov in St. Petersburg (Nevsky prospect, 23). It was initiated by the critic S. K. Makovsky and artist A. F. GAUS. Members of the group and the exhibition was in Moscow and St. Petersburg artists — exhibitors of the exhibition "Blue rose" (March — April 1907, Moscow) and "Stefanos" (1907 Dec — January 1908, Moscow).

Exhibited about 200 works, both new works by artists and already known from other exhibitions (for example, "Blooming garden Bakhchisarai" P. V. Kuznetsov). Published directory.

the Exhibition was not very stylistic integrity; on it was dominated by the works of the symbolists and the representatives of the new currents. However, according to A. N. Benoit, the group joined "the search for new paths, the transmission in the colorful symphonies internal understanding of the world, the pure solution of color problems, hymn to the sun and air". According to S. K. Makovsky, the exhibition "the Wreath" "was the most timely... She introduced... with the sentiments that @ldquo;передовой@rdquo; St. Petersburg youth, which cannot merge with any of the existing exhibitions".

While a critic noted heterogeneous artistic level of the exhibition and described each of the exhibitors: "M. Shitov gave several landscapes, conceived deeply steeped in a real sense, subtly intellectual contemplation of nature. P. Naumov gave a very modest... but told beautifully and thoughtfully what I wanted. Such natures are produced by real artists... Two works I. Plekhanova find outstanding coloristic talent... All less significant were the works of Chernysheva, clumsily imitating B. Anisfeld, and watercolors Shavrina... M. Yakovlev a good flowers painted in bright, Sunny, directly. For these flowers you could forgive him very bad blue picture, which place soon at the exhibition "St. Petersburg artists"... B. Anisfeld, segrave usually colorful paradoxes A. GAUS presented a smart, expertly written landscapes A. Jawlensky following in the footsteps of the great Gauguin and Cezanne, and finally Muscovites @ldquo;Голубой roses@rdquo; —, all these artists enough undecided, to make more exhibitions @ldquo;зеленой youth@rdquo;".


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2. D. Y. Severyukhin, Leikind O. L. The Golden age of art associations in Russia and the Soviet Union. Reference. SPb., 1992. S. 36-37.

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