1931-1932, Moscow

Members: S. Y. Adlivankin, V. F. Antonov, V. A. Vassiliev, P. V. Williams, B. I. Volkov, K. A. Vyalov, M. L. Gurevich, E. S. Zernova, A. I. Igumnov, K. A. Kozlov, S. N. Kostin, I. A. Kudryashov (Kudryashov), S. A. Luchishkin, V. I. Lyushin, E. K. Melnikov, S. B. Nikritin, K. K. Parkhomenko, Y. I. Pimenov, P. V. Tyagunov, A. A. Shakhov.

Association, founded by a group of members of the OST who disagree with ideologically-политической the policy Board of the Society of easel artists. Was issued after an emergency meeting of the EAST January 31, 1931, on which a number of artists (P. V. Williams, K. A. vyalov, S. A. Luchishkin, V. I. lyushin, P. V. Tyagunov) at first demanded the change in leadership of the Society, and after the failure of the vote on this issue announced the creation of an independent society under the name "Izobrigada".

To the Board of the new Association has entered P. V. Tyagunov (chair), S. Y. Adlivankin, P. V. Williams, S. A. Luchishkin and V. I. lyushin. "Izobrigada" joined the Federation of associations of Soviet artists (FOSH), where its representative in the Presidium became S. A. Luchishkin.

S. Y. Adlivankin and S. B. Nikritin formulated the program: "Our prior practice occurring in the conditions of the old East, carrying elements of the petty-bourgeois and bourgeois influence. This resulted in a closed of caste groups, in the aestheticism of formalism, in isolation from the tasks of socialist construction. Breaking another part of the OST, admitting their mistakes, the challenge before us is to overcome the disadvantages. Line creative-организационной we are against exhibitions, spontaneously giving fragmented products of individual artists. For the exhibition, with a single thematic plan, which is based on the idea of having an effective deployment... We are for a common creative-производственный plan is required for each team member... We are for is an indispensable part of every member of society in getpropvalue factory-предприятии with which our team connected... line tactical: we believe that the Foundation of the Association of artists should be a class orientation in their work. Therefore, we will seek to strengthen the proletarian sector in the arts...".

In February 1931, a number of members of the "Izobrigady" (F. V. Antonov, M. L. Gurevich, A. I. Igumnov, S. A. Luchishkin, S. B. Nikritin, P. V. Tyagunov) participated in the exhibition of the reporting of works by artists, seconded to the areas of industrial and collective-farm construction in Moscow; in August — in the anti-Imperialist exhibition, dedicated to international Red day in Moscow (S. Y. Adlivankin, P. V. Williams, K. A. vyalov, M. L. Gurevich, E. S. Zernova, A. I. Igumnov, S. A. Luchishkin, V. I. lyushin, Y. I. Pimenov, P. V. Tyagunov), organized, POSH.

to Implement the program fully "Izobrigada" failed. 23 APR 1932 "Izobrigady" stopped by order of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) "On restructuring literary-художественных organizations."

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