“Russian trading” in June. Summing up
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At auction in London and were starorezhimnye records and unexplained failures, and open a new (possibly the main symptom of healing). There have been developments was “life” - but it is now important

So ended June «Russian trading» in London. Flights from happy collectors returned to Moscow thunderstorm, emotion shlynuli, and it is time to sum up, think about that, actually, happened. And there it is compared. Past auction, the first crisis, characterized by high anxiety, sandwiched, of uncertainty «eagle-tails». Dealers could not, but the buyers did not want to live as usual. All trying to guess the speed of achieving the bottom, but because of the striking developments of the trades would not have to wait. Situation where the share of sales exceeded 30%, fit was met by applause.

At the same time, all, fortunately, was quite different. Sometimes, even with the old style - were and starorezhimnye records and unexplained failures, and open a new (possibly the main symptom of healing). There have been developments was «life» - but it is now essential. Let's try to solve everything is provided.

Sensation bidding. The most spectacular event of the price bid was the sale of «village fairs» Boris Kustodiev . Working with estimeytom in 1-1,5 million pounds yielded 2.84 million pounds (4.65 million dollars). And the thing is not the best. The painting came to re-open bidding - an exemplary moment for the assessment of profitability. So get that for 14 years, 49.2 thousand pounds invested in the old picture of the owner, multiply 57 times. The result - just for a textbook on art investment. AI in their projections to assume care for a million, but not for five. On the other hand, oil is already over 70 - not 40 and not 60 dollars a barrel. A Kustodiev no longer becomes.

It is important to note that the «Country Fair» Boris Kustodiev not just set a record for individual trades (almost every auction set a record). She shuffled our top-12 Russian artists. 2.84 million pounds Kustodiev moved from tenth place Vladimir Vladimir Baranov-Rossini (canvas «RITM» 1910 was sold last summer at Christie's for 2.72 million pounds). A historic wedding General Russians bidding Ivan Aivazovsky because of the huge success and is Kustodiev was forced to leave the top-12 Russian artists, moved to 13th place. Skeptics, of course, notice that the pound is not the one before - only 1.64 dollar. Well, really sorry, but anyone what to trade, Togo and recorded. And the value of events does not detract from exchange rate differences. For in the midst of financial instability, you know, so yes ÎÅÖÄÁÎÎÏ-ÎÅÇÁÄÁÎÎÏ ...

record sales. One of the features of the current bid was that the excess estimeytov several times were recorded with an enviable regularity. Two exceedances were and did not find it - nothing less than ordinary case. But among them is worth noting some lucky ones, because of their high fees in cash. For example, at the tender «doubling» dvuhmetrovy «Bridge in Fort Arshambo» Alexander Yakovlev . African graceful, smoothly going to the Old bridge, June 8, facilitated the purse to the buyer at Sotheby's, with 541 thousand pounds estimeyte 200-300 thousand pounds. At the same two-fold excess of the outstanding bid, and showed an early picture of Isaac Brodsky . Canvas complex fate (the previous owner thought it the work of French impressionist and literally sew it to the sky) «nurse with children» (1912), despite the fantastic estimeyt 300-500 thousand pounds, was sold for just too fabulous 937 thousand pounds. This is almost one and a half million dollars, and not ashamed to present the French Impressionists. AI this success does not get tired to wonder, but the winners are not judged.

At auction Christie's has created a stir with the cover thing - «Finnish village. Roofs » Basil Basil Shuhaeva . The work certainly of high quality, and therefore AI predicted her care above the lower estimeyta 300-500 thousand pounds. But to assume care of the 690.8 thousand pounds was still higher than our forces. Terms of collectors Shuhaeva not great, but, as we can see, they are capable of a desperate fight.

Result of 23.8 thousand pounds for work Paul Maka «Russian Beauty» -- Let not the most stunning record for the artist of money, but it is important to another. There is a feeling that the Russians go in the auction bid, a new name, little study of the Russian artist with great potential auction. It can be said, was the opening bid Sotheby's. And if the auctions will begin work comparable to the «Russian beauty» class, we see «lesenku» rising prices.

Tenth same at Sotheby's June overshooting rained from the horn of plenty. The intrigue surrounding the work Somova (an unhealthy tradition of the last couple of years) at this time resulted in an almost 6-fold excess of the ceiling estimeyta . «Ladies' Portrait» with the assessment of 30-50 thousand pounds had been sold for 289 thousand pounds. At the same auction was held and the scramble for Nicholas Roerich . His «Himalayan landscape» sold for 82 thousand pounds to estimeyta 12-18 thousand. Has also established an effective record «Landscape» Kryzhitskogo . According to AI, it was not just a good job, but the best of the artist's works ever put up for auction bidding. Therefore, we did not hesitate to predict the 70 thousand pounds, the average estimeyt, but the record for creativity Kryzhitskogo. As a result, the picture bought for 289 thousand pounds, more than four times more expensive. What is rather?

Failures bidding. Perhaps the main failure of bidding, and fail entirely unexpected, was the result not sold to the canvas Mikhail Nesterov «holy warriors Peresvet and Oslyabya». AI love this work, and care predicted higher estimeyta of 400-600 thousand pounds. It is difficult to understand what led to the down, but the fact remains - the buyer's epic work on the visible author «Visions lad Bartolemeos» was not found. Very slow and sold some work (for example, advertised a portrait «Olga and Natasha») Sixties Sretensky group Oleg Oleg Vasiliev , which interestingly combines the conceptual with realistic decorative. Probable cause of several not sold could be a reassessment, and a temporary decline in excess of interest in contemporary art. Spoon of honey - nearly 40 thousand pounds for Vasilievsky canvas «After the Rain», sold at Christie's on June 9. You can also recall that the fate suffered not sold, for example, «Composition with tree» Krasnopevtseva (small size) and beautiful «Blue butterfly with black spots» Alexei Kostroma (surprisingly). But in general anything dramatic in both cases, no.

informal postwar and contemporary art relevance. In the past, «panic» bid Sixties, the unofficial post-war art were quite uncertain. For the first time after two years of rapid price growth. It immediately generated a wave of far-reaching conclusions, balancing between concern and malevolence. But this time everything returned to its groove - Sixties work confidently sold within estimeytov. With Oscar Rabin by «Skrypka at the cemetery» (at Christie's, with 34 thousand estimeyte 20-30 thousand forecast AI was 45) that Ernst Neizvestny with «mask» (also Christie's, 12,5 thousand with estimeyte 8 -- 12 thousand and 16 thousand prognosis AI) completely met the standard. Predictably good was sold at MacDougall's very An effective «Turtle» Dmitry Plavinsky - 64,7 thousand pounds (at high estimeyte 50-90 thousand pounds).

Surprisingly, there were their records. So picture «The Lady with the cat's skull», 1956, the Boris Sveshnikov , with estimeyta 60-90 thousand pounds dotorgovalas up to 210.5 thousand pounds, which was the maximum auction price for the artist. Artworks Sveshnikova that period, the bid did not appear often (there are more things later), but such price falls, and was not close.

«Youth» of unofficial art is not summed. Let dvuhmetrovoe panels ideologues social art Komar and Melamid «What to do?» Not formally reached the bottom estimeyta to 100 thousand pounds, but gained him 97 thousand pounds - that is it a bad result? Just some of the collectors managed to make a profitable purchase. For example, the famous work Caviar Girl Alexander Kosolapov cost the buyer of 11 thousand pounds (estimeyt was 15-20 thousand). His other well-known work of Lenin Coca-Cola with estimeyta 25-35 thousand pounds has reached 44.5 thousand pounds.

increased the percentage of unsold lots and the relatively low prices (compared to «antique») spawned from observers feeling that bidding on «topical» section of contemporary art were either precarious or rolls. In general, the investment status, of course, must be earned. If for Sixties-semidesyatnikam already accumulated statistics, the «recruits» was not easy. However, if you look at the overall picture, and the current contemporary art has not been the poor relative to this bid. All the quality work the first name «ottorgovalis» quite effectively. Of the items marked with AI, only a couple remained unsold-trio works. For example, the board of a series of «Bread» Anatoly Anatoly Osmolovsky bought for 11 thousand pounds, close to the bottom estimeytu. A photo «Neck» work Oleg Dou at Christie's received the buyer directly so as to deals - for 2 thousand pounds

Anyway, I can say that auction «Russian Week» passed without hassle, smooth. First Bonhams again was not in better shape. Christie's, by contrast, was a success, despite the weak catalog. And on average, all in accordance with expectations. A sense that the phase of waiting passed and no longer put off the bottom of your purchase. The main trends in a crisis, remains the same: more than projected in the difficult conditions behaves antiques and the most rapidly growing in the last lines are more prone to price volatility. Plus, the same problems are «serednyachki» Quality. But the work of outstanding things buyers find the best quality in all weathers.

Vladimir Bogdanov, AI

Sources: sothebys.com , christies.com , bonhams.com , macdougallauction.com , artinvestment.ru

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