In shorts at the Tretyakov gallery
ARTinvestment.RU   21 марта 2019

Never been — and here again. Until all forces were thrown on the protection of Repin, the attackers found a breach in the security of another building — in Lavrushinsky lane. In the morning the Moscow radio station excitedly discussing a new "performance" in TG. This time naked

on the Eve of a moonscape with gold paint, in the same likeness of cowards "victim Goldfinger" male paraded through the halls of the building in Lavrushinsky lane and smoothly withdrew. Judging by the video, the account went for minutes, not seconds. But, according to the press the panic button in time no one clicked. In the end, a naked fool, assisted by the accomplice, and not detained. And his girlfriend was released after a conversation. I, by the way, I'm not even sure the law was broken. Paintings no ports (as earlier column by Repin), no one to steal (as "ay-Петри. Crimea" Kuindzhi), and even to the end, no one got naked. Suddenly just blurred from the meeting with art the Stendhal syndrome in the hall Vrubel? Something to hold-то?

the Reasons for a series of strange enormities in the Tretyakov gallery is not known. But on the surface based on the three versions.

the First (most probable): digging under the Director Tregulova. The Tretyakov gallery is now drawn into a gigantic construction site associated with the absorption and reconstruction of CHA. Big money, big interests. That simple tactic of discrediting is effective, recent reprimanded Tregulova declared Medina after stealing Kuindzhi.

the Second version (less likely, but does not contradict the first): the struggle for money on security. Glass, individual alarms to each picture, strengthening posts and security staff — all this requires funding. And if you're lucky, and organizational change. And it's so happened: in the morning right after "naked performance art" became aware of the plans of the Ministry of culture to create their own security Department, who oversees the preservation of Museum collections. The Grand plans. We are talking about development of domestic equipment for security systems. Imported-то, of course, will not do.

the Third version (even less likely): psychiatric. Which is also not contrary to the first two. However if the first attack with the pole was like a spontaneous, story Kuindzhi already less. And "Goldfinger" and it does look well planned and costed for possible consequences.

What to do now? My wish — would be better if anything. Why? Now many of you will goddamn hands to strengthen security. And there are two ways. The first way — to hold all mode of examination like at the airport. Shoes — on a tray, and yourself — on the scanner. It's sure to be a madhouse, and will really help you is unlikely. If so someone-то itch to punch in the protective glass, then embed. Take away the hammer — embeds an iPad. Or head. To everyone behind the Sheriff will not put. The second way — to accept as the new reality that the number of attacks will grow, so you need to keep your eyes open and enhance skills within existing procedures. Panic button in time to press on the sides often look better than we all know. Most importantly, the normal art lovers of pleasure do not spoil.


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