The Society of Independent Artists

1909 (1916) — 1920, Odessa

Members and exhibitors: V. S. Babacan, V. O. Baranski, G. E. will bactrim, M. F. bree-Бейн, L. A. Brodskii, M. S. Brodskii, D. I. Bronstein, E. O. Broderson, P. P. Ghana, M. I. Gelman, M. K. Gershenfeld, F. G. Hoseason, S. Granovsky, I. I. Evet, V. P. Zagorodnyuk, S. Z. Zaltzer, S. Y. Chisinau, A. A. Kobtsev, I. S. Constantine, V. G. Krihatsky, . Kuznetsov, D. M. Lebedev, E. I. Malik, P. N. Mommy, I. Markovic, I. I. Maksin, V. M. Midler, V. S. Mileev, V. N. Mueller, I. Nikiforov, P. A. Nilus, P. G. Nietzsche, A. M. Nuremberg, S. S. Olesevich, O. Perlin, V. A. Sinai, M. Smirka, . F. Sobol, . K. Falcon (Sokolyne), V. I. Solomakha, S. Fazini, V. A. Fedorov, S. O. Fix, V. V. Filippov, T. B. Fraerman, I. I. Frenkel, M. V. Comicion, G. B. Shriberg, N. Z. Yukhnevich.

Exhibition: 1-я — 1917 (Odessa) — 4-я — 1919 (Odessa)

In 1909 on the initiative of artist and writer M. K. Gershenfeld arose in the circle of young artists ("circle independent"), which was the first attempt to combine new creative forces. The backbone was A. M. Nuremberg, T. B. Fraerman, S. S. Olesevich, S. Fazini — graduates of the Odessa school of art, continuing education in Europe, mainly in Paris ("Odessa Parisians"). Conceptual circle itself in opposition to the major art centers of Odessa of that time — Odessa art school, and Association of South Russian artists, the exhibition is distinguished artistic conservatism.

the"Independent" had different trends and tendencies, rejected the jury and proclaimed creative independence. In the works showed the influence of the artists of cubism, Fauvism, futurism, German expressionism.

In March 1909 in several rooms on the second floor of a private house on Deribasovskaya street, the club held one (informal) show. An important milestone in the design of the society are: 1-й and 2-й Salons V. A. Izdebsky in Odessa (1909, 1911), where he was shown works by contemporary French and Russian artists (Braque, A. Matisse, Marc A., K. van Dongen, A. Derain, A. Gleize, A. Russo, . Goncharova, M. F. Larionov); 1913 Spring exhibition ("exhibition of United") and 1914 ("the exhibition of pesennikov"), which, along with the young Odessa painters exhibited V. V. Kandinsky and the Munich artists (F. mark, G. Munter, A. Bloch); performances of Russian futurists in Odessa (January 1914).

in the Autumn of 1916 in the City Museum was held the exhibition of young artists of Odessa, which critics dubbed the "independent exhibition". Catalogue of the exhibition was opened by art-манифест M. K. Gershenfeld "art and joy": "We go to the theater to see our incarnate its hidden desires, and if the theater this action does not, we say that this theater is not art... We go to an art exhibit to experience the same emotions, to see the embodiment of those same cherished of our intentions, to experience the same transformation of our spirit in the atmosphere of the picturesque and rhythmic perceptions. And [if] these perceptions will remain at the level of everyday life and does not rise above her,we say that here there are two. Here the soul rejoiceth not, is not opastetta spell of the unknown. Because we need art easy, fun, wise, and strong, which lit us a rapture of joy, gave the most elusive feelings in the form of new and unknown. No historical reminiscences, no naturalism, no sugary romance, this incendiary flames do not have, because out of the plane of the direct effects of art".

In 1917 the Society (Association) is legally independent; was elected Chairman M. K. Gershenfeld, Secretary and Treasurer — V. G. Krihatsky. Organized four exhibitions: in the fall of 1917 (at the opening of the artists was explaining the paintings), in June 1918 (joint with torch, under the auspices of the Odessa society of fine arts), November — December 1918 (catalogue was published) and December 1919 (published catalogue). The exhibition in 1919 he also exhibited a private collection of works by masters of the "art World" belonging to A. Dragoeva, including A. N. Benoit, M. V. Dobuzhinsky, E. E. Lansere, . K. Rerikh, Z. E. Serebryakova, K. S. Petrov-Водкина, A. E. Yakovlev and other artists. The members of the Association also participated in "1-й exhibition of paintings, posters, signs and children's art" (June 1919) and "the people's exhibition of paintings in memory of T. G. Shevchenko" (March — April 1920) in Odessa. The exhibitions showed the work of some members of Church — p. P. Ghana, S. Y. Chisinau, . Kuznetsova, P. A. Nilus. The exhibition was accompanied by lectures about contemporary art, concerts.

Since the end of 1919, the artists began to leave Odessa. In Eretz Yisrael, and then in Paris emigrated I. S. Constantine and I. I. Frenkel; in Paris — F. G. Hoseason (via Italy and Germany), S. S. Olesevich; moved to Moscow A. M. Nuremberg and I. I. Maksin, in Zagorsk — G. E. will bactrim (probably via Petrograd and Moscow), in Petrograd — M. S. Brodskii. In 1920, the Partnership ceased to exist.

In 2002 at the Art Museum of tel-Авива was an exhibition where adequately shown in the work "independent" from the collection of J. Change; collector supported young artists, occasionally buying works from their exhibitions, and in 1919 took 220 works, including the works of "independent" on a ship to Eretz Yisrael.


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Fasini, Alexander1892 -1942/1943
Fedorov, Viktor Alexandrovich1897 (1898 (?)) -1948 (?)
Meksin, Israel Israelevichend XIX — early XX
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